It’s a fact that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where you prepare meals and share dining experiences with your family. Thus, it should be designed to reflect your lifestyle and personality. With these 15 modern kitchen ideas, you can design an extraordinary kitchen that will bring you joy every time you use it!

Be natural

The kitchen island is completely natural. This stone appears to be natural, but it has been polished. Countertops in neutral tones complement warm wood shelving and gold hardware, while white walls complete the airy look. 

Rustic modern

Rustic modern kitchen design is quickly becoming one of the hottest styles for homeowners who like the sleek function of modern kitchens but want something with more texture and personality. This kitchen seamlessly combines both with sleek slab cabinets paired with handmade ceramic backsplash tiles, exposed shelving, ceiling beams, and Carrara marble countertops.

Chef kitchen

Serious cooks require serious space to achieve their goals. This modern kitchen places the sink and stove directly across from one another, with generous landing areas on either side of both, so you’ll have no trouble chopping, washing, and sautéing even when you’re pressed for time. To maintain the space’s streamlined appearance, appliance panels conceal the refrigerator just off the other end of the island, while the microwave sits just below the counter on the island, making it accessible to everyone who uses the space.

Modern country

It’s charming and the perfect blend of the two styles. To contrast the warm-colored floors, these contemporary cabinets are painted a smoky gray, and two different countertops help to add dimension to the space. The use of soapstone on the island bridges the gap between the sleeker cabinet perimeter and the more Country-style of the rest of the space.

Modern warm

This contemporary kitchen makes excellent use of a variety of colors, textures, and materials in a single space. For a lot of depth and contrast, the wide open room uses a combination of eucalyptus and Thermofoil cabinets. The wide oak floors keep the space from becoming too dark, and the panel beneath the waterfall-style island counter mirrors the wall of cabinets beyond, keeping the design consistent. Meanwhile, the waterfall counter coordinates with the white cabinets on the opposite side of the room, balancing the two areas. A glass backsplash adds a bold splash of color while amplifying the amount of light in the room, making it appear larger and brighter than it is.

Open space

Blend the space between the kitchen and dining areas to create a fresh, open-concept feel. The rooms flow together seamlessly for a unified look that makes the space feel larger. Oversized pendant lights and custom wood beams add a unique natural style, while darker accents and white Scandinavian inspired chairs keep the design simple.

Many seating options

Include a variety of seating options wherever possible. For breakfast or pre-dinner drinks with guests, bar stool seating is fine, but a standard height table is preferable for meals and homework. Built-in banquette seating can save space, allowing for more people to cram in at social gatherings. It shares a lovely backdrop with the relaxed living space beyond in this case.

Upgrade backsplash

Consider natural materials or incredibly durable, good-looking composites that can mimic the look of natural materials but are virtually free maintenance.

Dark shades

Dark colors and natural stone combine to create a sophisticated, opulent kitchen. Because the sheen of polished stone tends to reflect light, a natural play of light across the surface will still exist. It looks good during the day and fades into the background at night, only becoming visible when illuminated.

Mix of old and new

The mix of old and new adds interest to the room and gives your home its own distinct flavor. If you’re lucky enough to have original features like wooden beams, exposed brick, or fireplaces, there’s no reason not to incorporate them when designing a modern kitchen.

Are you tired of ideas for a modern kitchen? Does it feel like the appliances are from the stone age? Is the layout not working for your needs anymore? Do you want more storage space and more counter space? We can help! At Elpis Interior Design we take care of everything, from coming up with a design that suits your lifestyle to sourcing all of the materials and helping you every step of the way. All under one roof!

If you live in small apartment or small house, it can be hard to find small kitchen design ideas that work for your space. There are so many small kitchen design ideas out there, but most of them seem like they’re designed for people with a lot more room than we have.

We’ve found some small kitchen designs that will fit perfectly into any small space and still give you the cooking experience you want. Check out these 7 great small kitchens!

How small kitchens can be functional and stylish

A small kitchen is a small space that can cause a lot of frustration. It can be hard to move around in small areas, but there are some small kitchens that make navigating around them much easier. The key to designing a small kitchen is not to give up on all the cooking and cleaning functions. There are small kitchens that have been designed with an innovative lay out which saves on space and gives you more cabinet space for storing your appliances. The small kitchen design Singapore has also developed new furniture and kitchen designs which save on space and still give you the cooking functionalities you need.

Small kitchens are small spaces that need to be finely designed for maximum effectiveness. You don’t want to find yourself struggling with your small kitchen space. Keep reading to find out how small kitchens can be functional and stylish!

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. That small, enclosed space where you’re standing in front of a fridge, stove, sink and cupboards all at the same time with barely any room to move around. I know the feeling too well, which is why I’m here to talk about small kitchen design today. Read on for tips on how you can make your small kitchen work better for you!

Tips for small kitchen design in Singapore

It is important to think of the small kitchen design in Singapore as not just a small space for cooking, but as another functional part of the house. Here are some tips and design ideas that will help you get started:

1.Pull out your pans

This clever pullout eliminates the need for messy pot stacks on. open shelves. Pan drawers can be used to organize small items, too.

2.The right vent hood

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air that a vent hood can suck from a room is measured. While the formulas for calculating how much power you’ll require differ, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals. 

It’s pointless to buy a hood that’s larger than your range. It won’t suck any more smoke out, and it won’t look good either.

Gas ranges generate more heat than electric ranges, necessitating the use of more powerful vent hoods. 

Increasing the CFMs isn’t always a good thing. A 1,000-CFM vent hood, for example, will suck the air from a 10-by-10-by-10 room in about a minute and then lose suction unless you have an HVAC system or an open window. So, when the time comes to buy, keep your room dimensions handy to show the vendor.

3.Proper knife storage

If you enjoy cooking, chances are you’ve spent a lot of money on at least one good kitchen knife. However, allowing it to rattle around in a cutlery drawer will dull and damage the blade – as well as pose a serious threat to your fingers. 

Kitchen knives should be stored separately and organized, with their blades horizontally oriented so the knife never rests on its blade. 

While my knives are currently stored in the block that they came in, I intend to take over a seldom-used drawer and add a knife block similar to this one.

4.Create extra prep space

This small kitchen desperately needed more prep space. The solution: a custom rolling cutting board and a base cabinet that can be pulled out if the sous-chef requires more elbow room.

5.Make your faucet a soaker

Changing your sink faucet to a soaker will allow you to fill up pots and pans with water as opposed to constantly running the tap as you wait for the pot or pan to fill up. This is good for those who like to wash their dishes by hand.

It also reduces the amount of wasted water if you have a small family.

A soaker faucet only uses small amounts of water which is good for small areas that have small kitchens and small families. A small kitchen design singapore may not be able to use a lot of water at once without wasting it because of a small sink or small family.

The small kitchen design singapore is a small sink that isn’t going to be able to use a lot of water at once without wasting it. A small family can benefit from small amounts of water that are used with the small kitchen design singapore because they use small amounts of water.

6.Cooking utensils should be kept off the counter.

Keeping spatulas and whisks in a countertop jar makes it easier to store these oddly shaped utensils, but it also creates clutter. To keep utensils close at hand, consider replacing a narrow cabinet near your stove with a custom pullout.

7.Consider a dishwasher with a utensil drawer

When I entertain, the last thing I want to do is disturb my guests with the clatter of hand washing dishes, but I also don’t want to wake up to a mess. 

It was critical for me to select a dishwasher that could comfortably handle a heavy load. The model I chose has a narrow utensil drawer that slides out above the top rack, making room below for large pots and dish stacks. A year later, I can confidently say that this was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Can’t seem to find your ideal kitchen layout? Elpis Interior Design has a team of esteemed designers who will help you make the best small kitchen design in Singapore.

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Kitchen renovations can be expensive, especially in Singapore. You know that you want to renovate your kitchen, but the price tag is just too high. The cost of a singapore kitchen renovation can range from $30k-$100k depending on how much work needs to be done and what materials are used.

We have found some ways to reduce the cost of singapore kitchen renovation by up to 50%. These include using cheaper materials like laminate flooring instead of hardwood floors or installing inexpensive cabinets with doors rather than custom cabinetry. Contact us today for more information about singapore kitchen renovation costs!

What is a kitchen renovation

A kitchen renovation is the process of remodeling and updating the design of your kitchen. The most common updates include new countertops, cabinets, lighting, appliances and flooring.

If you’ve always hated your kitchen and wanted to make it look like a high-end design showroom, the renovations process is very similar to building an actual kitchen from scratch.

Because kitchens can be expensive and time-consuming to completely replace (with potential rental implications), many home owners choose to update specific components such as cabinets, countertops and appliances.

If you are not sure whether to renovate or replace your kitchen, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option. A renovation will likely be cheaper than a full replacement, however keep in mind that renovations often take longer too.

Why should you renovate your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is one of the most important investments you can make for your home. Our kitchens are the hub of our busy lives, yet they are often overlooked when it comes to making improvements on our homes. The kitchen renovation Singapore team at Kitchen Renovation Singapore provides affordable and convenient kitchen remodeling options that can help you create more space, save money on your utility bills, and brighten up your family’s day.

Kitchens play an important role in people’s everyday life; that’s why it is always better to start with a fresh slate, rather than trying to fix something that was poorly designed or started with a wrong foundation. A kitchen renovation singapore will not only change the overall look and feel of your kitchen, it can also improve the value of your home.

A kitchen renovation singapore will not only change the overall look and feel of your kitchen, it can also improve the value of your home.

The benefits of renovating your singapore kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be a costly and time-consuming task. The benefits, however, is the knowledge that you will enjoy a new and improved kitchen for years to come. Renovations also add value to the house and an upgrade in lifestyle with modern appliances and amenities that are designed with not just entertaining but also safety in mind.

Upgrading the look of your singapore kitchen doesn’t just transform the way it looks. It can also provide you with many other benefits. For example, singapore kitchen renovations can help to increase the value of your property! And if you don’t want to sell your property, singapore kitchen renovations allow you to keep it for future use.

We love singapore kitchen renovation because it’s a way to enjoy a new singapore kitchen. It will make cooking and the preparation of meals a lot more fun! There are many different singapore kitchen renovation companies from which to choose from. We would be happy to help you with your singapore kitchen renovation project, whatever your needs.

How to choose products for singapore kitchens

There are many kitchens that you can choose from in the market. When choosing for example, think about your needs and what you want before buying one. The kitchen appliance should be right for the type of cooking that you do.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new cookware set would be whether or not it’s dishwasher safe. You’ll need to clean dishes by hand to save energy, but this will only work if the cook ware is machine-safe. Next, look for products made from high quality materials, also double-check that their lids seal well to keep food fresh. Stoves with induction heating elements will use less energy than those using gas or electric heating elements, so if these are important factors.

Kitchens in singapore can be a costly affair. It becomes even more expensive if you add the cost of renovation. The singapore kitchen renovation contractors have been able to deal with this issue by providing kitchens at affordable prices. You will find that singapore renovators offer a wide variety of cooking areas, design styles and other important features for a singapore kitchen renovation which will suit the needs of any singapore resident.

The costs of singapore kitchen renovations

Singapore has one of the most expensive cost of living. The prices differ according to the location, time of year, and the type of goods that are being sold. Some goods are more expensive in Singapore than they are in other countries. For example, groceries are more expensive in Singapore. One way to save money is by cooking at home which can help reduce food waste since most people buy more groceries than they need when cooking out.

Singapore is a small country with limited means of natural resources. The singapore kitchen renovations are therefore more expensive due to the lack of materials. The costs are also increased due to the fact that singaporeans are now more demanding, leading to singapore kitchen renovations being better constructed.

The singapore kitchen renovation companies are also very popular in singapore. This is because singapore is one of the major countries that focusses on beauty, style, and technology for its beauty industry. The singapore kitchen renovation companies are economically priced to suit singaporean needs. The singapore market is also one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

How to reduce the cost of a singapore kitchen renovation

The singapore kitchen renovation can be expensive and to reduce the cost, you can choose for a singapore kitchen renovation contractor. The singapore kitchen renovation contractor will provide quotes and give you an idea of how much it will cost for them to renovate your singapore kitchen. The singapore kitchen renovation contractor should be experienced in singapore kitchens and should not only know the prices of materials but also their quality. You can also get a singapore kitchen from a singaporian company, which might make the whole process less expensive.

Hiring an interior designer is one of the best ways to save money during the renovation process. And singapore’s number 1 rated interior designer Elpis has many years of experience and offers a range of services that will suit your needs. From singapore kitchen renovations, singapore bathroom renovations and singapore living room furniture, they have it all! Contact us now.

You want to design a kitchen in Singapore that is both beautiful and functional. With so many different types of kitchens, it can be hard to know which one will work best for your home.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your needs are. What kind of cooking will you be doing? Will this space double as a dining room or living room? Once you’ve figured out your needs, it’s time to start shopping around!

The next step is figuring on how much money you’re willing to spend. If budget isn’t an issue then there are many high-end options available for singapore home design kitchens that offer sleek lines and luxurious finishes. However if cost.

1.Kitchen design layouts 

Kitchen design layouts can be planned in many ways. There are different aspects to take into consideration. For example, the kitchen layout should be convenient for the user and designed with ergonomic principles in mind to prevent back problems or other injuries. The flow of traffic should also be considered when designing the layout.

Kitchen design layouts are the designs of the kitchen, and there are two major types of layouts. The first is a linear layout that has cabinets and appliances aligned in a row like in a kitchen that was designed for efficiency. The second type of layout is circular, and this type of kitchen design has all cabinets and appliances in a 360-degree circle. The best type of design layout depends on the function and desires of the person designing the area.

Singapore Home Design is a division of an interior design studio. If you are looking for a fresh and new look to your home, we can help you with the design and layout.

2.Find the right appliances for your needs 

One of the best ways to save energy is to make sure that you are making use of appliances which are efficient. If you’re not sure what to buy, there are a lot of different appliances out there for home use that can help you be more environmentally friendly. When purchasing an appliance, you should find one that suits your needs the best. Above all, try not to purchase one that is marketed as being “energy efficient” if it does not meet your needs.

There are many appliances that you may need in the home. Whether it is a refrigerator, a dishwasher or an oven, chances are you will have to buy one at some point. It is important to know what features you need before you start shopping for appliances.

3.Choose the best color scheme and materials

In order to execute a plan, you need to get the materials together. In order to get the materials, you will need to choose a color scheme. One of the schemes that can be chosen is black and red. When choosing the colors, it’s important to know what colors go well with each other.

One of the best color scheme for the tiles is going to be a blue and purple combination. Purple represents creativity and artistry, which will provide a calming effect when mixed with the blue color. The materials that should be used are ceramic and glass because they’re sensitive to touch and don’t stain easily.

If you’re not sure what color scheme and materials to use, then here are some tips:

– Keep in mind that your colors and furniture should be easily maintained and able to withstand the weather. Wooden furniture is a good choice for houses in humid climates.

– Do some research on what types of plants will work well in your location.

– Look at magazines to get ideas for color combinations.

The design process for the singapore home design has provided a way of exploring how to meet needs. The singapore home design is met with needs by taking into account the needs of the inhabitants. The singapore home design has also reflected on how it can improve upon decision-making in relation to housing. It is important that the singapore home design take into account the needs, desires, and aspirations of the singapore people.

4.Add storage space to keep things organized kitchen 

It is important to have the right amount of storage space in order for everything to be organized and out of the way. The best place for this would be in the kitchen, but not everyone has enough room for that. I’ve found that people who don’t have enough room in their bedroom also end up with an organized bedroom because they can’t store things anywhere else. By having the right amount of storage space, it will make it easier to keep everything clean and tidy like it should be.

In Singapore, people have been making major changes to the way that their kitchen is set up. In the past, kitchens were designed with little storage space. They were either lined with cupboards or there was a small countertop at the end of the kitchen for storage purposes. It has been found that this is creating a major issue as more and more products are bought and stored in this space. So now, most people make sure to design their kitchens with more storage space so they can keep things organized and find what they need right away.

5.Consider kitchen safety features, like child locks or a stove that shuts off automatically if left unattended

A child-proof lock is a special type of locking device used to block children from entering rooms, cabinets, or other areas that might be dangerous. Some child-proof locks come with keys and others are locked by pressing down on the handle.

Child safety locks for cabinets and drawers, or latches for kitchen cupboards, can help prevent accidental poisoning by storing dangerous products out of children’s reach.Some people also use stove shut off devices to avoid potential fires and accidents if their stove is left unattended.

If you have a stove that does not have a child lock, have a technician come in and install one. If you have a dishwasher, make sure to keep the dishwasher submerged while it is running or change safety setting to not run until completely filled with water.

There are a lot of safety features that you should consider when buying a new home. If you have children, make sure your kitchen has child locks to prevent them from getting into trouble. You should also buy a stove that shuts off automatically when it is left unattended. It is important to be cautious in the kitchen, and consider safety features such as child locks or a stove that automatically shuts off if left unattended.

Have an expert design your new kitchen so you can enjoy it as soon as possible!

The singapore home design company can make it a reality for you to enjoy your new kitchen as soon as possible. They offer a wide range of singapore home design services that will suit your needs and budget. They also have singapore home design specialists who will work with you to find the perfect singapore home design for your dream kitchen.

Elpis Interior Design is known for their singapore interior design, but they’re also experts in designing your dream home. Their team of designers can provide solutions to suit any budget and offer the best possible outcomes with every project. Call Elpis Interior Design now!

Elpis interior design


Design and build: reduce snags, lower costs, shorten schedules, and accelerate close-out time, our focus is on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance and accelerating project delivery.

Interior design: planning, design, and delivery of interior environments. Services include strategy, optional design plans, and budgets, along with 3D visualization and animation.

You want to design a kitchen in Singapore that is both beautiful and functional. There are so many different options for kitchens, it can be hard to know where to start.

We’ve designed over 100 kitchens in Singapore, so we have the experience you need when designing your own kitchen. Our team of designers will help you create the perfect space for your needs-whether it’s an open concept living area or a more traditional layout with separate rooms.

We’ll work with you on all aspects of your project from planning and budgeting through installation and finishing touches-so don’t worry about any details!

Design a kitchen layout that maximizes the space

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a family’s home. Being able to create a kitchen layout that maximizes the space and provides for your specific needs is sometimes difficult. One way you can do this is by having an L-shaped kitchen that not only provides counter space, but also opens up into a living area or dining room.

It is important to keep in mind that kitchen layouts are not one-size-fits-all. I always recommend starting with your kitchen design before you begin building the cabinets, especially if you are working on an old house. With limited space, I’d suggest placing the dishwasher and refrigerator on the shortest wall to maximize limited space. You can then place a self-standing pantry between the two appliances for added storage. The entire process of designing your kitchen layout is easy with Frank’s 3D Kitchen Design Toolbox.

Choose appliances and furniture with energy efficiency in mind

An important way in which people can reduce their exposure to air pollution is by reducing the electrical load on the grid. The majority of electricity in developed countries is generated using fossil fuels in order to meet demand, and this in turn leads to increased levels of air pollution. By choosing appliances and furniture with energy efficiency in mind, you can reduce your own exposure to these pollutants while still meeting your needs.

The more energy efficient appliances and furniture you choose, the less you will spend on monthly bills. This is because they will use less electricity and gas. You also won’t be emitting as much greenhouse gases into the air like people who buy cheaper and more inefficient appliances and furniture.

Consider how to organize your countertops for cooking, storage, and food

It is often difficult to organize the kitchen counters because people have so many things they use the counter for. However, organizing your counters can be very beneficial. If you are cooking, it is important that you have easy access to your necessary supplies.

Organizing your countertops for cooking, storage, and food is a great way to streamline the whole cooking process. I recently took a trip to my local store and picked up a few new recipes that looked amazing to try! It made me also think about the fact that I would need a little bit more space for ingredients. This is when I came up with a brilliant idea: instead of prepping everything before getting started on my recipe, why not store prepped vegetables in the fridge and pull them out as needed? It was such an easy change to make and it really cut down on time for chopping as well as clean-up afterwards as well.

Install a vent hood over your stovetop for better ventilation when you cook or fry foods

Install a vent hood over your stovetop to help decrease the amount of fumes and airborne particles that you inhale all day. Ventilation will also help with your cooking, as it will make it safer by keeping the oven cleaner and the stove more sanitary.

If you don’t have a vent hood and cook or fry too often, then you should get one. Ventilation can help prevent the buildup of fumes and smells due to cooking. This will also help prevent fires and other accidents.

Add a backsplash behind the sink area to protect it from water splashes and spills during meal prep

A backsplash is a protective barrier, typically made of tile, installed over the wall behind kitchen countertops. A backsplash is the perfect solution for protection against water splashes and spills during meal prep. A backsplash should be installed at least eight inches above the kitchen counter to avoid future damage.

Add a back splash behind the sink area to protect it from water splashes and spills. This will also show off your beautiful tile design.To set up the back splash, you’ll need some time and patience as well as a capable plumber. This is because you’ll need to install some wall tiles along the back of the counter to give it more support.

Use cabinet doors instead of shelves so they can be easily opened and closed without any extra effort

Cabinet doors are a great option to use if you have limited space on your shelves. Cabinet doors allow things to be easily opened and closed without any effort. Unlike, shelves that can collect dust and other debris, cabinet doors can be wiped clean. Cabinet doors also require less floor space than a set of shelves.

By using cabinet doors instead of shelves, you can easily access your items without any extra effort. Cabinet doors can be opened and closed with minimal effort, for instance if you wish to quickly grab something from the closet or to place an item in it.

Create an island or peninsula if you have enough space in order to give yourself more work surface area when preparing meals or baking desserts

This would allow for more space to prepare meals or bake desserts. The island or peninsula should be large enough to accommodate the size of the kitchen. The extra work surface area allows for more space which is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

You can replace your irrational belief with a rational one. Once you’ve identified the situation and reward that are causing you to procrastinate, find alternative ways of accomplishing those things which will provide similar rewards, but don’t require procrastination. Seeking professional help may also help if this is something that you’re struggling to overcome on your own.

It’s not just about what you put in your mouth, but also the thought process behind the meal. This is why some people might think of cooking as therapeutic. The preparation can be used to focus on healthier living, for example. If you have a home with an open-concept layout, or you believe it’s beneficial to have open space around the island when cooking, you might want to consider designing the kitchen accordingly. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and there is no right or wrong answer; how it’s laid out will depend on individual needs and preferences.

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It is often said that the kitchen is where life happens at home. For many families, cooking and eating together are important rituals. And yet, for most of us, our kitchens aren’t really designed for this purpose.

That’s a shame because they could be much more functional, and fun!

The following article shares some expert tips on how to turn your kitchen into an oasis of deliciousness while still keeping it safe and easy to navigate.

What is the best way to organize your kitchen?

Before you can be sure that your kitchen is as safe and functional as possible, you need to plan out how it should look.

If the thought of doing this for your own kitchen seems daunting, don’t worry, a professional interior design company will be happy to help.

Some basic tips are detailed below:

1) Think about every corner of your space.

Kitchens have an incredible capacity for becoming disorganized very quickly. When we think about our kitchens, we often focus on just one area. But there is no limit to where storage space can be created in a modern kitchen! For example, what about under the sink? Or behind the stove? A good designer will make sure that they use every inch available in order to design a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful.

2) Get rid of the clutter!

If you have a lot of clutter in your kitchen, it can be difficult to use your space efficiently.

Everything from cookbooks and ingredients to broken appliances brings down the whole look of your kitchen.

Consider getting rid of anything you don’t need before looking into new appliances or custom cabinets.

3) Make sure you have enough food storage space.

Do you really need three brown sugar jars? Could you do with one large container instead?

Most modern kitchens come with plenty of cupboards and drawers for storing food, but it might be worth checking if they are big enough for all your items.

Even something as simple as a few extra jars could make a big difference to your kitchen.

Things to consider before starting renovations.

Sometimes, the best way to improve your kitchen is to tear it down and start from scratch.

But other times, you might be better off leaving well enough alone!


Renovations are not cheap! That said, a good design company will be upfront about the costs of kitchen renovations right from the start.

Kitchen renovations don’t have to break the bank, however.

If you’re willing to make some compromises and DIY all your materials, you should be able to do everything yourself at an affordable cost.

Other expenses that may arise:

flooring replacement, plumbing work, and electrical rewiring.

If this sounds expensive or beyond your skill set, it might be best to leave it up to a professional contractor.


How much time you have for a renovation is also important.  Depending on the scale of your project, it can take anywhere from one day to several months!

This can be an expensive and time-consuming process, so it’s important to give some thought to a few things before getting started.

How to maximize your use of space.

Kitchen renovations are one of the best ways to maximize your use of space.

Even if you only have a small kitchen, you can make it feel airy and open by properly utilizing every inch available.  

Here are some tips on how to do this:

– Try building upwards instead of outwards.  

For example, a set of floating shelves could take up much less space than a free-standing unit.

– Keep appliances as compact as possible.  

Singapore’s hot climates, big ovens, and refrigerators can be counterproductive!

You should also consider making the most of all available storage spaces

(including under the sink!) in order to keep your kitchen looking clean and clutter-free.

What materials are the best for kitchen renovations?

Modern kitchens are all about a sleek, polished look. In order to achieve this in your kitchen renovation, you’ll need to choose materials that don’t detract from the overall look of your space.

For example, it might not be wise to use dark wood flooring or brick tiles (unless the rest of your kitchen is also styled in these materials.)

When choosing countertops and cabinets, always give some thought to resale value!

If you’re planning on selling your house in the next few years, it could be worth thinking about how a new kitchen will affect the price of your home.  

That said, remember that no one ever regrets spending money on their house! If you’re happy with what you have and your kitchen needs an update, go ahead and get started!

Common mistakes people make in their kitchens and how they can be avoided.

There are a few mistakes people commonly make when renovating their kitchens.

By giving some thought  to the following things, you can ensure that your renovation goes as smoothly and successfully as possible:

– Kitchen renovations should feel cohesive.  

Don’t try to incorporate too many different styles of decor into one room, it will end up looking cluttered and unappealing!

– Keep an eye out for how appliances fit into your design.

Does everything work together? Will moving something slightly affect another appliance? Give it some thought before you get started!

– Have realistic expectations.  

Kitchen renovations might be all about improving upon what you already have, but they’re not magic or a fix for every problem.

Your dream renovation kitchen Singapore.

No kitchen is ever perfect, and it’s up to you to decide what needs improving.  

At Kitchen Renovations, we have a team of expert designers who can help you plan out an ideal new kitchen for your home.

For example:

– Do you struggle with limited counter space? You could consider building more countertops or islands!

– Are all your cabinets the same color? Why not mix them up and design some yourself? The possibilities are endless.

Innovative designs for professionals and homeowners alike.  

If you’re looking for a professional company that caters to homeowners as well as contractors, look no further, we’ve got just what you!  

As for cost, we can’t say exactly how much your project will be until we meet in person. 

So, don’t hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to provide you a consultation for your project.

Kitchen renovation packages can be a great way to save time and money when you’re renovating. They are a set of plans that have detailed drawings, specifications, and descriptions for every aspect of the kitchen.

People often start looking for a good Renovation Singapore Package once they are done repairing their homes. However, it is important that you do not leave this task for the contractors to do; instead of initiating the process yourself.

This will ensure no mistakes or wrong measurements are made as kitchens are very important areas in the house. Take this time to do some research on Kitchen Renovation Singapore packages and how they can help you.

What are the Best Kitchen Renovation Singapore Packages?

When you are ready to do your Kitchen Renovation Package there are a few things that you need to consider.

You want to choose the best one for your needs whether that is a DIY Kitchen Renovation package, or a more in depth type of plan such as an architect one. The costs will vary depending on what type of plan you decide to go with.

You will want to consider if you are doing this as a DIY project or looking for someone to do the work.

The DIY Kitchen Renovation package is much cheaper than hiring out the entire job, but there are things that will be hard for you to do on your own. For example: removing your countertops and repairing them correctly so they are level with the rest of the cabinets.

If you are not a handyman or do not have many tools, then it may be better to hire out the job completely. That way there will be no mistakes and the Kitchen Renovation package is done right and exactly how you want it.

You also need to consider if you would like to have the Kitchen Renovations package drawn up for you.

If you would then take a look Our project, We can help your needs.

Why should you choose a Kitchen Renovation package?

One of the main reasons why you should choose a Kitchen Renovation e package is because it will ensure that the renovation goes according to plan.

It will also ensure that there are no hidden costs, and that all your needs are taken care of. Other than this, you will also not have to worry about any safety issues, as the plans are designed by professionals.

How do you know which is the best plan for you?

There are many factors to take into account when deciding on the best Kitchen Renovation Singapore packages. You should consider your budget, experience level, as well as other information such as how much time you have to work on your renovation and the size of your house before deciding which plan is best for you.

What should you look out for in a Package?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a Kitchen Renovation package. These considerations must be done prior to choosing which package is best for your needs.

There are many packages out there to purchase. However not all these packages offer the same level of quality and guarantee that what they offer is 100% correct for your needs. Here are some things you should look out for when choosing a package:

1) Ensure the plans come with cutting diagrams  for counters, cabinetry and shelves.

2) Check if the plans come with a complete guide on recommended materials and appliances.

3) Look for packages that include everything you need to know about electrical installation, plumbing, tiling and flooring.

4) Is it important for your package to include an estimate of costs? If so ensure your chosen package gives estimates based on real prices and not just estimates based on the material.

5) Ensure your package comes with a guarantee.

6) Check if your chosen package is backed up by Singapore professionals with years of experience in kitchen renovation.

7) Lastly choose a company that offers packages at various price points to suit all budgets.

How do you find the best local Contractors?

The best place to find a reliable contractor is through word of mouth or recommendations from other satisfied clients. They are also your best source when it comes to finding out about who is good and who isn’t in terms of renovation works done by contractors.

Check out if there are any complaints registered on the government’s site for consumer affairs or check with the contractor’s license number on the same website.

What will be your payment structure?

The cost of a Kitchen Renovation package includes all materials that are needed to complete the renovation including counter tops, cabinets, sinks, appliances and anything else you might need.

The payment structure is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your home. We accept cash, cheque, or credit card payments for Singapore kitchen renovation packages.

Who you hire to do the renovations (contractor vs do-it-yourself)

While certain aspects of a kitchen can be done by yourself, if you’re planning on doing major or full renovations, it is recommended that you hire a professional contractor.

If done correctly, kitchen renovation projects can save you lots of time and money in the long run, but if it is not done correctly, from experience we’ve learned that major or full kitchen renovations can go over budget by 5 to 20 times the original cost estimate (before even starting).


What do I need to do to get started on my Kitchen Renovation Package?

The first step is to contact us through our website for an appointment with one of our consultants. We will then review your house and needs, and come up with an idea that suits you.

We will give you a quote based on that. If you think it is okay, we will create the detailed plans for the renovation for your approval.

Is it worth hiring someone to renovate my kitchen?

As it is the case with any project that requires large-scale renovation, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional contractor.

The payoffs from hiring a contractor are significant–you won’t need to do anything yourself and the project will be done quickly and efficiently.

You should also make sure you know exactly what you want before hiring so as to get the most out of your budget with this Singapore kitchen renovation package.

What are the benefits of getting a Kitchen Renovation Package?

A renovation Singapore package offers a great opportunity to create your dream kitchen. It should be noted that Kitchen Renovation Singapore is not a one-size-fits all solution. 

The appropriate approach and solutions are chosen for you based on a thorough assessment of your needs, and taking into consideration the layout of your home.

Building work can always be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan things properly ahead of time. One of the biggest problems that people face is building work on a budget. We ensure you get your money’s worth, not only in terms of design but also in terms of the cost itself.

If you are looking for value for money, and don’t have time to search for products and compare prices yourself, our designers will help you. They will make the best suggestions possible and give you time to choose, while finding the most affordable options for you.

What should I keep in mind when renovating my kitchen?

There are many considerations to think about when renovating a kitchen. The size of the kitchen, cabinet space, and your selection of appliances are just a few things to consider while planning for your dream kitchen.

Your house also needs to be inspected by a registered architect, which is included in the design fee of most renovation Singapore packages.

This is very important because you will be working within the constraints of the structure and we need to make sure that you won’t be breaking down walls or removing pillars.

What do I receive in a Kitchen Renovation Package?

A renovation Singapore package is usually inclusive of all costs, including fees for an architect & interior designer, permits, appliances, labour charges and construction materials.

Do I need to be present during the renovation?

In most cases, you don’t have to be physically present. The contractor and designer will keep you updated about the progress by sending pictures of your renovated kitchen. You can also call or email them when necessary.

What about the cost?

The average kitchen renovations can range anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 depending on a variety of factors such as:

1. The size of your new kitchen(s).

2. How much time it will take for you and your contractor to complete the renovation.

3. The type of renovation/renovation materials needed

4. How much of your time you spend doing the work yourself, or supervising your contractor

5. If there were hidden issues found while renovating that wasn’t in the original plan

6. How much your contractor charges for this time while working on your renovation project

Kitchen Renovations Package Average Price Offer:

  • Kitchen Makeover Package ;

$13,555~ $15,555 Inclusive of GST.

  • Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms Package ;

$20,555~$24,555 Inclusive of GST.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Package ;

$3,955~$5,555 Inclusive of GST


Price may change by time, and kitchen renovation cost depending on the Kitchen Type and Materials Type.

How much does it cost to renovate a HDB kitchen?

The cost for Kitchen Renovations and toilet renovation package Singapore packages are not commercially available. However, it can be estimated that the total costs involved could range from $180 to $300 per square foot or higher.

This estimation comes from inputting a typical HDB kitchen’s specification into a remodeling calculator. A rough estimate of renovation package price is about 20% – 30% of the total cost borne by the homeowners.

A good number of people decide to just add another $100 onto their budget to get a customized kitchen renovation package.

It is also important to research on expenses for demolition and carpentry works, which could range from $1300 – $1800 per unit. Other related costs included:

(1) Kitchen Renovation Singapore plan / design fee: $300 – $400

(2) Landscape architect and surveyor fees: $200 -$400

(3) Building permit: $150- $250. This is a one time but required expense. In some cases, it may be waived if the work is carried out by the owner.

(4) Fitting and furnishing of cabinets, kitchen utensils and appliances: $200 – $600 per unit. This will vary depending on the items chosen. Shipping costs may also be added for large appliances like refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers.


To conclude, Kitchen Renovation Singapore can be a great investment if you’re looking to create your dream kitchen, even more when you get affordable kitchen renovation package. Request a custom-made design for your own house and we’ll provide you a quote that matches it. Contact us through our website and fill in the enquiry form in order for us to assist you.

Kitchen renovation is a very exciting task, however, a kitchen renovation is a type of project that may easily run away from budget and schedule if not handled properly.

It doesn’t matter whether the kitchen renovation is a small or large project, time and money management should be the top priority in kitchen renovation Singapore! Even if a kitchen renovation is a project that not many people are aware of, kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation should be one of the most common construction projects in Singapore.

Why? Because kitchen renovation occur all the time! Many homeowners want to have kitchen renovation done at least once every five years, kitchen renovation are an integral part of kitchen furniture Singapore!

Because kitchen renovation is such a common event, kitchen renovations should be planned and completed in the most kitchen renovation cost-effective way possible.

Here are some of the kitchen renovation mistakes you can avoid based on our experience as interior designer, to achieve a beautiful kitchen within kitchen renovation cost budget you have :

Not Enough Storage Spaces.

Kitchen cabinets are designed to make kitchen storage more efficient; kitchen cabinet layout is a skill that requires much consideration!

The kitchen is an indispensable space in the house. In this kitchen, there are two storage spaces but not enough. The kitchen has a kitchen cabinet but it’s not enough for kitchen utensils. 

The kitchen also needs kitchen drawers and cabinets with a sink because they are the kitchen space that is used often.

In kitchen furniture, kitchen design, or kitchen renovation projects, one of the most important kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid is not having enough storage spaces.

To see if your cabinets have enough storage space, you will need to check how much kitchen countertop space each cabinet has and determine whether there is sufficient room inside your cabinets for all your kitchenware.

If your kitchen cupboards are too small they could be overcrowded very quickly with pots, pans, tin cans, baking supplies, etc., and cluttered kitchens are difficult to navigate when you’re cooking in a rush.

Once you’ve determined that there are enough cabinets, kitchen cabinet accessories such as kitchen cabinet door organizers or kitchen drawer dividers may be a good choice to organize your kitchen in order to maximize kitchen space.

Inadequate kitchen lighting.

Kitchen remodeling is an important process and kitchen renovation should not be ignored. As a kitchen has many kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets need to have good kitchen lighting. In addition, kitchen decorations should also be pleasing to the eyes. 

Kitchen drawers must also be well lit so you can see what’s inside! A good kitchen design will always emphasize kitchen lighting because it gives off the mood of the kitchen!

It is recommended that there are light colors in the small kitchen color scheme for a large kitchen with bright colors that make a tall ceiling look small or cramped. 

You may use soft yellow tones of light or natural white tones as they are relaxing and help give relaxation during meals.

Dim lighting

A poorly lit kitchen is a least desirable way to cook there. They also increase the risk of cooking caused by poor lighting. Lighting is essential in kitchens because that improves safety and ensures a healthier atmosphere while cooking.

A Lack Of Planning. 

One problem with doing kitchen design and renovations on your own is that you may not take the time to plan ahead for what will happen when the kitchen is being worked on. If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll end up living without an accessible kitchen for months.

One way around this problem is to plan ahead so that there’s already another kitchen space at home that can be utilized instead – even temporarily – while the other kitchen undergoes renovation work. 

If you don’t have a spare kitchen, renting a unit will do fine until renovations are completed. The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home and without it, you won’t be able to do simple tasks such as preparing meals or doing your laundry.

Focus Too Much On Design. 

It’s your kitchen, so it is important that you make it reflect who you are. The kitchen is the heart of a home, and when your kitchen shines, the whole house feels better.

One way to accomplish this goal is to hire a kitchen remodeling company to handle all aspects of designing and renovating your kitchen. 

However, before following through with such a major undertaking, here are some ideas on how to take control of kitchen design and renovation.

Focus On Your Budget One way to get started quickly is to hire somebody local who provides free kitchen designs for kitchen renovations in Singapore. 

You can speak with them about what you want from your kitchen while they sketch out preliminary drawings for you and give feedback on their ideas.

Not Enough Counter Space.

Counter space is a kitchen necessity that can make or break a kitchen design. In most cases, people tend to purchase too many appliances and kitchen furniture, taking away from counter space. 

To avoid this problem, you should analyze how much kitchen space you need daily for each kitchen appliance and then choose appliances accordingly.

In addition, kitchen designs with islands are also a good kitchen remodeling idea because they give you more kitchen counter space and allow you to place kitchen appliances there.

One thing that I am really considering is a kitchen remodel. Although it is beautiful and has plenty of cabinet space, 

I don’t have enough counter space. To solve this, I can install a kitchen island with a sink in the middle of the room for when I want to chop vegetables or do other kitchen tasks. I can also include stools so that I have more seating for my kitchen.

Poor workflow

As a rule of thumb the storage place should be located close to the entry. It helps to reduce the distance in transporting groceries to the cabinet or refrigerator. The place in which to cook should be located close together. It helps minimize the time spent when you put ingredients inside the saucepan to help reduce food waste. Bad work flow plans can lead to an unsafe kitchen turn cooking cleaning and preparing food into nightmares.


Hopefully, these kitchen remodeling tips have given you a better idea of how to create a dream kitchen that’s both functional and beautiful! If you need kitchen remodeling contractors in Singapore, it may seem like there is an endless variety to choose from. 

The challenge becomes narrowing down your choices and finding the best fit for your specific dream kitchen needs. 

As interior designer, we would be happy to provide any consultation or guidance you need in order to make these decisions so that you can find what works best for your space. 

For more kitchen renovation ideas or dream kitchen design tips and tricks, feel free to contact Elpis interior design! (+65) 6391 9660)


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HDB kitchen design is a challenge because of the limited space. We know that kitchen design can be tough in an hdb kitchen, but we have 9 practical kitchen design ideas for you to choose from, such as:

– Open shelving and more storage units

– Modern kitchen appliances

– Sleek stainless steel backsplash tiles

– White cabinets with glass fronts or doors

However, before making your modern kitchen design, you need to know What You Need to Consider When Planning Your Kitchen Interiors.

What do You need to Consider When Planning Your Kitchen Interior design Singapore?

A kitchen is a central place where every member of the family congregates for preparations for meals and social dining. It is important that your kitchen has an attractive appeal as it will give comfort to all family members in this space and make them want to spend more time there than anywhere else! Give your kitchen space a mood by each room having its own atmosphere – soothing or vibrant, depending on what suits the mood better for each space. You can also some natural elements like soft grass mats, kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture like kitchen cabinets and a kitchen island that is made from teak wood with a natural touch.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Singapore and hire Interior Designer?

Renovating a kitchen is one of the most important things you can do to increase your home’s value. As the kitchen is a significant part of the house, it has to be designed in accordance with the requirements and tastes of homeowners. Choosing kitchen design ideas for HDB kitchen renovation will also give you a chance to upgrade or modernize your kitchen without having to spend too much on new appliances or materials. The best interior designers Singapore offer variety of kitchen designs ideas at affordable prices that suit all budgets.

Kitchen renovations can vary greatly in price given their size and complexity. People can spend about S$12,000 on a kitchen that is smaller than 500 square feet, but it could take up to S$65,000 or more on a kitchen that is 2,200 square feet or larger. The average kitchen renovation will cost around $26,700.

10 Ultimate Modern Kitchen design style

Kitchen interior design ideas and modern styles typically refer to kitchen interior design ideas in small kitchens or open kitchen designs. Elpisinterior presents you with some superb modern HDB kitchen design ideas that will make you want to redesign your kitchen right now!

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: All White

This kitchen makes your life simpler with a sophisticated blend of style and function. Trendy 3D backsplash tiles merge perfectly on the granite countertop. The cabinet is whitewashed and opens the room without effort. Lofts to the ceiling answer your entire storage problems without making your kitchen seem heavy. This kitchen appearance is completed with striated marble floor tiles.

Standard benefits:

– A kitchen that is practical and stylish.

– The kitchen will make your life simpler.

Emotional benefits:

– You’ll be able to cook with ease in this kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Singapore: The Highlight

Kitchen design ideas are popular in Singapore, and a kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. HDB kitchen designers can help you plan your kitchen layout. An interior designer can help make sure that all the details are taken care of, like color schemes and furniture arrangements.

For anybody who searches for this ‘wow’ element, A contemporary grey backplash in tiles fuses perfectly with the bright blue cabinetry in this design of the kitchen. In order to light the backsplash and countertop, LED band lights or led strip lights are put under the cabinets. This will also make sure your kitchen is illuminated during the preparation of your meals.

Standard benefits:

– Save time and money on kitchen renovations.

– Get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Emotional benefits:

– Make your kitchen a place where you want to spend time at again.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: Country-style

Country kitchen designs are most often decorated in a traditional kitchen style. The kitchen is typically updated with new kitchen appliances such as modern kitchen sinks and dishwashers. The kitchen is typically less formal and more casual than other kitchen styles. The kitchen offers an abundance of cabinetry that contains various kitchen essentials for example kitchen utensils, kitchen linens, kitchen appliances etc. This kitchen style can be easily identified by its rustic look with knotted pine floors, exposed light wood-en beams, open shelves above the stove. These country-style kitchens will fit into any budget.

Standard benefits:

– Get kitchen design ideas for your kitchen.

HDB kitchen interior designer to help you with your kitchen.

Emotional benefits:

– Make a country kitchen the heart of your home.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: High on Storage

We are well recognized for its infamous sizes in Singapore HDBs and condominiums. This is why storage in every area is so crucial. You have no lack of storage space here with a kitchen like this. Look at all the upper cabinets, drawers and lofts! In your kitchen, you may store the world while the shutters make sure the area is not bulky.

Standard benefits:

– This kitchen is a good space for kitchen design ideas.

– HDBs are an affordable option in Singapore.

Emotional benefits:

– You can finally be the kitchen goddess you’ve always wanted to be.

– You will be in kitchen heaven.

– This kitchen has more space and could be the kitchen of your dreams!

Social benefits:

– Be an inspiration to your friends as they admire your kitchen skills and kitchen design ideas.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: Bright & Airy

A bright kitchen with light oak cabinets is a wonderful place to be. This kitchen not only has space for cooking and appliances but also offers plenty of storage. The island counter provides the perfect spot to get your work done while you enjoy natural and proper lighting from every angle. Sliding kitchen cabinets doors give you more kitchen space.

A bright kitchen with plenty of light from every angle is a dream kitchen for many people. This kitchen with a light oak cabinet allows the sun’s rays to come in through the window and mix with the overhead lights. The white kitchen walls make this kitchen look even brighter.

write a benefit about the content above standard benefits:

– New kitchen design ideas to try.

Emotional benefits:

– The bright and airy kitchen is perfect for cooking in the morning.

– Light oak cabinets are a favourite among many homeowners.

Galley Kitchen

This kitchen is for those who like to be surrounded by vibrant colors. There, the classic dark navy blue cabinets are adorned with striking flat gold handles and has EDL’s Fenix Laminate finish which makes it anti-bacterial fingerprint resistant as well as healing effects. The bright yellow backsplash breaks the monotony of the kitchen while also being an eye-catcher!

If you work a lot in your kitchen choose either U shaped or galley kitchens because they have more space than other layouts. If the kitchen design is smaller, try to use light brown cabinets, be sure to have a blind above the kitchen window and avoid wires or unnecessary items laying around.

Standard benefits:

– kitchen is best for those who work in the kitchen a lot.

Emotional benefits:

– kitchen has more space than other layouts.

– galley kitchens are eye-catching and have an airy feel to them.

Open-concept Kitchen

The kitchen is not a kitchen if it doesn’t have an open design. There are many kitchen design ideas which you may explore to get the kitchen that you desire.

Open-concept kitchen is the kitchen type wherein the kitchen and living room shares one common space. A kitchen with an open concept kitchen hdb promotes accessibility and equal use of space by both cooks and non-cooks in the household. It also encourages social interaction between family members when meal preparation, cooking, and dining occur simultaneously.

Standard benefits:

– kitchen becomes more inviting and social

– kitchen is easier to clean

Emotional benefits:

– kitchen feels like a home away from home.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: Modern Black matte and White

This kitchen interior design proves that a black and white theme can be just as exciting. Firstly, the black, white and green palette give this kitchen a nostalgic yet contemporary look. This is accented by the tiny black diamond floor tiles and the black-framed sliding door which replicates an old-world elegant feel contrasting perfectly with otherwise modern design themes showcased in clean lines of cabinets displaying lots of storage space to suit any family’s needs!

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is the kitchen wall behind a kitchen sink. It serves as a protective barrier around the kitchen sink and countertops and is often made of tile or stone.

What is the purpose of a kitchen backsplash?

– Functional Kitchen backsplashes are great for most kitchens with children, dogs, or both, because they provide some cushion to any spills you get on your flooring.

– A backsplash can also improve kitchen design ideas by adding color to your kitchen’s appearance as well as improving cooking performance in front of an open stovetop by reducing splatter and steam from making it out into other areas of the kitchen.

– Consider painting your walls complementary colors that will blend well with what you would pick for cabinet hardware or paint colors on counters since it offers a nice look to kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Singapore: Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a huge work surface that can act as an eating space and kitchen, all in one. If you have a small kitchen, this spacious surface will save on space and time too. Kitchen islands also come in various shapes, like square or rounded.

Standard benefits:

– Save space.

– Enhance kitchen design and functionality.

– Provide an eating area for your kitchen.

Emotional benefits:

– Feel more confident cooking with family and friends around you.

– Make a kitchen that’s uniquely yours

Ready to start your kitchen design journey? Get in touch with our kitchen interior designer today and get started.

These are just some of the many ways you can create your dream kitchen without breaking the bank. Elpis kitchen designers will work closely with you to find solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle needs. If you’re looking for help designing your HDB kitchen, contact us today!

Cooking, eating, entertaining, and socializing all take place in our kitchens. As a result, it’s critical to design a location that meets all of these criteria.Even the tiniest areas can accommodate your every need with the intelligent use of kitchen layouts and ideas.

Are you ready to begin? To gain some ideas, have a look at these 7 stunning HDB kitchen designs.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore #1: All-white

This kitchen will make your life easier with its attractive mix of design and utility. The backsplash is made up of trendy 3D tiles that blend flawlessly with the granite countertop. The whitewashed cabinets effortlessly opens up the area. Lofts that stretch to the ceiling address all of your storage problems without weighing down the kitchen. This kitchen’s style is completed by the striated marble floor tiles.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore #2: The Highlight

Do you enjoy bringing a little bit of interest to each space in your HDB or condo? A stylish grey backsplash in the form of tiles combines effortlessly with the bright blue cabinetry in this kitchen design. Under the cabinets, LED strip lights illuminate the backsplash and countertop. This will also ensure that your kitchen is well-lit while you prepare your meal.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore #3: Country-style

This open-style kitchen will make it to your top picks list. The exemplary wooden ground surface matches consistently with the enchanting white cupboard entryways and immaculate white ledge. A splendid thought for your HDB kitchen plan Singapore is the pendant light. Add these to your plan and see the sorcery unfurl!

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore #4: High on Storage

We know Singapore HDBs and condominiums are known for their infamous sizes. That is the reason stockpiling is a particularly significant viewpoint for each room. With a kitchen like this, you will have no shortage of extra room here. Take a gander at all those drawers, cupboards and lofts! You can store the world in your kitchen, while the shades deal with holding the space back from looking cumbersome.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore #5: Bright & Airy

From the marblesque backsplash to the wooden finish cabinets and the steel chimney, almost everything in this cozy kitchen is custom. Cooking and appliance countertops are separated, ensuring that everything stays in its place. This kitchen gets enough of light thanks to the glass doors and windows. You may bake to your heart’s content with the oven located under the steel hood chimney, and your kitchen will always smell great.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore #6: Modern Black and White

This kitchen’s timeless black and white combo shouts bold and gorgeous. The room’s appearance is enhanced by the modern-style chandelier. This attractive kitchen is also an excellent example of space efficiency. By including an island, the dining room and kitchen are brought together. The island also features storage, making it more useful. This kitchen design is ideal for a small HDBB. kitchen Singapore.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore #7: Eclectic

This kitchen is for those who like to be surrounded by vibrant colours and choose closed U-shaped kitchens. From a small kitchen, to an open-plan kitchen, this modern design gives you the freedom to transform your kitchen into any shape or size. 

If you do not like the idea of having cabinets that reach from floor to ceiling, pick something with lower cabinets and a higher countertop. You can still store lots of stuff in those cabinets despite their height. And if you have a high ceiling, consider getting cabinets with glass doors so that it does not look too cluttered and feels more open. Try to group together items of similar size and colour, the fewer different shapes and sizes there are, the easier it is for the eye to follow when walking into your kitchen.

Bonus Tip: How to Select an Interior Designer

It is critical to select the best interior design firm. The appropriate business can ensure that you get the house of your dreams with the least amount of hassle.

ID horror stories are unfortunately common. Homeowners are frequently left with half-finished renovations after the contracted contractor disappears with their money. They are dealing with the double whammy of losing a significant amount of money and having to hire a new interior design firm.

To try not to be a wake up call, guarantee that you address these inquiries prior to settling on an interior design firm:


There are a slew of unscrupulous interior design firms on the market looking to take advantage of unsuspecting clients. A company’s registration with HDB indicates that it has received adequate training. It also shows that they are familiar with the ins and outs of upgrading HDB apartments. Both of these things imply that they will design your kitchen according to the rules.


some interior designer have their own processing plants and utilize their own project workers; others get the workmanship subcontracted out. 

By and large, the previous is liked. This is on the grounds that the utilization of subcontractors obscures the line of duty between parties included. At the point when issues crop up, expense citation may increment because of the need to haggle between the ID and the subcontractor. 

There’s likewise a danger of subcontractors compromising and conveying fair, unsuitable work.


It’s critical that you understand how the ID firm will bill for the project. In the industry, progressive payment is the standard. It’s best to decline a firm’s request for a 50% deposit.


Elpis, an interior designer in 4A Pahang St. Singapore is one of the reputable interior design firms in Singapore will provide you with planning, design, and delivery of interior environments for your home renovation. Therefore, our focus is on quality within planned budgets, so don’t be worried about spending the extra cost anymore. Contact us or you can visit us at 4A Pahang St. Singapore.