10 Modern Kitchen Ideas That You Can Steal To Make Your Kitchen Extraordinary

It’s a fact that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where you prepare meals and share dining experiences with your family. Thus, it should be designed to reflect your lifestyle and personality. With these 15 modern kitchen ideas, you can design an extraordinary kitchen that will bring you joy every time you use it!

Be natural

The kitchen island is completely natural. This stone appears to be natural, but it has been polished. Countertops in neutral tones complement warm wood shelving and gold hardware, while white walls complete the airy look. 

Rustic modern

Rustic modern kitchen design is quickly becoming one of the hottest styles for homeowners who like the sleek function of modern kitchens but want something with more texture and personality. This kitchen seamlessly combines both with sleek slab cabinets paired with handmade ceramic backsplash tiles, exposed shelving, ceiling beams, and Carrara marble countertops.

Chef kitchen

Serious cooks require serious space to achieve their goals. This modern kitchen places the sink and stove directly across from one another, with generous landing areas on either side of both, so you’ll have no trouble chopping, washing, and sautéing even when you’re pressed for time. To maintain the space’s streamlined appearance, appliance panels conceal the refrigerator just off the other end of the island, while the microwave sits just below the counter on the island, making it accessible to everyone who uses the space.

Modern country

It’s charming and the perfect blend of the two styles. To contrast the warm-colored floors, these contemporary cabinets are painted a smoky gray, and two different countertops help to add dimension to the space. The use of soapstone on the island bridges the gap between the sleeker cabinet perimeter and the more Country-style of the rest of the space.

Modern warm

This contemporary kitchen makes excellent use of a variety of colors, textures, and materials in a single space. For a lot of depth and contrast, the wide open room uses a combination of eucalyptus and Thermofoil cabinets. The wide oak floors keep the space from becoming too dark, and the panel beneath the waterfall-style island counter mirrors the wall of cabinets beyond, keeping the design consistent. Meanwhile, the waterfall counter coordinates with the white cabinets on the opposite side of the room, balancing the two areas. A glass backsplash adds a bold splash of color while amplifying the amount of light in the room, making it appear larger and brighter than it is.

Open space

Blend the space between the kitchen and dining areas to create a fresh, open-concept feel. The rooms flow together seamlessly for a unified look that makes the space feel larger. Oversized pendant lights and custom wood beams add a unique natural style, while darker accents and white Scandinavian inspired chairs keep the design simple.

Many seating options

Include a variety of seating options wherever possible. For breakfast or pre-dinner drinks with guests, bar stool seating is fine, but a standard height table is preferable for meals and homework. Built-in banquette seating can save space, allowing for more people to cram in at social gatherings. It shares a lovely backdrop with the relaxed living space beyond in this case.

Upgrade backsplash

Consider natural materials or incredibly durable, good-looking composites that can mimic the look of natural materials but are virtually free maintenance.

Dark shades

Dark colors and natural stone combine to create a sophisticated, opulent kitchen. Because the sheen of polished stone tends to reflect light, a natural play of light across the surface will still exist. It looks good during the day and fades into the background at night, only becoming visible when illuminated.

Mix of old and new

The mix of old and new adds interest to the room and gives your home its own distinct flavor. If you’re lucky enough to have original features like wooden beams, exposed brick, or fireplaces, there’s no reason not to incorporate them when designing a modern kitchen.

Are you tired of ideas for a modern kitchen? Does it feel like the appliances are from the stone age? Is the layout not working for your needs anymore? Do you want more storage space and more counter space? We can help! At Elpis Interior Design we take care of everything, from coming up with a design that suits your lifestyle to sourcing all of the materials and helping you every step of the way. All under one roof!

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