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07 Nov 2022

Your house can be a great place to live, but when you’re renovating, it can turn into a nightmare. There are many things to consider like the fact that your renovation can cost thousands of dollars and take months. In order to keep things under control, you may want to stay somewhere else while you complete your home renovations.

Why is renovation so expensive in singapore?

To determine how much money you should set aside, you need a rough estimate. But because there are so many different factors, the question is difficult to answer. The final cost of renovation is determined by:

  • Type of home: Is it a HDB apartment, a condo, or a landed house? Existing fittings are there any that come with it already? 
  • Its condition: For a brand-new BTO and a decades-old resale apartment, the amount and type of restoration work will be considerably different. 
  • How much work you want done: Are you generally content with the situation as it is, or do you want to start from scratch and design your ideal home? 
  • Material types: Expect to pay more if you like parquet flooring and countertops made of atas marble. 
  • The contractor/ID company you select: Naturally, prices vary between businesses.


How Much Do Interior Design Services Cost in Singapore

Before anything else, you should first set your expectations when choosing an interior designer. Check out these prices to determine whether the quotes you’re receiving are as reasonable as your prospect designer claims to be.

Type of Property Average Price Range
Single room (bathroom, kitchen) packages SGD6,000-SGD25,000 (Call us for updated prices)
New HDB SGD34,000-SGD44,000 (Call us for updated prices)
Resale HDB SGD42,000-SGD70,000 (Call us for updated prices)
Condominium SGD40,000-SGD120,000 (Call us for updated prices)
Landed homes SGD200,000-SGD235,000 (Call us for updated prices)
Small-sized stores (less than 500 sq ft) SGD60,000-SGD100,000 (Call us for updated prices)
Medium-sized stores (1000-2000 sq ft) SGD100,000-SGD500,000 (Call us for updated prices)


What is average renovation in Singapore?

Type of HDB Average Cost for a New Flat Average Cost for a Resale Flat
3-Room (60 to 65 sqm) SGD32,000 SGD43,200 (Call us for updated prices)
4-Room (90 sqm) SGD43,600 SGD56,000 (Call us for updated prices)
5-Room (110 sqm) SGD52,300 SGD63,500 (Call us for updated prices)



As you can see, remodeling a larger home will cost more per square meter. A resale apartment is typically more expensive than a new one. Remember that your actual renovation costs may be much different from these averages. purely because to the potential impact on your estimates that fixtures, fittings, materials, and labor costs could have.


Where to Stay During Home Renovation Singapore?

Relatives’ House

Sleeping with family or friends who have spare rooms in their homes is another practical choice you have. It won’t be a problem to stay for a few days to avoid the noises from your home renovation Singapore because it is merely a temporary rental while the house is being renovated in Singapore. This can also serve as a minimal budget, allowing you to conserve money instead of using it to reserve hotels or apartments.

Your Other House

If you have to relocate while a renovation is being done, pick a temporary home that matches your needs and gives you the most comfort. If you own many properties, you can relocate into your other homes. When your primary residence is being renovated, this may seem highly unusual to the majority of Singaporeans, but it may be really helpful.

Family-friendly Flat

If you are looking for temporary accommodation during renovation in Singapore, this one might be helpful for you. Most flats have significant and reasonable prices, and are frequently a more cost-effective alternative for  your longer-term stays.

Hotel Suites

If you don’t want to bother your relatives and friends, you may always stay in an extended stay hotel for a few weeks. This will not be affordable, but it will be quite simple. Suites generally have a full kitchen and a spacious living room, and they provide a pleasant living environment. This also can be the best choice if you want to have a renovation staycation in Singapore as well.

Mobile Home

You may rent an RV and stay on-site if you have the space. If you live in a city, this will not be an option, but if you have the space, start looking for rentals on Google. This alternative allows you to stay connected to the project while not being capable of utilizing your usual place.



Corporate Housing 

This may also be the ideal choice for Singaporean temporary accommodation while renovations. Corporate housing offers a complete package with all the comforts of home, and is also referred to as furnished apartments, premium rents and suites, and serviced flats.

The majority of corporate housing projects provide luxury facilities such as modern and premium appliances and breathtaking surroundings. Corporate housing apartments are generally found in condominium complexes, although single-family houses built for corporate stays are also available.

One benefit of remaining in the house is that you will be able to observe if the contractor is doing all the work on schedule. If you have faith in your contractor and you trust them, consider staying away from the house during the renovation can be a great choice to reduce your stress from a noisy environment .

Temporary rental house 

It could be a good idea to look for condo makeover ideas in Singapore, but what if the available space is insufficient for your needs? If your remodeling job will take longer than a month or two, or if you have a large family and several pets, temporary rental properties may be your best option. If you require more space than a flat or condominium can provide, you can also find short-term rental homes.

If the small condo renovation ideas don’t fit your needs, a rental house can provide enough rooms and comfort, as well as all of the required conveniences and the ambience of a proper home. You can rent an apartment or a small house, so it will not be difficult to find a proper place for your family’s needs. 

Not only that, you may get a great price because temporary accommodations sometimes provide discounts for long stays, and vacation rentals are generally pretty cheap. 



Elpis Interior

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