6 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid in Singapore

Kitchen renovation is a very exciting task, however, a kitchen renovation is a type of project that may easily run away from budget and schedule if not handled properly.

It doesn’t matter whether the kitchen renovation is a small or large project, time and money management should be the top priority in kitchen renovation Singapore! Even if a kitchen renovation is a project that not many people are aware of, kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation should be one of the most common construction projects in Singapore.

Why? Because kitchen renovation occur all the time! Many homeowners want to have kitchen renovation done at least once every five years, kitchen renovation are an integral part of kitchen furniture Singapore!

Because kitchen renovation is such a common event, kitchen renovations should be planned and completed in the most kitchen renovation cost-effective way possible.

Here are some of the kitchen renovation mistakes you can avoid based on our experience as interior designer, to achieve a beautiful kitchen within kitchen renovation cost budget you have :

Not Enough Storage Spaces.

Kitchen cabinets are designed to make kitchen storage more efficient; kitchen cabinet layout is a skill that requires much consideration!

The kitchen is an indispensable space in the house. In this kitchen, there are two storage spaces but not enough. The kitchen has a kitchen cabinet but it’s not enough for kitchen utensils. 

The kitchen also needs kitchen drawers and cabinets with a sink because they are the kitchen space that is used often.

In kitchen furniture, kitchen design, or kitchen renovation projects, one of the most important kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid is not having enough storage spaces.

To see if your cabinets have enough storage space, you will need to check how much kitchen countertop space each cabinet has and determine whether there is sufficient room inside your cabinets for all your kitchenware.

If your kitchen cupboards are too small they could be overcrowded very quickly with pots, pans, tin cans, baking supplies, etc., and cluttered kitchens are difficult to navigate when you’re cooking in a rush.

Once you’ve determined that there are enough cabinets, kitchen cabinet accessories such as kitchen cabinet door organizers or kitchen drawer dividers may be a good choice to organize your kitchen in order to maximize kitchen space.

Inadequate kitchen lighting.

Kitchen remodeling is an important process and kitchen renovation should not be ignored. As a kitchen has many kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets need to have good kitchen lighting. In addition, kitchen decorations should also be pleasing to the eyes. 

Kitchen drawers must also be well lit so you can see what’s inside! A good kitchen design will always emphasize kitchen lighting because it gives off the mood of the kitchen!

It is recommended that there are light colors in the small kitchen color scheme for a large kitchen with bright colors that make a tall ceiling look small or cramped. 

You may use soft yellow tones of light or natural white tones as they are relaxing and help give relaxation during meals.

Dim lighting

A poorly lit kitchen is a least desirable way to cook there. They also increase the risk of cooking caused by poor lighting. Lighting is essential in kitchens because that improves safety and ensures a healthier atmosphere while cooking.

A Lack Of Planning. 

One problem with doing kitchen design and renovations on your own is that you may not take the time to plan ahead for what will happen when the kitchen is being worked on. If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll end up living without an accessible kitchen for months.

One way around this problem is to plan ahead so that there’s already another kitchen space at home that can be utilized instead – even temporarily – while the other kitchen undergoes renovation work. 

If you don’t have a spare kitchen, renting a unit will do fine until renovations are completed. The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home and without it, you won’t be able to do simple tasks such as preparing meals or doing your laundry.

Focus Too Much On Design. 

It’s your kitchen, so it is important that you make it reflect who you are. The kitchen is the heart of a home, and when your kitchen shines, the whole house feels better.

One way to accomplish this goal is to hire a kitchen remodeling company to handle all aspects of designing and renovating your kitchen. 

However, before following through with such a major undertaking, here are some ideas on how to take control of kitchen design and renovation.

Focus On Your Budget One way to get started quickly is to hire somebody local who provides free kitchen designs for kitchen renovations in Singapore. 

You can speak with them about what you want from your kitchen while they sketch out preliminary drawings for you and give feedback on their ideas.

Not Enough Counter Space.

Counter space is a kitchen necessity that can make or break a kitchen design. In most cases, people tend to purchase too many appliances and kitchen furniture, taking away from counter space. 

To avoid this problem, you should analyze how much kitchen space you need daily for each kitchen appliance and then choose appliances accordingly.

In addition, kitchen designs with islands are also a good kitchen remodeling idea because they give you more kitchen counter space and allow you to place kitchen appliances there.

One thing that I am really considering is a kitchen remodel. Although it is beautiful and has plenty of cabinet space, 

I don’t have enough counter space. To solve this, I can install a kitchen island with a sink in the middle of the room for when I want to chop vegetables or do other kitchen tasks. I can also include stools so that I have more seating for my kitchen.

Poor workflow

As a rule of thumb the storage place should be located close to the entry. It helps to reduce the distance in transporting groceries to the cabinet or refrigerator. The place in which to cook should be located close together. It helps minimize the time spent when you put ingredients inside the saucepan to help reduce food waste. Bad work flow plans can lead to an unsafe kitchen turn cooking cleaning and preparing food into nightmares.


Hopefully, these kitchen remodeling tips have given you a better idea of how to create a dream kitchen that’s both functional and beautiful! If you need kitchen remodeling contractors in Singapore, it may seem like there is an endless variety to choose from. 

The challenge becomes narrowing down your choices and finding the best fit for your specific dream kitchen needs. 

As interior designer, we would be happy to provide any consultation or guidance you need in order to make these decisions so that you can find what works best for your space. 

For more kitchen renovation ideas or dream kitchen design tips and tricks, feel free to contact Elpis interior design! (+65) 6391 9660)


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