Practical and Easy Kitchen Design Ideas in Singapore

Are you looking for kitchen design ideas in Singapore? Well, if so then we have the perfect resource for you! Our team of interior designers has gathered a list of the most practical and easy to follow kitchen designs in our country. We hope that these ideas are helpful in your quest for the perfect kitchen layout!

Ready to get started? To gain some ideas, have a look at these 6 stunning HDB kitchen designs.

Open-concept Kitchen

This is one of the most popular designs among Singaporeans; when HDB conducted a trial run in 2012, 7 out of 10 homeowners chose this concept.

Furthermore, the government has declared that the open-concept kitchen will be extended to BTO projects. As a result, such kitchens will soon become the norm in HDB apartments.

It’s simple to see why the design is so popular: it lets more light into the space and allows you to keep an eye on your children while you cook.

An open kitchen is a fantastic choice. Cooking grease and odors, on the other hand, can readily travel throughout the entire flat.

Here are some suggestions to help you deal with this problem:

Install a kitchen hood

A decent cooker hood keeps bad odors from remaining in your house; it absorbs noxious odors and leaves your house smelling fresh.

Identify a good hob spot

Consider positioning your kitchen range against a wall. A kitchen backsplash can then be built to keep grease splatter to a minimum while you cook.

Single Wall Kitchen

In Singapore, kitchen space is limited. As a result, building a single-wall kitchen could be the answer to your space constraints.

As the name implies, this design concentrates all of the kitchen’s features on a single wall. The requirement for fewer cabinets allows homeowners to save floor space and money on construction.

It also provides for a boost in productivity. Work zones that are too far apart will be avoided by a well-planned design. In addition, you may prep, cook, and clean all in one place. This increases your kitchen productivity while also increasing your convenience.

Open Shelving Kitchen

Dissimilar to most kitchens with lines of cupboards worked in, having open racks is whimsical. It makes a fantasy that the kitchen is bigger than it is. 

These racks are likewise a great method to stow away your necessities. In addition, they offer you a region to show your glad assortment of flatware.

In the event that you don’t have enough room for a kitchen table, look out for an open shelving kitchen! These designs can offer space-saving and practical storage while still ensuring your things are easy to find.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is ostensibly perhaps the most desired kitchen plans. Other than its noteworthy appearance, it’s additionally amazingly useful since it serves as a capacity unit and a space for feast planning. 

Most property holders in Singapore are loft tenants. This implies that space is a prohibitive factor that keeps us from building an island. Be that as it may, it’s certainly feasible!

Here’s how to make an island counter work in your kitchen:

Install a multi-purpose island

By combining your cooktop, sink, and storage onto your island, you may save space. You can also turn it into a dining area by adding some additional seats.

Use a portable island

You don’t have to settle for a huge, immobile island in the centre of your kitchen. A portable island counter may be used in the same way; simply roll it out when you need extra space and tuck it away when you don’t.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens are a standard of HDBs; they’re distinguished by their narrow layout and parallel kitchen tops. Such kitchens are designed to be compact and practical, making them the perfect solution for HDB owners with limited space.

If you’re considering a galley layout, here are things to take note of:

Abandon the upper cabinets

When designing a galley kitchen, the aim is to make it feel as spacious as possible. You can do so by reducing the number of tall cabinets used. Alternatively, you can also keep your storage to one side instead of having them on both sides.

Keep things off the countertop

Maximise space by having as many built-in items as you possibly can. For instance, a built-in oven is preferred over placing the appliance on the counter.

Use a combination of light and dark colours

Stick to a darker, heavier colour for the base cabinets and paint the upper cabinets in a lighter shade. This helps to lessen the feeling that you are stuck in a hallway.

L-shaped Kitchen

The ‘working triangle’ should be considered while designing an efficient kitchen. The setup creates a smooth flow between three of the most important kitchen elements: the stove, sink, and refrigerator.

In addition, the plan comprises of two contiguous and perpendicular walls that form a ‘L’ shape.

This kitchen layout provides various advantages due to its ergonomics, such as:

  • Greater efficiency in cramped quarters
  • Separated cooking area and sink
  • Access to additional storage

This design works best in kitchens that are small to medium in size. The L-shaped kitchen may also accommodate a kitchen island for larger rooms, which is ideal for individuals who demand additional work or storage space.

Things to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen


In a kitchen, appropriate lighting is critical; it illuminates the space, making it brighter and safer to operate in. A dimly lighted kitchen is also a less-than-ideal environment in which to cook. Because of the inadequate lighting, it also increases the danger of cooking-related injuries.


When it comes to kitchen storage, cabinets and pull-out drawers are the first things that come to mind. Place them in your kitchen so that you have enough room to access them without hitting another cabinet or drawer.


Poor workflow design can result in an inefficient kitchen that makes cooking, cleaning, and meal preparation a pain. As a result, careful planning is essential while creating your kitchen.

The storage area should, as a general rule, be close to the entrance. This reduces the distance traveled when moving items to the cabinets or refrigerator.


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