Guide to Find a Reliable and Professional Interior Design Firm in Singapore

Singapore. The land of dream, prosperity, and modernity. If you live in Singapore and just bought a HDB flat, condo, or a resale landed property, you might consider having your home renovated, especially for the interior designs. Because home is the most comforting place in your life, choosing the best interior design firm Singapore is a very good choice.

Interior Design Company in Singapore

The big question is, why should you need an interior designer in Singapore to make your interiors look better? The answers are many, one of them is because you probably do not understand anything about interior design and thus, you need some interior designer guides to help you sort out the elements in creating a great vision of your dream home.

Out of all the Singapore renovation contractors, you can choose Elpis Interior Design as your ultimate designer and contractor! Since it was established in 2015, Elpis Interior has been serving the clients the best services such as planning and designing interior environments, including adjusting the total budget with your own budget, still providing the highest quality of each furniture and materials for your cozy space.

How to Choose Interior Designers in Singapore?

So, are you curious about how to find interior designers to fit with your needs? Here are 5 guides to help you decide the best company!

Plan a Meeting

Firstly, do some research on the internet. Check the website regularly and you will probably find various types of interior design scams. So, you better be careful. Make sure that the interior design’s website that you are checking has some good reviews from their clients. If that company has more good reviews than the negative ones, that means the company is trusted enough and has given good service.

After checking out their website, plan a meeting with the person that is responsible such as the customer service. In that meeting, you need to make sure that the interior designer firm is the most suitable one that can guide you throughout the interior design process and can fully realize your vision.

Ask The Interior Designer to Come to Your Place

Whether it is an HDB flat, condo, or landed property, you need to ask for them to come to your place. Or, get a detailed look for the whole area and send to them with high quality images via online platforms. Because, they need to see your space, understand the floor plan, and calculate the budget for each design and renovation needed.

How Much Do You Have to Pay?

Some of you might think that hiring an interior designer in Singapore is quite pricey. The answer is yes, but it depends on how you choose the best interior designer that can provide you with lots of high quality furniture, plus a cheap price.

Budget is the most crucial part in making this whole process, that is why you need to discuss your expectations with the interior designer, including every little detail about the price range you feel comfortable with. Once you give a calculation of your own price range, the interior designer will definitely provide you back with great recommendations and possible home improvements.

With Elpis Interior Design, we will reduce snags, lower costs, shorten schedules, accelerate close-out time, and more. So, contact Elpis now, and let’s discuss what you need for your home renovation with our money smart concept!

How About Portfolios and HDB Licences?

A reputable great interior designer must have portfolios that can present the scope of interior design project executions for the clients. Portfolio is functioned as a proof to give your clients understanding about a variety of styles and project sizes. Without this portfolio, you will get some insights of how to choose an interior design for your home interior. Also, make sure that the interior designer has an HDB license and certificates!

In conclusion, there are top interior design companies in Singapore that you can choose, but try to contact Elpis Interior Design! With Elpis Interior, you will not only obtain budget planning, improvements of cost performance, but also design plans that are suitable with your own budget!

Elpis Interior Design

Looking forward to hiring an interior designer company in Singapore? Come to Elpis Interior’s showroom at 4A Pahang Street or just give us a call to discuss your dream interior design directly. With Elpis Interior Design, you will get 3D visualization and animation that can help you visualize each detail of the furniture, space planning, and more!

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