Choosing Your Renovation Package: Homes in Singapore

There are many renovation packages that we can offer, and it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

It’s important to remember that the type of package chosen will depend heavily on your home’s age and condition.

If you have a newer home or one with minimal damage, then the Basic Renovation Package would likely work best. However, if you’re looking for something more extensive, such as adding an extension. then you’ll need a larger package like the Full Home Renovation Package.

Weighing all your options before making up your mind is key to ensuring that whatever renovation package you do end up choosing meets all of your needs and expectations.

We will find the right Packages for your Renovation

Homeowners can find the right contractor for their home in Singapore from our network of interior design firms. We can pair homeowners with a firm that specializes in their particular style.

From HDB specialists who can make cramped homes feel spacious to firms with distinctive retro chic or modernist styles, we are able to find the best renovation contractors for your home in Singapore.

Available Renovation Packages from us:

HDB & Condo Renovation Packages

We also have renovation packages for condos and private apartments, Click Here For more detail , you can see what is included in each Package (NO GST).

The Starter Packages

The common Package, which includes only the most basic necessities. Appropriate for individuals in a hurry.

Price range around :

  • 3 rooms: $6000 – $7000
  • 4 rooms: $7000 – $8000
  • 5 rooms: $8000 – $9000

New flat & Resale flat Packages

For HDB new & resale flats, attractive and reasonable. 3 room new flats start at $14000, while 3 room resale flats start at $17000. Packages for 4 and 5 rooms are applicable.

Price range for New flat around:

  • 3 room: $14000 – $16750
  • 4 room: $20000 – $21000
  • 5 room: $24000 – $26000

Price range for Resale flat around:

  • 3 room: $17000 – $22500
  • 4 room: $20500 – $24450
  • 5 room: $25550 – $29750

For HDB Resale properties, We provide amazing promo packages that you won’t miss!

When it comes to remodeling a resale flat, this is one of our most popular. This package contains the majority of the components you’ll need.

Estimate Prices:

  • 3 room: $27500
  • 4 room: $33350
  • 5 room: $35000

Premium Design & Construction Packages

Appropriate for 3, 4, 5 rooms Flats with a high-end design and construction. For as little as $9000 for 3 HDB rooms.

Price range around :

  • 3 rooms: $9000 – $9450
  • 4 rooms: $10000 – $10450
  • 5 rooms: $11000 – $11450

Executive Apt/Mais

Packages especially created for HDB executive apartments and maisonette. We created these packages because of the constant requests from home owners who bought resale EA and EM and wanted a quote. Priced at $20880, it may not include everything for everyone, but it’s a good start. 

Price range around :

  • 3 rooms: $9000 – $9450
  • 4 rooms: $10000 – $10450
  • 5 rooms: $11000 – $11450

Below 3000 sqft Condo & Landed

Private residential houses with a total built-in size of less than 3000 sqft are eligible. This section contains the most basic elements that serve as a starting point. If you want a bespoke quote, please contact us.

Price range around :

  • Condo: $13550
  • Landed: $19875

Kitchen & Bathroom

For homes that only require kitchen and bathroom renovations. The kitchen and two toilets are included in this package. This is ideal for individuals who just want to improve their present remodeling in these areas.

Price range around :

  • Full Kitchen Package: start from $25000
  • Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms: $11000 – $15000

Full Renovation & Design Packages.

This package includes four or five rooms. If you want to change more, we will increase the price for more rooms. This package includes everything and is probably the most comprehensive there is, but if you don’t want something that’s included, just tell us and it won’t be on the price anymore.

Price range around :

  • 3 rooms: $30500 – $33500
  • 4 rooms: $41950 – $42500
  • 5 rooms: $47000 – $50000


Price may change as time goes, also depending on material used, style of renovation, and etc. For more information contact us now.

BTO (HDB) Renovation Packages

BTO (HDB) Kitchen Renovation Package | $4450

BTO (HDB) 2 Room Package | $7600 (includes most of the essential items)

BTO (HDB) 3 Room Package | $7975 (includes most of the essential items)

BTO (HDB) 4 Room Package | $8225 (includes most of the essential items)

BTO (HDB) 5 Room Package | $8665 (includes most of the essential items)

Improvement Renovation Packages For Your Homes

Bedroom Renovation Packages | Estimate Price:$4800 – $5000

Living room Renovation Packages | Estimate Price: $6600- $7000

Kitchen Renovation Packages | Estimate Price:$8000 – $8500

Kitchen and 2 Bathrooms Packages | Estimate Price:$12570 – $16000

Landed House Renovation Packages

Full Package | Estimate Price: $171750 – $185750

(Include everything needed new landed house)

Living hall Design Renovation Package | Estimate Price: $12050 – $13050

Kitchen Design Renovation Package | Estimate Price: $14575 – $16750

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Package | Estimate Price:$16050 – $17050

2 Bathrooms Renovation Package | Estimate Price: $16250 – $17250

Bedrooms Renovation Package | Estimate Price: $8000 

(+/- for each room.)

Elpis Interior Design Firm are here to help and guide you, to get the best renovation package for your needs. We will find the best contractor to deal with, Best quality service, fast response, fast process :) Contact us now by Clicking here!

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