10 Practical Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for Your HDB Home and Condo

HDB kitchen design is a challenge because of the limited space. We know that kitchen design can be tough in an hdb kitchen, but we have 9 practical kitchen design ideas for you to choose from, such as:

– Open shelving and more storage units

Modern kitchen appliances

– Sleek stainless steel backsplash tiles

– White cabinets with glass fronts or doors

However, before making your modern kitchen design, you need to know What You Need to Consider When Planning Your Kitchen Interiors.

What do You need to Consider When Planning Your Kitchen Interior design Singapore?

A kitchen is a central place where every member of the family congregates for preparations for meals and social dining. It is important that your kitchen has an attractive appeal as it will give comfort to all family members in this space and make them want to spend more time there than anywhere else! Give your kitchen space a mood by each room having its own atmosphere – soothing or vibrant, depending on what suits the mood better for each space. You can also some natural elements like soft grass mats, kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture like kitchen cabinets and a kitchen island that is made from teak wood with a natural touch.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Singapore and hire Interior Designer?

Renovating a kitchen is one of the most important things you can do to increase your home’s value. As the kitchen is a significant part of the house, it has to be designed in accordance with the requirements and tastes of homeowners. Choosing kitchen design ideas for HDB kitchen renovation will also give you a chance to upgrade or modernize your kitchen without having to spend too much on new appliances or materials. The best interior designers Singapore offer variety of kitchen designs ideas at affordable prices that suit all budgets.

Kitchen renovations can vary greatly in price given their size and complexity. People can spend about S$12,000 on a kitchen that is smaller than 500 square feet, but it could take up to S$65,000 or more on a kitchen that is 2,200 square feet or larger. The average kitchen renovation will cost around $26,700.

10 Ultimate Modern Kitchen design style

Kitchen interior design ideas and modern styles typically refer to kitchen interior design ideas in small kitchens or open kitchen designs. Elpisinterior presents you with some superb modern HDB kitchen design ideas that will make you want to redesign your kitchen right now!

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: All White

This kitchen makes your life simpler with a sophisticated blend of style and function. Trendy 3D backsplash tiles merge perfectly on the granite countertop. The cabinet is whitewashed and opens the room without effort. Lofts to the ceiling answer your entire storage problems without making your kitchen seem heavy. This kitchen appearance is completed with striated marble floor tiles.

Standard benefits:

– A kitchen that is practical and stylish.

– The kitchen will make your life simpler.

Emotional benefits:

– You’ll be able to cook with ease in this kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Singapore: The Highlight

Kitchen design ideas are popular in Singapore, and a kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. HDB kitchen designers can help you plan your kitchen layout. An interior designer can help make sure that all the details are taken care of, like color schemes and furniture arrangements.

For anybody who searches for this ‘wow’ element, A contemporary grey backplash in tiles fuses perfectly with the bright blue cabinetry in this design of the kitchen. In order to light the backsplash and countertop, LED band lights or led strip lights are put under the cabinets. This will also make sure your kitchen is illuminated during the preparation of your meals.

Standard benefits:

– Save time and money on kitchen renovations.

– Get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Emotional benefits:

– Make your kitchen a place where you want to spend time at again.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: Country-style

Country kitchen designs are most often decorated in a traditional kitchen style. The kitchen is typically updated with new kitchen appliances such as modern kitchen sinks and dishwashers. The kitchen is typically less formal and more casual than other kitchen styles. The kitchen offers an abundance of cabinetry that contains various kitchen essentials for example kitchen utensils, kitchen linens, kitchen appliances etc. This kitchen style can be easily identified by its rustic look with knotted pine floors, exposed light wood-en beams, open shelves above the stove. These country-style kitchens will fit into any budget.

Standard benefits:

– Get kitchen design ideas for your kitchen.

HDB kitchen interior designer to help you with your kitchen.

Emotional benefits:

– Make a country kitchen the heart of your home.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: High on Storage

We are well recognized for its infamous sizes in Singapore HDBs and condominiums. This is why storage in every area is so crucial. You have no lack of storage space here with a kitchen like this. Look at all the upper cabinets, drawers and lofts! In your kitchen, you may store the world while the shutters make sure the area is not bulky.

Standard benefits:

– This kitchen is a good space for kitchen design ideas.

– HDBs are an affordable option in Singapore.

Emotional benefits:

– You can finally be the kitchen goddess you’ve always wanted to be.

– You will be in kitchen heaven.

– This kitchen has more space and could be the kitchen of your dreams!

Social benefits:

– Be an inspiration to your friends as they admire your kitchen skills and kitchen design ideas.

Modern Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: Bright & Airy

A bright kitchen with light oak cabinets is a wonderful place to be. This kitchen not only has space for cooking and appliances but also offers plenty of storage. The island counter provides the perfect spot to get your work done while you enjoy natural and proper lighting from every angle. Sliding kitchen cabinets doors give you more kitchen space.

A bright kitchen with plenty of light from every angle is a dream kitchen for many people. This kitchen with a light oak cabinet allows the sun’s rays to come in through the window and mix with the overhead lights. The white kitchen walls make this kitchen look even brighter.

write a benefit about the content above standard benefits:

– New kitchen design ideas to try.

Emotional benefits:

– The bright and airy kitchen is perfect for cooking in the morning.

– Light oak cabinets are a favourite among many homeowners.

Galley Kitchen

This kitchen is for those who like to be surrounded by vibrant colors. There, the classic dark navy blue cabinets are adorned with striking flat gold handles and has EDL’s Fenix Laminate finish which makes it anti-bacterial fingerprint resistant as well as healing effects. The bright yellow backsplash breaks the monotony of the kitchen while also being an eye-catcher!

If you work a lot in your kitchen choose either U shaped or galley kitchens because they have more space than other layouts. If the kitchen design is smaller, try to use light brown cabinets, be sure to have a blind above the kitchen window and avoid wires or unnecessary items laying around.

Standard benefits:

– kitchen is best for those who work in the kitchen a lot.

Emotional benefits:

– kitchen has more space than other layouts.

– galley kitchens are eye-catching and have an airy feel to them.

Open-concept Kitchen

The kitchen is not a kitchen if it doesn’t have an open design. There are many kitchen design ideas which you may explore to get the kitchen that you desire.

Open-concept kitchen is the kitchen type wherein the kitchen and living room shares one common space. A kitchen with an open concept kitchen hdb promotes accessibility and equal use of space by both cooks and non-cooks in the household. It also encourages social interaction between family members when meal preparation, cooking, and dining occur simultaneously.

Standard benefits:

– kitchen becomes more inviting and social

– kitchen is easier to clean

Emotional benefits:

– kitchen feels like a home away from home.

Kitchen Ideas for Singapore: Modern Black matte and White

This kitchen interior design proves that a black and white theme can be just as exciting. Firstly, the black, white and green palette give this kitchen a nostalgic yet contemporary look. This is accented by the tiny black diamond floor tiles and the black-framed sliding door which replicates an old-world elegant feel contrasting perfectly with otherwise modern design themes showcased in clean lines of cabinets displaying lots of storage space to suit any family’s needs!

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is the kitchen wall behind a kitchen sink. It serves as a protective barrier around the kitchen sink and countertops and is often made of tile or stone.

What is the purpose of a kitchen backsplash?

Functional Kitchen backsplashes are great for most kitchens with children, dogs, or both, because they provide some cushion to any spills you get on your flooring.

– A backsplash can also improve kitchen design ideas by adding color to your kitchen’s appearance as well as improving cooking performance in front of an open stovetop by reducing splatter and steam from making it out into other areas of the kitchen.

– Consider painting your walls complementary colors that will blend well with what you would pick for cabinet hardware or paint colors on counters since it offers a nice look to kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Singapore: Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a huge work surface that can act as an eating space and kitchen, all in one. If you have a small kitchen, this spacious surface will save on space and time too. Kitchen islands also come in various shapes, like square or rounded.

Standard benefits:

– Save space.

– Enhance kitchen design and functionality.

– Provide an eating area for your kitchen.

Emotional benefits:

– Feel more confident cooking with family and friends around you.

– Make a kitchen that’s uniquely yours

Ready to start your kitchen design journey? Get in touch with our kitchen interior designer today and get started.

These are just some of the many ways you can create your dream kitchen without breaking the bank. Elpis kitchen designers will work closely with you to find solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle needs. If you’re looking for help designing your HDB kitchen, contact us today!

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