7 Things before Your Choose Renovation Packages

Renovating your home can be a daunting task. There are renovation packages to consider, renovation work you’re willing to dedicate time and energy towards, renovation team members such as architects and engineers you’ll need to hire–the list goes on.

If this is the first time renovating your home or if it has been years since the last renovation, there’s a lot of information out there that could easily overwhelm you. 

To make things easier for homeowners interested in renovation services but unsure where to start, Here is some essential advice from Elpis Interior Design:

Do I have the right skills or expertise for renovation work?

First thing to consider before renovation is whether you have the renovation skills or expertise to undertake renovation work. If renovation is not your cup of tea, say so and look for renovation services that are handled by renovation experts.

What renovations am I looking for?

Second renovation consideration is the renovation work that you want. Be specific in renovation requirements and renovation ideas to avoid renovation service providers that offer renovation packages that only approximate your renovation goals.

Ask renovation experts for renovation suggestions on what renovations are best suited to your home’s design and structure, unless you already know this yourself.

Do I have the right budget for my renovation project?

Renovation cost estimation is another major home renovation consideration before choosing renovation services. If not sure of renovation costs, ask renovation experts to help estimate these or simply consult with multiple renovation service providers for free consultation on possible renovations and corresponding costs.

Estimate not just complete renovation cost but also separate parts of the project like painting, air-conditioner installation, electrical rewiring

How much time can I afford to dedicate towards my renovation project?

Renovation work is very time consuming and can take months depending on the renovation package. Before signing renovation contracts, make sure to evaluate your renovation schedule and plan renovation work around time you can dedicate to renovation.

Renovation packages usually range from 1 – 4 weeks, 3 – 6 months and a year.

  • 1 month renovation packages 

are the most popular renovation service among homeowners because they allow homeowners enough time for renovation without having to take an indefinite leave from work. Renovations that require less than a month include renovation projects that involve minor renovation work such as repairing leaking roofs, painting rooms and fixing damaged furniture.

  • 3 months renovation packages 

are usually appropriate renovation services for homeowners who want to do extensive renovation work but can’t afford to take too much time off from work or school. Renovation projects requiring 3 months of renovation time involve complete renovation of kitchens, bathrooms and work on worn renovation structure such as renovation of sagging ceilings or renovation of peeling renovation.

  • 6 months renovation services

 are appropriate renovation packages for major renovation projects such as renovation or relocation to an entirely new home. Renovation works requiring 6 months renovation time include full renovation of homes including foundation structures, exterior façades and roofs renovation renovation.

  • Renovation services requiring a year of renovation work 

are only recommended for homeowners who want to relocate or can afford to take an indefinite leave from their renovation job.

Renovation projects with renovation time lasting over a renovation often require complete renovation of every renovation structure including living renovation, public renovation and kitchen renovation as well as exterior renovations such as tiles and windows renovation.

How much will the renovation cost?

You should always get at least three renovation quotes before finalizing a renovation package. If you hire a team, go with a team that has a good reputation and impeccable work history. 

At Elpis Interior Design, We have the experience and skills to handle renovation projects from beginning to end, so client’s don’t have to worry about hiring multiple teams.

Our personalized approach ensures clarity from concept through completion. We pride ourselves on being flexible in our services and adaptable for each client’s unique project needs.

Our professional interior design consultants will be happy to work with your budget limitations (whether they are fixed or fluid) and develop an effective plan of action for your home renovation package needs.

Am I committed enough to see the entire renovation process?

By hiring one team for all renovations made to your property, you may save on renovation costs. However, if there are specific things you want to focus on, you can hire different renovation experts for different tasks with no problem.

Your planner may ask you during consultation how much time and effort you are willing to commit in order to see the entire renovation process through until completion.

If your answer is negative or uncertain, it is best to choose one task at a time instead of hiring an all-inclusive team. This way, your planner will adapt your renovations accordingly with your schedule and budget specifications in accordance with your preferences.

Choose the Best Renovation Package  in Singapore?

Singapore has so many renovation packages available to homeowners, but at the same time it can be hard to know which is right for you. Luckily, Our company offers more than 10 renovation packages with varying budgets and time commitments.

If you’re looking for an affordable option that won’t take any initial investment aside (which is great if you don’t have any savings or assets), then consider our Service Budget Package that provides basic maintenance like caulking, light cleaning and thorough sweeping of bushes around your property in addition to minor plumbing fixes.

Homes in areas in Singapore without heavy foot traffic may want to consider the Basic Maintenance Package if they don’t care about congestion when performing basic upkeep tasks like window washing or rubbish disposal on weekends only.


Elpis Interior Design as a Interior Design & Renovation Services Company, We pride ourselves on being flexible in our services and adaptable for each client’s unique project needs. 

Take a Look on our Packages, Contact us for more information and detail on our packages!!

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