9 Stunning 3 Room BTO Kitchen Design Ideas

01 Apr 2022

It’s a lot of work to change your 3 Room BTO kitchen design. One of the many questions that will hound you is how do I approach your kitchen renovation. Is that going to be a lot of money? I have no idea how much I need to store. I wonder if my kitchen will be simple to maintain. Cut-out templates are rarely successful when they are based on the kitchen’s needs. It’s essential to figure out your needs to get the best out of your kitchen redesign.

One of the things that we can help you with is to decide whether you’re a “before or after” kind of person. Are you ready to inspire yourself? Some of our favorite BTO kitchen design ideas can be found here.

Use carpentry with hidden storage compartments

It would make your home look messier if you had things strewn about. This intelligent home in Bidadari has a bay window seat with hidden storage, a raised platform with a platform-to-ceiling wardrobe in the bedroom, and a hidden storage compartment in the bathroom.

Bright and functional kitchen design

The whole area will look better if there is a white kitchen. A white theme will make the small BTO kitchen appear more prominent and spacious. It is possible to add white cabinets with grey or beige backsplashes. The floor tiles can be either white or pastels. A white-themed kitchen requires more cleaning than other kitchens, but it presents itself beautifully.

Consider having a kitchen island

Adding a kitchen island adds style and elegance to your BTO kitchen. It is worth it, even if it will take more space. The island is excellent for sitting and dining. The shelves on the island could be used for storage. The countertop can be used in more than one way. If you have a more oversized kitchen, you can buy a large island and install the sink.

The larger the island, the more room you will have. The second island can either be used as a bedside table or a storage location. An island is a place that is used for recreational purposes. Those lucky enough to have an island will benefit the most from it. The BTO kitchen looks stylish and classy with this. A kitchen peninsula can be attached to a wall in a small 3 room BTO kitchen design. Kitchen stools can be used on their sides.

Put attention to your kitchen flooring

Your kitchen is an integral part of your home, your most crucial room for cooking and eating. If your kitchen is well-designed but not the floor, the room will look messy and unkempt. Tiling the foot in light colors will give it a fresh feel and also allow it to expand the space of the living room.

The essential room in your home is the kitchen. The room will look messy if the kitchen floor is not good. Tiling the foot in light colors will allow it to expand the space in the living room.

Scandinavian kitchen theme

This kitchen renovation idea is perfect for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen in a style that reflects their personality. Its was light-colored elements, simplicity, and room that is not cluttered are some of the design features of the Scandinavian country. If you want your home to look nice, your best bet is to have plain, white, painted shelves.

Open shelves can make the space messy. Minimum items are on the countertops if many of them are put in storage. Adding some color to the kitchen is possible. Light color elements could be offset by a dark color kitchen appliance or a dark color countertop.

Try light color for your 3 room BTO kitchen 

The beautiful design themes that are bound to catch the attention of anyone who enters your kitchen can be created with calm, deep, and serene colors. It does not feel like a burden to you when you enjoy the process of meal preparation and cooking with great colors.

Maximize your vertical space

Maximize vertical space in your kitchen to make it look larger. There are full-length washer/dryers. The top part is a cabinet, and the base part is a shelf. The kitchen appliances can be put on the cabinets’ vertical shelves. The following renovation was done by us. The BTO kitchen looks spacious even though it is functional.

A semi-open space 3 room BTO kitchen

Would you like to join the conversation in the kitchen?

This semi-open kitchen is perfect for your 3 room BTO kitchen design if you want to entertain guests while cooking up delicious dishes. You must have a fully open layout if you want to achieve all of this however it is different from 3 room BTO open concept kitchen. The person who will win the best host of the year is the person who’s been hosting their own shows for years.

  • It makes it possible for you to have a free workspace
  • BTO kitchen ideas such as the above glass partition make for a fun way to experiment with the style
  • Forget about doors that are bulky

L-shaped 3 room BTO renovation design for your kitchen

Many people don’t have the time to make elaborate dishes in their kitchens. We have the perfect option for your kitchen! A one-wall BTO home. Using a kitchen island to store kitchen equipment and foodstuffs is important. Kitchen Ideas that are inspired by the L-shape style are BTO kitchen ideas.

Get your great 3 room BTO HDB kitchen with Elpis Interior

Creating and choosing the best 3 room BTO kitchen design that matches perfectly with your style and the size of your space can sometimes be tricky. Elpis interior is the solution for you.

We are a team of passionate and experienced interior designers. Established in 2014, our own studio is located at 4A Pahang Street. We have always committed to building long-lasting relationships with homeowners by simply delivering the best for them. One of the biggest successes for Elpis Interior had always been the return/referral clients who always entrusted their homes with us. We wouldn’t be who we are today without their strong support throughout the years.

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