Small Kitchen Design Ideas For Singapore Food Lovers!

If you live in small apartment or small house, it can be hard to find small kitchen design ideas that work for your space. There are so many small kitchen design ideas out there, but most of them seem like they’re designed for people with a lot more room than we have.

We’ve found some small kitchen designs that will fit perfectly into any small space and still give you the cooking experience you want. Check out these 7 great small kitchens!

How small kitchens can be functional and stylish

A small kitchen is a small space that can cause a lot of frustration. It can be hard to move around in small areas, but there are some small kitchens that make navigating around them much easier. The key to designing a small kitchen is not to give up on all the cooking and cleaning functions. There are small kitchens that have been designed with an innovative lay out which saves on space and gives you more cabinet space for storing your appliances. The small kitchen design Singapore has also developed new furniture and kitchen designs which save on space and still give you the cooking functionalities you need.

Small kitchens are small spaces that need to be finely designed for maximum effectiveness. You don’t want to find yourself struggling with your small kitchen space. Keep reading to find out how small kitchens can be functional and stylish!

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. That small, enclosed space where you’re standing in front of a fridge, stove, sink and cupboards all at the same time with barely any room to move around. I know the feeling too well, which is why I’m here to talk about small kitchen design today. Read on for tips on how you can make your small kitchen work better for you!

Tips for small kitchen design in Singapore

It is important to think of the small kitchen design in Singapore as not just a small space for cooking, but as another functional part of the house. Here are some tips and design ideas that will help you get started:

1.Pull out your pans

This clever pullout eliminates the need for messy pot stacks on. open shelves. Pan drawers can be used to organize small items, too.

2.The right vent hood

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air that a vent hood can suck from a room is measured. While the formulas for calculating how much power you’ll require differ, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals. 

It’s pointless to buy a hood that’s larger than your range. It won’t suck any more smoke out, and it won’t look good either.

Gas ranges generate more heat than electric ranges, necessitating the use of more powerful vent hoods. 

Increasing the CFMs isn’t always a good thing. A 1,000-CFM vent hood, for example, will suck the air from a 10-by-10-by-10 room in about a minute and then lose suction unless you have an HVAC system or an open window. So, when the time comes to buy, keep your room dimensions handy to show the vendor.

3.Proper knife storage

If you enjoy cooking, chances are you’ve spent a lot of money on at least one good kitchen knife. However, allowing it to rattle around in a cutlery drawer will dull and damage the blade – as well as pose a serious threat to your fingers. 

Kitchen knives should be stored separately and organized, with their blades horizontally oriented so the knife never rests on its blade. 

While my knives are currently stored in the block that they came in, I intend to take over a seldom-used drawer and add a knife block similar to this one.

4.Create extra prep space

This small kitchen desperately needed more prep space. The solution: a custom rolling cutting board and a base cabinet that can be pulled out if the sous-chef requires more elbow room.

5.Make your faucet a soaker

Changing your sink faucet to a soaker will allow you to fill up pots and pans with water as opposed to constantly running the tap as you wait for the pot or pan to fill up. This is good for those who like to wash their dishes by hand.

It also reduces the amount of wasted water if you have a small family.

A soaker faucet only uses small amounts of water which is good for small areas that have small kitchens and small families. A small kitchen design singapore may not be able to use a lot of water at once without wasting it because of a small sink or small family.

The small kitchen design singapore is a small sink that isn’t going to be able to use a lot of water at once without wasting it. A small family can benefit from small amounts of water that are used with the small kitchen design singapore because they use small amounts of water.

6.Cooking utensils should be kept off the counter.

Keeping spatulas and whisks in a countertop jar makes it easier to store these oddly shaped utensils, but it also creates clutter. To keep utensils close at hand, consider replacing a narrow cabinet near your stove with a custom pullout.

7.Consider a dishwasher with a utensil drawer

When I entertain, the last thing I want to do is disturb my guests with the clatter of hand washing dishes, but I also don’t want to wake up to a mess. 

It was critical for me to select a dishwasher that could comfortably handle a heavy load. The model I chose has a narrow utensil drawer that slides out above the top rack, making room below for large pots and dish stacks. A year later, I can confidently say that this was one of the best decisions we ever made.

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