5 Bedroom Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid in Singapore

As many experienced homeowners will tell you, remodelling is known as a long process. It is due to the process involving costs, personal style, aspirations, and future needs, including a bedroom renovation that may seem simple. Thus, you need to know some of the bedroom remodelling mistakes you might make and suggest bedroom renovation Singapore as the option. 

Using A Lot of Furniture 

One of the mistakes that many people usually make is using too much furniture in the small bedroom. Putting a dressing table, bed, bedside table, wardrobe, large study table, and chairs makes your space feel full and crowded. As a result, your bedroom gives the impression of being messy and untidy at the same time.

Don’t buy all of the furniture at once. Get the biggest items first in the bedroom you have and think about bedroom renovation cost Singapore. For instance, use the bed and wardrobe first, and get more furniture later after. In addition, you can get a better idea by having multifunctional furniture. In this case, you can save your money and the space in your bedroom area. 

If you have a small house and the space you have is also limited, then there are other ways you can apply. You can create a smoother, neater look by getting custom bedroom furniture. It creates less visual clutter for bedroom renovation Singapore and is an excellent way to take full advantage of storage and functionality in a bedroom.

Placing Big Mattresses

Many people often choose a mattress size based on comfort. That is why people choose a king bed as the option. This bed provides comfort for its users. However, the use of a king mattress will have a less than good effect on the room. If you don’t have enough space in the bedroom, it will make the bedroom small and cramped.

Make sure there is enough walking space around the bed and how you can also get up and out of bed comfortably. A recommendation of renovation Singapore bedroom set aside at least 60 cm of free space and walking space. Don’t also forget to consider your bed frame and headboard when taking measurements before remodelling your bedroom.

Harsh and Cold Lighting

The bedroom is a quiet space to rest after doing daily activities. Never have harsh, cold lighting in the bedroom renovation Singapore. Use lamps that give off a soft, warm light. In addition, make sure the colour temperature is warm as a night light. That is why use a bulb with a colour temperature of 2700K and below or use a lamp case.

Also, avoid giving lights that are limited to only the main lights. Plan your lighting model—provide headlights, lights for specific tasks like reading or dressing up, and lights for ambience. This method allows you to use different lights for different activities and settings. Indirect lighting is best for a good bed placed on the side as bedroom renovation ideas Singapore. 

Ignoring Window Designs and Other Elements

Window furniture such as shades, curtains, or blinds should not be forgotten when renovating a room. They not only complete the look but also affect the functionality of the space when you try bedroom renovation Singapore. Especially for those who are worried about privacy at home – for example, a window overlooking a neighbouring flat block, etc.

For these reasons, invest in window treatments that allow you to have some privacy without sacrificing good lighting. Day and night curtains or a combination can be the best choice. It will give you enough flexibility if you use the bedroom as a workspace. If you work late shifts and need to sleep during the day, you can modify the Singapore bedroom design to your needs.

Not Making a Good Bedroom Storage Plan

Don’t just consider clothes storage planning. Think about other items that you will store, such as storing sheets, fashion accessories, makeup, and storage for documents, files, or stationery for room renovation. If you don’t want special storage areas throughout the bedroom renovation Singapore, then get custom or multipurpose furniture.

Whether it’s a space planning issue, furniture placement, or a renovation cost Singapore issue, fix the mistake right away. Cautious planning will give the best results in bedroom remodelling. Make sure the renovation works well and doesn’t bring any lifestyle inconveniences. If necessary, use the services of an interior designer who can serve you well.

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