Finding the Best Award Winning Interior Design Firms in Singapore

18 Nov 2022

Interior designers are often considered to be among the most important professionals when it comes to making your house look its best. But, while most of us understand that we need an interior designer when it comes to creating our dream home, many of us are not quite sure what an interior designer actually does. In fact, there are many misconceptions about the role of an interior designer, but it is important to know what an interior designer does in order to find a good award winning interior design firms singapore that you can count on.

Which company is best for interior designing?

Get to know your interior design budget

You know your budget is very tight and you want your designer to come up with creative cost solutions for you. Secondhand shopping and up-cycling are good ideas for making money on the side.  

You have a very limited budget for interior renovation, so it’s going to be challenging to make everything perfect. Your designer will be able to help you spend and save money on a budget. 

It’s your choice whether you want to make all the changes or just some. A designer who knows what they’re doing You may not know much about design, but your designer is an expert. They’ll do the research and planning for you. They’ll show you what your space could look like in a different color, pattern, or style. You can always change things up at a later date if you don’t like them.

You have a budget and want to make sure the project is completed to a high standard that you will enjoy for many years to come. This will help you maximize your home renovation result.

If you’re planning on renovating a room in your home, it may be more cost-effective to start with a small project such as painting or wallpapering a section of your kitchen or bathroom. Small projects are easier to finish and can be completed at any time without disrupting your lifestyle. Check the weather before you start. Renovating during the winter months means there will be more chance of moisture problems. You should keep the heat on while working, which can cause condensation.

Being mindful when looking for interior designers to help you redo or remodel your home can help knowing how to choose the best interior design company. It doesn’t matter what bracket you place them in. Look through their past projects to see which one you think would be the best option for you. You’ll want to hire a designer who works with your budget to ensure that your project gets done as promised.

Interior designer’s expertise

Most interior design firms in Singapore specialize in one type of design. Some people like to do a design with a touch of industrial. Some people like to work with residential customers, while others prefer retail work.

Kitchen space planning, wardrobe planning, or texture coordination are some of the specialties of a designer. Pick out which aspects of home design you need the most help with, and then hire a designer who is strong in those areas. Most designers prefer one or two design styles because they are more flexible with different design concepts.

The best designers are always looking to create more original, quality work. So, check out their portfolio and see what they’ve created. The present invention relates to apparatus for sensing and responding to events that indicate that a container has been tampered with or damaged. If they tend to go more Scandinavian styles, it may be best to avoid asking them to design a concept that’s vastly different from their style.

Interior designer style

How to choose an interior designer for your home interior design renovation? A good interior designer can adapt to the style and brief given by a client. However, choosing one who makes you think, “I’d love to live there” is probably a better choice. If you have this natural style affinity, your work will go much smoother. It will also save you a lot of time, as the designer has already done this kind of work in the past.

If you are not sure what type of home design you like, ask yourself these questions: Do you enjoy living in a quiet environment? Do you like the idea of having a large, open space where you can entertain guests? Does it feel right when you walk into a room that feels empty, even though there are lots of beautiful objects there? If you are not sure, then it is best to have a professional help you decide and discuss your style with the interior designer.

Interior designers background

Some interior design companies have their own manufacturing facilities while others subcontract the production of their furniture. It is always preferable to go with a company that employs its own employees and manufactures products in-house rather than outsourcing.

When responsibilities change, the contractor is the one left holding the bag. It is challenging for design businesses to assure their clients of the quality of the job. They must ensure that the client employs a candidate who is qualified to complete the assignment successfully. It’s possible for subcontractors to “cut corners.”

Renovation timeline

Find out the project’s timeline to begin with. Of course, unexpected problems and delays are possible. But a trustworthy interior design company will always make an effort to be reasonable with its schedule. The business should email you to let you know what’s going on when issues or delays arise. It is your responsibility to inform anyone else who might be impacted by the delay. A corporation is more likely to honor its obligations if it has a strong track record of meeting customer deadlines and having good communication.

Payment inquiries

There are many ways that the company handles payment. You could consider making a deposit or installment plan to buy your dream home. While some companies include a line item for everything in the bill, others use a flat fee system. Trust a firm that doesn’t ask for a down payment, or promises to waive all of the extra fees. Those could be signs of a shady company or one that is running out of funds and clients.

Look at the testimonials You can read reviews on websites to get a feel for what other clients have said about the company. Also, read the terms of the agreement. If the company will take a payment plan or offer discounts, you’ll want to know before you sign on the dotted line. Get references This should be done with any company you hire to do any work. Get references from the previous client and call them to verify their experience with the company.

Warranty or insurance

Some interior design firms offer warranties for their work. These warranties can be a crowd pleaser, despite the fact that they might initially seem comforting. Always make sure to enquire about the specific terms and conditions of the guarantees, the organization that audits them, and the scope of coverage. Make sure you keep a copy of every contract you sign so you won’t be left wondering what was actually promised to you.

Accredited interior designer

The reputation and clientele of an interior designer are sometimes influenced by their capacity to complete projects with a CaseTrust or RCMA certification. The CaseTrust certification indicates that the business upholds ethical standards and good sales procedures.

Only certified companies can join the CaseTrust network. To become certified, companies must first complete a rigorous self-assessment and earn a certificate of compliance. Besides these regular checks, the company has a well-developed redress system.

RCMA-listed businesses protect customer deposits from being lost by having them protected in bond schemes. There are many different certifications, including ones that signify the quality of a service or product. An ISO certificate is one of the most recognized ways of choosing an interior designer in Singapore.

How much do interior designers earn in Singapore?

There are many various interior design projects in Singapore. Others offer packages like HDB BTO or resale packages in place of some IDs who offer to tailor the strategy to each unit. Project management, masonry, plumbing, ceiling and carpentry work, design advice, space planning, and other ad hoc chores like painting and cleaning are frequently included in these packages.

Prices vary depending on the package, which may include labor and material costs as well as the area of the house being restored. For instance, there are design packages for bathrooms or kitchens that cost between SGD6,000 and SGD20,000. 

This difference between interior design and decorating, so be sure to do your homework, including reading reviews and asking prior clients about the company you’ll be working with. The typical price range for interior design packages in Singapore for particular projects is as follows:


Type of Housing Estimated Cost
3-room BTO SGD25,000 to SGD45,000
4-room BTO  SGD33,000 to SGD58,000
5-room BTO  SGD38,000 to SGD65,000
3-room resale  SGD30,000 to SGD65,000
4-room resale SGD38,000 to SGD73,000
5-room resale SGD50,000 to SGD82,000
Condominium (according to size) SGD40,000 to SGD120,000


Interior designers often spring to mind when you are considering various styles and designs. The general categories into which house design can be divided are as follows:


Cost: $50 per foot

Do you want a room combination or an open concept? The floor plan you’ve always desired can be achieved by tearing down walls. Remember to confirm that changing the floor plan is permitted before hiring a contractor to knock down the wall because some walls are essential to the building’s structural integrity.


Cost: $350-$500 per room

Look at the ingredients in the paint before selecting one that is right for you. Heavy metals and organic solvents should be avoided as they release substances that are toxic to people. Choose water-based paints or those with the Singapore Green Building Label because they are less damaging to your health. Following your quality tests, you typically have a choice between three broad types of paint: odorless, waterproof, and mozzie guard.


Any woven fabric or cloth is referred to as a textile. Interior textiles include things like wall coverings, rugs, tablecloths, and bed linens. Due to its great variation, its price is typically in the same ballpark. We are confident that you will find one that both fits your budget and your style if you take a closer look at them beforehand.

Flooring & Tiling

Cost: $3-$20 per square foot

Flooring in Singapore typically comes in six different varieties: vinyl, laminate, tiles, cement screed, hardwood, and marble. Consider which style is better appropriate for your current scenario because each has advantages and disadvantages. They are arranged from least expensive to most expensive, with vinyl being the most reasonably priced.


Cost: $270 to $600 per kitchen or bathroom

Your kitchen or bathroom’s appearance and atmosphere might be changed by replacing a sink or faucet. You can easily speak to toilet installation firms on Homes because there are so many brands and alternatives accessible in Singapore.


Cost: S$50 to S$150 per piece

Knowing what to do in that situation is crucial if you want to avoid having to deal with calling an electrician. It is highly advised that you hire qualified electricians in Singapore for the majority of electrical-related jobs in order to prevent any potential accidents, fires, and in the worst-case scenario, fatalities. Electrical expenses and everything you should know before hiring an electrician are covered in the electrical cost guide.


A new light fixture installation is a great method to update the appearance of your home. Although there are a few things that could make the labor cost go up, this is one of the rare electrical jobs where the material cost might be higher than the labor cost.


The mood and atmosphere of any room are greatly influenced by the furniture you have in it. You will be astonished by the results if you make an effort to select furniture items that complement the theme of your home. When you no longer like your old furniture, do not just toss it away. Consider refinishing or fixing these worn-out pieces of furniture to give them a fresh look while also saving money in the process.

The Average Interior Design Fee

A design fee functions as a service charge for the time and effort the interior designer invested in planning and designing the arrangement of your home. It can be in the form of a pre-set rate, an hourly rate, a flat rate, or a percentage of the project. Having said that, if the company requests a deposit of more than 20% to 30%, requests payment in cash, or requests that you make checks payable to someone other than the interior design firm you are hiring, this may be a clue that they are phony.

The design expenses will also be impacted by the floor area, labor, materials, and other incidentals. For either a HDB or a condominium, general design fees would range from about SGD1,500 to SGD6,000. You could wish to request free interior design consultations so you can assess their skills before choosing to hire them. The cost of Singapore home design varies depending on the company. The charge increases with the level of experience of the designers.

Award winning interior design firms Singapore

Elpis Interior Design was established in Singapore in 2014 by a group of energetic young people with the goal of producing breathtaking interior designs and finishes. The group of young interior designers from various backgrounds joined forces out of a desire to succeed and started working on residential projects, applying their knowledge and skills to achieve new design heights. As more like-minded people joined the organization over time, the team grew larger and stronger.

Elpis’ designers are always experimenting with new materials, design possibilities, and distinctive finishes to produce more innovative designs that can help the local design community and, at the same time, have a positive impact on the creativity and thinking of many more like-minded people. Currently, Elpis wants to develop and present more original design ideas while also inspiring the next generation of designers with a positive attitude toward continuous innovation and exploration. The business is confident that its course will serve to inspire more people and improve the quality of regional interior design scenes.

Elpis Interior

We make use of 3D rendering and animation

Elpis Interior in 4A Pahang St, Singapore 198605 offers full service, providing complete interior design from concept to completion. We work with clients in any stages, and have provided services to private and commercial sectors. At Elpis Interior we’re all about helping you visualize your space before it’s built, saving you money and time. We make use of 3D rendering and animation to show you exactly how your space will look, before it’s even built. Get your real renovation plan with our animation and 3D visualization by contacting us here.

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