The Light Bedroom: A Modern Way To Sleep In Your Bedroom

08 Jun 2022

A modern bedroom is not always a big, open space. Some bedrooms are small, tight spaces. For these rooms, using the right lighting is essential. But, when choosing the perfect bedside lighting system, you have to keep a few things in mind. The Light Bedroom is a modern bedroom concept. Instead of having to spend your evenings with the bright lights shining in your eyes, you can rest peacefully and enjoy the gentle light from the bedside lamps.

The Basic Guide Bedroom Lighting 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to bring attention to and emphasize specific items in a room, such as artwork. Accent lighting may operate as a reduced form of ambient lighting in the bedroom, emitting a lovely glow and creating a warm ambiance. Recessed lighting, wall sconces, tape lights, and creative reuse of older fixtures are just a few possibilities to include this element in your bedroom’s lighting design.

Task Lighting

Consider stacking task lights on top of your regular illumination if you plan to undertake things that demand a bit more attention, such as reading, working, or applying cosmetics. The standard desk task lamp does not have to be the only source of focused task illumination. Consider using bedside table lamps, low hanging pendants on both sides of the bed, sconces, wall mounted task lights on either side of a headboard, or other directed lighting above it. 

In this respect, the bedroom work light may take on almost any shape as long as it provides enough light for continuous focus. A task light’s utility is also found inside its bulb, in addition to its design and position.

Layering The Lights In Your Bedroom

The key to getting the optimum lighting in your bedroom is to understand how to stack your lights. Finding the perfect blend of ambient, job, and accent lighting is essential. You’ll be able to produce illumination for every mood and activity with the flip of a switch after you’ve achieved this equilibrium.

Ambient Lighting

You’ll want to overlay different types of lighting based on what you want to accomplish in your bedroom on a daily basis, from general to particular. Begin by laying a lighting foundation with ambient lighting, often known as general lighting. Natural light from wide windows or skylights, as well as artificial illumination, give adequate lighting for common duties such as cleaning, folding clothing, and making the bed.

Selecting the Correct Bulb


The use of light hue can help to assist specific tasks. To begin, consider the type of bulb: incandescent/halogen lights provide a gentle white glow, CFLs disperse a lot of blue, and LEDs may cover the whole color temperature spectrum. 

Because white and blue light colors have been found to improve alertness, task or directed lighting with these colours is best employed to encourage focused activity. Blue and white lights boost alertness and, as a result, decrease melatonin synthesis, making them unsuitable for winding down and relaxing in the bedroom after a long day. Lighting that emits warmer hues, on the other hand, has no effect on melatonin generation. As a result, the optimal lighting for a bedroom is warmer lighting. 


It’s also crucial to think about the sort of bulb you’ll use for each fixture as you stack your bedroom lighting. Depending on the strength of the bulb’s brightness and the color it emanates, it has the ability to influence how you operate during and after a specific activity. But, before you go out looking at just any old bulb, you’ll need to find out what amount of brightness, or lumens, you want. While the recommended lumens for the bedroom range from 2,000 to 3,500, this is a personal choice that varies depending on the sort of atmosphere you want in your room.

After you’ve decided on a bulb’s maximum lumen output, you’ll want to see if the bulb you desire is dimmable. CFLs, like some low-voltage LEDs, are difficult to dim using a normal dimmer. For smooth, flicker- and buzz-free operation, specific dimmers will be required in certain circumstances.

Tips Bedroom Lighting Design

  • It’s really handy to get dressed with the inside of your wardrobe lighted. 
  • Wall lights or bedside lamps that are the same or similar provide symmetry and enhance the light at your bed. 
  • Colored light may be utilized to alter the environment. With over 16 million colors to choose from, Philips Hue can transform your everyday illumination into an amazing experience. 
  • Floor or table lights can be used to complement paintings, pictures, or furniture. Our dimmable WarmGlow bulbs create a comfortable glow, regardless of how bright you want them to shine. The more you lower, the warmer the light becomes. 
  • Dimmable luminaires and mood lights allow you to create the ideal environment at any time of day. You may pick from three different lighting settings with SceneSwitch – no dimmer or installation required.

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