The Ultimate Guides to Choosing Sliding Doors in Singapore

02 Feb 2022

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on the sliding doors game, you’ve probably been confused by the plethora of different places that you have to go and find. So you get to the point where you start to wonder, “What am I doing wrong?” And then you start to feel very down. Then, you might need a sliding door. Here, we have compiled the ultimate guides to choosing sliding doors Singapore.

What is a sliding door?

Sliding doors are one of the most popular types of doors for use in patios, kitchens, and bathrooms. They are not only space-saving but also environmentally friendly and let in more natural light. As the name suggests, they are horizontal sliding doors.

If you are considering a sliding door installation, you may want to look into the sliding door options available. Some models make itself “disappear” in a wall when opened.

The benefits of using a sliding door

Enhanced Traffic Flow

Full sliding doors to one or both sides and have a large opening that can be easily customized. The number of panels and width of opening can be customized as well. For large entry ways, multiple sliding doors can slide fully to either end to give maximum light and great views.


Safety is a major concern when you have young kids or pets at home. If you want a safety-rated door, choose a sliding door for your home. This type of door is ideal for keeping young kids or pets in or out of the kitchen sliding door Singapore, or for making the room more child-friendly.


Sliding doors are designed to keep people out. When locked, they’re not easily opened. Their interlocking tracks on which the glass door slides through means that they cannot be removed from the outside.

Space Saving

Sliding doors are compact and have an area of 100-150mm, depending on the number of tracks chosen. This avoids the issue most entry doors face when they swing inwards or outwards.

How does sliding doors work?

Sliding doors HDB have two basic types: traditional and automatic. The most significant difference between automatic sliding and traditional is the way the former devices function. They employ a smart optical sensor mounted over or integrated within the frame. The sensors control a clutch mechanism that tells the auxiliary drive or cogwheels to open or close it.

A surprising number of automatic garage doors can be used in both commercial and residential settings. The versatility makes them an ideal solution for both commercial buildings and homes.

Sliding doors materials


You may have a wonderful reason to choose wood. Wood is beautiful, warm and has a distinctive appeal. If you want a warm and natural look for your interior and exterior, you may have a great reason.

However, it’s important to be aware that wood needs to be regularly maintained and cared for. In addition, it is susceptible to moisture, sunlight, and heat exposure. Over time, it will warp and fade.


You can use steel to withstand the various weather conditions. However, you will have to sacrifice your looks. With this efficient, low-cost alternative to wood, you’ll save money, not to mention the time it takes to cut, sand, and stain your furniture. However, don’t put it in a damp or wet area, as it may start the process of rusting.

The next choice is to go with a metal door that has a wood interior. The best metal doors for wood interiors are the ones with an interior of steel. They have the best insulation and sound proofing of all the metal doors.


Aluminum door Singapore is very durable, so it’s an ideal material for sliding doors. They’re also very easy to install. You’ll have fewer moving parts, which means you’ll save money.

Another advantage is that aluminium is more flexible and can be bent more easily than the stainless steel. The drawback is that aluminium is more prone to scratching and denting, which can cause some unwanted problems.

PVCu is cheaper than aluminium, and it is also more versatile, so you can make use of it in many different ways. But if you want to have a sleek, sleeker and more visually appealing appearance, aluminium will be the way to go.


You can get the same look with less effort by using vinyl instead of wood. This material is durable, easy to work with and can be installed by a homeowner or contractor. The only downside is that it is vulnerable to extreme temperature shifts.


Fibreglass can easily be combined with aluminium frames for maximum natural light. Moreover, fibreglass can easily mimic wood without inheriting its flaws. Now you can safely pick the best material for your shower stall – you’ll have a warp, rot, and deterioration-free experience. 

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the best material for the improved version of sliding glass door Singapore. This type of transparent material is much more robust than its predecessor, thanks to the chemical or physical methods used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. This feature makes for a safe solution for regular use.

The benefits of tempered glass doors are so numerous that you should definitely check them out before you buy a new one. Most modern glass features some types of tempered glass, but it’ll be a good idea to make sure for yourself before buying a new sliding door. 


PVC is the first choice when you want a non-recyclable and cheap material. However, if you want something that is hard and durable, you should go for uPVC. It is much stronger than PVC and is much more similar to aluminium in terms of strength and appeal.

The advantages of installing uPVC include the fact that it requires no ongoing maintenance, it has a better insulation factor, and it’s better at preserving the temperature inside. This means that installing it may reduce your overall heating costs.

10 best sliding doors in Singapore

  • HDDoor
  • Ho Ho Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Doors Singapore
  • Grilles & Glass
  • Solid Door Construction
  • Green Place
  • Laminate Door
  • Yontat
  • Handyman King

Sliding doors are the best choice of doors for your home and office. The reason why it’s the best is because they are not only cost effective but also provides great functionality in your home or office. There are many types of sliding doors available in the market today. Knowing which one you need and how it can work best for you can help you choose the right one for your home.

As the best interior design agency, Elpis provides you with the best option for sliding doors that match perfectly with your house concept and taste. Look no further, our experienced and professional employee will create the best experience when it comes to choosing the best sliding doors for you. Feel free to look into our website for more information!

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