04 Jan 2022

Wardrobe design trends have changed over the years. No longer do people rely on a wardrobe to store their clothes, as wardrobes are now considered a design element for the bedroom. Wardrobe designs come in all shapes and sizes, from luxurious walk-in closets to simple wardrobe systems that can be mounted onto a wall. The wardrobe designs that will transform your bedroom can be found right here!

1. Sliding Wardrobe

Most people are looking for something completely new and different to do with their bedrooms that is completely different from previous decor. In these cases, you should be aware that a sliding wardrobe can significantly improve the look of your bedroom. Sliding or fitted wardrobes can be built into the room’s walls. This means they are truly a part of the room and home. Even if they are thinking about moving, many people will not want to change their living situation. As a result, when it comes to redecorating, this is far more advantageous because no moving or layout changes are required. This will give you complete peace of mind knowing that your wardrobe has been constructed with a tight and sturdy structure.

2. Adjust the wardrobe size to the size of the bedroom

Because of the limited size of the bedroom, the wardrobe selection must be carefully considered. Your space will still appear spacious and comfortable if you make the right choice. Wardrobes in a minimalist and simple style will look appropriate in your small room. However, you must continue to maximize its function as a good storage space.

3. Adapt the wardrobe to the shape of the bedroom’s walls.

You don’t need to be concerned if you have a bedroom in the attic. Even so, you can make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. You can select a modular wardrobe that can be adjusted to fit the shape of the attic wall. Adjust your wardrobe to your needs as well to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

4. Luxurious walk-in closets

Open closets have become the norm in many European countries. The trend has finally crossed the Atlantic, and people in the United States are enjoying the idea of a closet without doors. Open closets are designed to replace doors (and sometimes even walls) with a well-organized system of built-in shelves, doors, baskets, and drawers.

If you prefer your wardrobe to be open, without doors, and in disarray, walk-in closets are ideal. It provides you with the most opulent option for optimizing storage capacity and space. Our walk-in closets maximize the space in your room while also displaying your style and personality. Wardrobes are available in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors. From glitzy high-gloss coatings to sleek matte finishes, we have it all.

5. Wall Mounted Wardrobe

We recommend wall-mounted Wardrobes if you have a modern style and want to style your home. They are attached to the wall and take up less space. This wardrobe effectively kills two birds with one stone! It takes up no space and looks elegant as well.


Wardrobes are no longer just storage compartments in your bedroom. Today, wardrobe design trends have shifted to make wardrobes a central element of the room’s decoration. The wardrobe that will transform your bedroom can be found right here! From sliding wardrobe systems to open walk-in closets and wall mounted wardrobe designs, there is something for everyone with these five wardrobe selections. Now you know what type of wardrobe is best suited for your needs when it comes to transforming your space into an inviting haven or designing a large bedroom without sacrificing style or function.

Are you looking advise for a refreshing bedroom design? Elpisinterior can provide you with all the wardrobes that’ll fit your needs. Let’s do it now!

03 Jan 2022

When it comes to wardrobes, most people are stuck with the clothes they already have. Finding wardrobes that fit your style and budget can be a frustrating experience. But what if you could design your wardrobe without limits? What if you could create wardrobes that were perfect for any occasion?

The Wardrobe Without Doors is the answer to this problem. The Wardrobe Without Doors is a virtual dressing room where you can design wardrobes from scratch and see how different outfits look on your body. You’ll never be bored with your closet again!

The pros and cons of wardrobe doors

While the decision to have doors is often based on personal preference, it may also be influenced by budget, space, and style. Cabinet doors are a plus if that’s the look you’re going for. They’re useful for keeping dust off clothes that are rarely worn, such as formal attire. The one advantage of having doors is that you can hide any unwanted mess, but I would never condone that. 

However, closet doors increase the overall cost by at least doubling and become inconvenient in a small space because they effectively become an obstacle. This will frequently result in the installation of doors in only one section to reap the benefits of both having them and not having them. 

It feels more luxurious to leave a wardrobe open without doors, especially if you have high-end finishes and joinery. Display it, but keep it organized.

Wardrobe without doors make life more comfortable

What if wardrobes without doors could make life less complicated? Modern wardrobes come with many features and can be expensive. One of the features is to have a door, which often gets in the way. There also typically isn’t enough space for a wardrobe door to open sufficiently, meaning that wardrobles must be placed carefully.

Roving wardrobes are a type of wardobe design that do not come with a door, but they’re typically built to maximize space. This is because wardrobes cannot be opened from both sides to maximize access. Since wardrobes cannot open from both sides, there is no need for a door on one side because you can just walk around or step over the doorsill.

Wardrobes without doors are typically built in a standing position. This may mean that wardrobes are better suited for use in other parts of your home, such as the basement or attic. However, wardrobes have been used for various purposes throughout history and wardrobes without doors can still be stylish while being functional.

Another disadvantage to wardrobes without doors is that they can be difficult to clean. Dust and other small particles may accumulate in the crevices, making it tough to clean thoroughly. If you’re considering a wardrobe without doors, make sure to factor in the extra cleaning time and effort needed to keep it looking nice.

Meanwhile, Wardrobes without doors are becoming more popular because wardrobes with doors can be a hassle. It’s always nice to have wardrobe options.

Benefit wardrobe without doors


The most obvious reason to consider a wardrobe without a door is the functionality and practicality it adds to your lifestyle. When you install a walk-in, you’ll almost always have the option of including luxurious extras like dressing and laundry rooms.

If that’s a little too functional for you, you could turn the area into a glamorous dressing or makeup area, complete with full-length mirrors and ambient lighting. These additions can really add some indulgence to your lifestyle, but they can also help improve the market attractiveness of your home if you plan on selling, renting, or refinancing in the future.

Save your money

One of the more surprising advantages of choosing a wardrobe without a door is that it is sometimes less expensive than installing a standard wardrobe. It may seem counterintuitive, but depending on the configuration, designing a wardrobe to fit your space may be less expensive. This is primarily due to the omission of the additional cost of doors, which can be surprisingly expensive with their finishes, mirrors, and handles. 

Because wardrobes can often be built into unused or underutilized spaces in your home (such as under stairs), they require less structural work to install. To incorporate a built-in where there isn’t one, you’ll need to do a lot of structural work, but it won’t take as much time or money to tap into existing alcoves or dead space that’s hiding just behind the plasterboard.

Make your home attractive

Wardrobes without doors are in high demand, particularly in new homes, because they are more luxurious, practical, and functional than built-ins or standard freestanding wardrobes. If you’re renovating or building, a walk-in closet is a must, just like your ensuite. If you’re thinking about selling, a well-designed closet will increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers. 

Spending a little more on a wardrobe without a door in your master suite will add value to your home design if you use up some difficult but usable space for a small closet. Whatever you intend to do with your home, stuffing your expensive clothes and accessories into a smelly old wardrobe that is bursting at the seams is not a way to live.

Looking for whole renovation including wardrobe design advise? Elpisinterior is the answer. We will help you save money with our experience and skill that has helped many others like you to get wardrobes they love.

At Elpisinterior, we have plenty of experiences that will allow you to completely transform your style. Whether you’re into high-end designer wardobes or vintage finds, our team has got you covered.

Ask Elpisinterior for wardobe design advice and they’ll show you how to decorate your wardobe affordably while still satisfying your interests.

As many experienced homeowners will tell you, remodelling is known as a long process. It is due to the process involving costs, personal style, aspirations, and future needs, including a bedroom renovation that may seem simple. Thus, you need to know some of the bedroom remodelling mistakes you might make and suggest bedroom renovation Singapore as the option. 

Using A Lot of Furniture 

One of the mistakes that many people usually make is using too much furniture in the bedroom. Putting a dressing table, bed, bedside table, wardrobe, large study table, and chairs makes your space feel full and crowded. As a result, your bedroom gives the impression of being messy and untidy at the same time.

Don’t buy all of the furniture at once. Get the biggest items first in the bedroom you have and think about bedroom renovation cost Singapore. For instance, use the bed and wardrobe first, and get more furniture later after. In addition, you can get a better idea by having multifunctional furniture. In this case, you can save your money and the space in your bedroom area. 

If you have a small house and the space you have is also limited, then there are other ways you can apply. You can create a smoother, neater look by getting custom bedroom furniture. It creates less visual clutter for bedroom renovation Singapore and is an excellent way to take full advantage of storage and functionality in a bedroom.

Placing Big Mattresses

Many people often choose a mattress size based on comfort. That is why people choose a king bed as the option. This bed provides comfort for its users. However, the use of a king mattress will have a less than good effect on the room. If you don’t have enough space in the bedroom, it will make the bedroom small and cramped.

Make sure there is enough walking space around the bed and how you can also get up and out of bed comfortably. A recommendation of renovation Singapore bedroom set aside at least 60 cm of free space and walking space. Don’t also forget to consider your bed frame and headboard when taking measurements before remodelling your bedroom.

Harsh and Cold Lighting

The bedroom is a quiet space to rest after doing daily activities. Never have harsh, cold lighting in the bedroom renovation Singapore. Use lamps that give off a soft, warm light. In addition, make sure the colour temperature is warm as a night light. That is why use a bulb with a colour temperature of 2700K and below or use a lamp case.

Also, avoid giving lights that are limited to only the main lights. Plan your lighting model—provide headlights, lights for specific tasks like reading or dressing up, and lights for ambience. This method allows you to use different lights for different activities and settings. Indirect lighting is best for a good bed placed on the side as bedroom renovation ideas Singapore. 

Ignoring Window Designs and Other Elements

Window furniture such as shades, curtains, or blinds should not be forgotten when renovating a room. They not only complete the look but also affect the functionality of the space when you try bedroom renovation Singapore. Especially for those who are worried about privacy at home – for example, a window overlooking a neighbouring flat block, etc.

For these reasons, invest in window treatments that allow you to have some privacy without sacrificing good lighting. Day and night curtains or a combination can be the best choice. It will give you enough flexibility if you use the bedroom as a workspace. If you work late shifts and need to sleep during the day, you can modify the Singapore bedroom design to your needs.

Not Making a Good Bedroom Storage Plan

Don’t just consider clothes storage planning. Think about other items that you will store, such as storing sheets, fashion accessories, makeup, and storage for documents, files, or stationery for room renovation. If you don’t want special storage areas throughout the bedroom renovation Singapore, then get custom or multipurpose furniture.

Whether it’s a space planning issue, furniture placement, or a renovation cost Singapore issue, fix the mistake right away. Cautious planning will give the best results in bedroom remodelling. Make sure the renovation works well and doesn’t bring any lifestyle inconveniences. If necessary, use the services of an interior designer who can serve you well.

Why Elpis Interior Design?

Since it was established in 2015, Elpis Interior has been a great interior design company in Singapore. We do not only design and build, but we plan our strategy along with 3D visualization and animation! Visit our showroom in 4A Pahang St. or give us a call!

The bedroom is one of the strategic rooms in the house. For these reasons, bedrooms must be designed to be comfortable, arranged with optimal functions, and beautiful appeal. You can apply numerous ideas if you plan to renovate your bedroom according to your expectations. Follow these steps to ensure you choose the best bedroom interior design inspiration in Singapore. 

5 Tips to Choose Bedroom Interior Design

Use Large Window

The best way to arrange the interior of the bedroom to give it more leverage can be done by using large windows. The use of large windows will maximize the lighting in your room. The goal is to eliminate the feeling of tightness due to limited space. It would be better if there is a green area behind the window so that the room feels fresh since it blends with nature.

Make sure you put clear glass in the window as an option. Along with it, also choose light-colored curtains so that sunlight can still enter the single bedroom interior design Singapore. In addition, this method also provides benefits so that the room is protected from the entry of insects or other disturbances. Choosing the correct interior will give the room a good look.

Choose the Multifunctional Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is one of the best ways to make the bedroom interior design Singapore appeal more interesting. If you have limited space, it is better to rely on multifunctional furniture. It is an essential aspect to consider when selecting the best furniture in your bedroom. With this in mind, you will get the bedroom interior depending on what you need.

Avoid using a lot of furniture in a bedroom that has a small size. This will make it feel stuffy and uncomfortable to use. As a recommendation, store items that are rarely used for sleeping and resting in another room, such as storing shoes, books, or clothes. But if there is no space, you can choose various multifunctional furniture as bedroom interior design Singapore.

You can buy multifunctional furniture in the store, assemble it yourself, or entrust it to an interior designer. As the recommendation, choose comfortable furniture bedroom interior design Singapore such as a wardrobe with drawers and hangers, or a bed with hidden cabinets beside or under the bed. These items are effective in saving space while helping your things organize.

Pay Attention to Color and Lighting

Another tip you can apply to make your bedroom stand out is by considering the bright colors and maximum lighting. These tips are highly recommended to make the bedroom feel big as interior design Singapore bedroom ideas. In this case, it would help you when you have limited space, such as an apartment and a small house.  

If your favorite tone is dark colors, then you can add light colors in color variations in your space. Use the application of the hues into several parts, such as wall dividers, curtains, furniture, and other details. From these tips of bedroom interior design Singapore, your favorite color can still dominate, but the room is still bright and beautiful at the same time. 

Use Large Mirrors to Create Room Illusions

Another tip that you can apply is to create the illusion of a room. This method can be effective if it is not possible to create large windows for the bedroom. You can serve throughout the space by establishing large mirrors on many sides of the room. Mirrors will reflect light and create the illusion of a more expansive space.

Ask Professional 

If you are still confused about what 2 bedroom condo interior design Singapore is good at, then you can ask for a professional service. You can consult further to make a proportional design and create a custom package so that your bedroom remains organized according to taste. Don’t forget to choose a service that has high credibility in serving clients.

Ensure you choose a company bedroom interior design Singapore that has been tested and recognized as good in implementing a safety system, managing performance management, and professional expertise. This interior service will conjure up the room’s appearance to be modern, clean with a luxurious finish.

In conclusion, the decision to renovate the master bedroom interior design Singapore is in your hands. Do you want to endure the stuffy and uncomfortable atmosphere in the bedroom or choose to move on and apply the best bedroom design immediately? Don’t make the wrong choice to renovate to get a beautiful room with a smart layout. 

Elpis Interior Design

Are you in doubt to choose which interior design that suits your needs? Contact Elpis Interior Design, Now! We’re certified interior designers in Singapore that could guarantee your satisfaction for our design. You could get the best renovation at the most affordable price, what are you waiting for? Contact us, Now!

Bedroom is one of the most important areas in your home. Especially if you just bought a new home or HDB, then you must want to feel the new touch of HDB bedroom design ideas. Renovating or creating a new design for the bedroom is the perfect next step to feel more homey. So, do you want to know some bedroom ideas Singapore?

Why Should You Upgrade Your Old Bedroom?

Sometimes, you might think that having a small 4-room BTO master bedroom design takes much space with lighter quality of furniture. But, actually, you can have the best furniture with multi functional use although you also need to save more space.

Only if you contact Elpis Interior to do the job! With Elpis, we will give you interior design planning, including delivery of interior environments and putting everything to professional work. We can also provide you with small master bedroom ideas Singapore!

But, if you have a bigger space for the bedroom, well, that just means that you have to maximize the rest of the area! In fact, in order to have a 3-room BTO master bedroom design or any types of bedroom do not always cost a lot.

The problem is, you have been mistaken. You can definitely get a beautiful bedroom design with only a minimum budget. There is always a way to make everything possible unless you know how to choose the furniture that fits your budget and functions in the old bedroom as well.

So, How Can You Upgrade Your Old Bedroom?

Easy! Try to hire Elpis Interior as your number one choice in Singapore! And after that, try these master bedroom ideas Singapore or a 3-room HDB bedroom design below!

Bed Frame

If you like the concept of having a bed frame, then you can try putting one on. Bed frames can separate your bed and other areas. It can give you special space. But, try not to expand the bed frame because it would take a lot of space. Make it smaller as you can put your rest stuff to it such as a night lamp or books.

If you want to remove the bed frame, you can fill the awkward space near your bed with a wall rack or hanging rack. Painting it with a DIY wall painting can also make the bedroom stand out.

Built-in Carpentry

Rather than having a huge wardrobe to put your clothes in, you better want to install a built-in carpentry. For example, a storage under your bed, or combine your bed with a wardrobe. Put on some built-in storage for your mirror as well. This can add to the uniqueness because you will not only see the mirror, but when opening it, you will have your things put inside.

Multi Functioned Vanity Cabinet

For those of you who spend most of the time in front of the mirror doing skin care routine or practicing speech, then a built-in storage is perfect! One of the small bedroom ideas Singapore is to have a multi functional cabinet.

To put out all your skin care, body, care, or even stationeries, you do not have to have double cabinets. Just put it in one place, voila, saving space!

Loft Bed is a Good Idea

Have you ever heard of loft? It is a room or space that is made under another space. It can be used for storage or placement of something else. Well, designing your bedroom into a loft style can be a good choice. Other than aesthetic, loft style gives you extra space.

Loft means stacked design. So, basically you can put your bed above, then have a study room or wardrobe under it. Do not forget to put on some lighting that matches the ambience. Interested in loft? Elpis Interior can help you plan your budget for this best quality loft design!

Have Fun with Colors Ideas

If people ask, what are the best bedroom design ideas Singapore? Then, the answers are varied, depending on how each person wants to perceive their bedrooms. One of those many ways is to get more creative with colors.

If you are a fan of modern bedroom ideas, monochrome, black, white, or gray colors are the best scheme. But, if you are into colorful themes, try adding different textures and colors to a different side of the room. Being different is unique, guys!

Upgrading your old bedroom is not hard, as long as you understand the design ideas that can fit your interest! Are you looking forward to hiring an interior design company in Singapore? Try to contact Elpis Interior!

Why Elpis Interior Design?

Since it was established in 2015, Elpis Interior has been a great interior design company in Singapore. We do not only design and build, but we plan our strategy along with 3D visualization and animation! Visit our showroom in 4A Pahang St. or give us a call!

Talking about bathroom design, most of us desire to own stylish bathroom accessories, including the interior design. Do not worry, you can have all that! There are various small bathroom ideas or any types of bathroom that you have, especially in Singapore. If you want to renovate your HDB common toilet design into a newly-made one, you must know bathroom design Singapore below!

Did you just spend your money on an HDB flat? Then, creating or renovating your toilet design Singapore HDB is going to be a perfect step afterward! You do not have to think too much about putting out a big amount of money to have a bathroom renovation in Singapore.

With only a minimum budget, you can get the best functional yet beautiful bathroom interior design. It is like you are using royal bathroom ideas!

One of various interior design firms in Singapore that you can choose is Elpis Interior Design! Established in 2015, Elpis will give you services such as designing and building with efficient time and budget.

Stylish Bathroom Ideas Design in Singapore

Looking forward to designing your bathroom? Check these cheap toilet renovation ideas Singapore! Trust us, your jaw will be dropped!

Everything Has to be Fitted

Right fitting means that you will feel satisfied when seeing your own bathroom. Since everything is right-fitted, neat, and clean, you might want to relax in your bathroom with hot water running for as long as you want! Besides, a bathroom design minimalist also needs each furniture to be perfect-fitted.

Make It Float Like a Speedboat!

Floating makes everything feel airy and light. For instance, a floating cabinet that is put above the sink simplifies you to reach your stuff. Because most of your vanities do not lay on the floor, it gives you bigger space. Floating vanity or cabinet can be a reference to a small bathroom design as well.

Variative Tiles

To make your bathroom less dull, you can turn your basic tiles into quirky ones. This also gives you a bathroom design modern kind of vibe. Mixing plain tiles and quirky tiles will be a great combo. Say no to boring tiles!

Wooden Brings in Nature

Who does not like wooden style? When you apply this style to your full-sized shower tub or the entire bathroom flooring and wall, you might see your bathroom as a traditional Japanese design. It is like you are always on a vacation, yes?

Plants, Make ‘Em Greener, Please!

Adding small pots of plants can give your small bathroom design minty and cozy. You can put a larger plant on the corner near the tub or shower. Otherwise, put the small ones on the sink wall rack.

Gray-ish Colors

Tired of seeing your bathroom with common colours? Try black, white, grey, or misty colours! They will enlighten your bathroom to appear more sleek, minimalist, and even industrial. Additionally, a streamlined or black panel on the shower and cabinet will turn out as sophisticated.

Lights, Lights, Lights

One of the bathroom design ideas Singapore is that you can install large windows to bring in as much natural light as possible. Mirrors are also a great choice to reflect lights and brighten the colors.

Multi Functioned Racks

Installing multi-functioned racks are perfect especially for those of you whose bathrooms do not have large space. The stuff you put on the racks will come in handy. These racks can be put above the toilet or sink.

Angled Shower, Why Not?

This toilet design Singapore is considered unique. When you have a small HDB bathroom for instance, you can try to add an angled shower instead of a hinged or regular shower placing. Tuck your shower into the corner of the bathroom and you will find your entire bathroom spacious.

Open Concept or No Door Shower

If you want to make your bathroom more open, you can try to have an open concept for it. Although it might look less private, the transparent or glass elements will turn your bathroom aesthetically wider. 

However, shower with no door is also a good option. Instead of having a regular shower door, you can forgo it and replace the door with a glass cover and add a platform to prevent the splash. Isn’t that interesting?

Bathroom design ideas in Singapore can be your references if you want to renovate or create a new design for your bathroom. Whether it is minimalist, modern, industrial, or contemporary style, you can obtain all of them with a small budget!

Contact Elpis Interior Design to Help You!

Elpis Interior Design is the one you should contact! We can help you get the best bathroom interior design with lower costs, short schedules, yet still focusing on each quality. We provide 3D visualization and animation to facilitate the design planning based on your needs.

Kitchen is the heart of home for most people, especially for Singaporeans. Whether your kitchen space is large or small, it also needs to get attention to details. If you are planning to renew your kitchen look and get interior design kitchen Singapore, you should know several factors of what you are going to be spending on. Check out these five practical kitchen interior design ideas to get inspired!

Things You Should Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Right before you contact the professional to help you transform your dreamy kitchen design, you need to know some aspects to be considered first. These are some things that can be fundamental for the process of your kitchen renovation. 

HDB Kitchen Regulation

Before you begin renovating any part of your HDB, you must be aware of the government’s guidelines in order to prevent any unwanted situations. However, there are also several regulations that relate to kitchen remodel. First, you can only hire a PUB (Public Utilities Board) registered plumber. Second, only external pipes are allowed. 

Another one, renovations are only permitted between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Weekdays and Saturdays. The last one, a waterproofing membrane must be installed on the cement screed right before putting floor finishes in your toilet to prevent any water leakage to the ceiling of the flat below yours.

Renovation Estimate

Your kitchen renovation cost is determined by a variety of factors, but to provide an estimate, if you are only concerned in carpentry work, you can anticipate spending approximately S$5,000. But, if you want to do overall hacking and remodeling, you will spend around S$10,000 – S$15,000 for your renovation budget.  That is why you need Elpis Interior to help you sort out your budget with our recommended furniture and designing process!

Factors That Can Affect Your Renovation Budget

You can choose between partial or complete type when you are planning your kitchen renovation. There are other significant elements that will influence the cost of your kitchen renovation. First, select things that you might keep or you will change. Second, the size of your new items can also affect the cost. 

The expense of removing the tiles, purchasing and installing new ones, as well as labor rates, will also be major considerations. Waterproofing and ponding tests for your kitchen will also cost the renovation budget.

5 Practical Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

If you are planning to hire a professional for kitchen renovation in your HDB flat, these practical kitchen design ideas might be useful for you to give some inspiration!

Open Kitchen Concept 

Nowadays, open kitchen concepts are quite popular for small houses when it comes to modern kitchen design. It is because they make the rooms more flexible. A space-enhancing open kitchen may give a fresh look for your flat and it will look larger. It also lets more light into the room and helps you to keep an eye on your children as you prepare your food. 

Kitchen Peninsula

The kitchen peninsula provides additional HDB kitchen cabinets and counter space. The kitchen peninsula commonly involves a kitchen counter that runs parallel or vertical to the other kitchen cupboards. This component is ideal for expanding a small kitchen and dividing the wet and dry areas. It can also serve as a food island for preparation.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be defined as one of the most popular kitchen designs. It is not only visually appealing, but it is also highly useful, since it serves as both a storage unit and an area for serving food. 

Single Wall Kitchen

If you have a small space for your kitchen in your HDB, this idea might be the best for you. Creating a single-wall kitchen might be the answer to your space-constrained issues. This design limits parts of the kitchen to a single wall. You must feel happy to have this design because it only requires lesser cabinets to be built with no extra money. 

Galley Kitchen 

Galley kitchen is a HDB standard, this can be defined by its compact layout and parallel kitchen cabinets. This kitchen is meant to be small and functional, making it ideal for HDB homeowners with small capacity.

When you are designing a galley kitchen, remember to make it feel as spacious as you can. Maximize your area by using many built-in things in your kitchen. You can also mix and match the colour for your kitchen cabinets.

There are plenty of design ideas you have seen here, now it is time to decide whether you keep the boring look of your kitchen or transform it with your dreamy design. Do not stick with the boring design because a professional like Elpis will definitely help you to give the best interior design for your kitchen.

Create Your Marvelous Kitchen Design with Elpis Interior Design!

Elpis as one of the reputable interior design firms in Singapore will provide you with planning, design, and delivery of interior environments for your home renovation. Therefore, our focus is on quality within planned budgets, so don’t be worried about spending the extra cost anymore. Contact us or you can visit us at 4A Pahang St. Singapore. 

19 Jul 2021

There are various types of HDB in Singapore. A young couple or big family will go for a 5-room HDB because it has more space for your family members at an affordable price. This also can make a multigenerational family a comfortable home to live under one roof. Whether it is BTO or resale renovation 

If you are an owner of a 5-room HDB and you are looking for 5-room HDB interior design ideas Singapore for your home, this article might be the best for you.   

How Big is 5-Room HDB Flat?

Having a 5-room HDB Flat is enough for 4-5 family members, so it will typically look large. a 5-room HDB flat is about 110 square metres. It provides multiple bedrooms, and one has an attached bathroom, and also a living or dining space, a common washroom, a kitchen, a service area, and a storeroom.

Now you already know how big the 5-room HDB flat is, and how much the renovation cost will you spend for your HDB? 

Considering the size, a 5-room HDB flat is definitely the most costly model of HDB flat to buy and remodel. A brand new 5-room HDB home may cost about $52,000 in renovation expenses. But do not hesitate to transform your old hdb 5-room renovation design into the new one by hiring a professional designer like Elpis with its best renovation package for you.

When it comes to 5-room HDB resale renovation expenses for a resale HDB flat might be significantly higher. Renovating a resale HDB flat can cost over $65,000 for the renovation cost, which is more than renovating a brand new 5-room HDB home. A professional designer like Elpis will be helping you with a budget planning as well.

5-Room HDB Stylish Interior Design Ideas

To have a magnificent and stylish interior design, it is not only coming to your 5-room HDB  kitchen design but all the space of your HDB. There are several interior design ideas that you can keep in mind. 

Color is utilized to light up the home’s interiors and make them look pleasant and attractive. This can be a good idea for your interior design. For example, the color of your kitchen cabinet will give an impact to your kitchen if you choose the right color. 

Other than that, a garden-inspired color palette makes your space  a cheerful and pleasant environment for both the homeowners and their guests.The patterned carpet also gives a great textural contrast to the space without departing too far from the color scheme. 

Multifunctional furniture will also help you to brighten up your space yet also make your space look effective. This can improve your productivity as well. For instance, using a platform bed in your bedroom is a good idea to make it very organized. 

Sliding doors are a wonderful optional thing, as well as a functional one, because they take up less space than standard doors that swing in and out. 

The use of glass surfaces in your HDB can improve the area by enabling light to go through and making the room look spacious.

The wooden flooring for your 5-room HDB master bedroom design adds texture to the space whilst also keeping it warm. It can use softer colors, such as various shades of white, to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere which is ideal for rest.

If you wanna hire an interior designer, make sure that the expert has a great 5-room HDB layout, for instance, Elpis, as one of the interior designers can provide you service including strategy, optional design plans, and budgets, and also  with 3D visualization and animation.

Bring Your Imagination to Reality With Elpis! 

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Nowadays, living in a small home in Singapore is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice that people all over the country are happily taking up. A small home in Singapore could feel big if you decorate it correctly. You can go to the home decor accessories in Singapore to buy some accessories for your home or maybe you can also read some home decor magazines to get some ideas for your design.

Home Decor in Singapore

So if you are planning to have a home and decor hdb in Singapore, here are 10 easy small home decor ideas you can do in Singapore.

Install Smart Lighting

Choose lighting that can be attached to the walls or hung from above to save room on floor space like in this room. Swing-arm sconces also free up space on the floor and bring dimension to the walls, an ideal situation for small living rooms. The lighting that is attached to the walls can also make your house look more fancy and elegant. 

Swap a Sofa For a Club Chair

Swapping the sofa for a club chair will not only make your house get more space, but can also make you feel more comfortable. You can put two or three club chairs in the living room for those who want to  have a rest or chill in the living room. If there’s a fireplace, angle them towards it to encourage cozy hangs and conversation while also drawing the eye to it. Most people use this home decor idea in Singapore because it’s good.

Build in Shelving

Whether you inherit a place with an awkward nook or you’re making some renovations to an existing space, build in shelves for extra decorating and/or a storage zone (floating shelves are also an option if you can’t build in). Or, build the bottom shelf so it has enough room to be an extra seating option. Keep them the same color as the wall for a better look.

Pick a Dark Paint Colour

Dark, glossy walls create a sophisticated backdrop for simple, clean-lined pieces and even colorful, bold items. Use the small space to your advantage and make it feel like a jewel-box. Painting your ceilings the same color can enhance the sense of intimacy even further. Then you can go to a furniture store in Singapore for home decor to have fun with brighter furniture throughout.

Display Artwork Strategically

Bring your artwork up to trick the eye and expand or accentuate the height of the room. You can put things such as Ernest Meissonier artwork or Leonardo Da Vinci artwork. A gallery wall might seem too busy for a small space, but it can actually make it feel larger if it extends to the ceiling.

Hang a Chair

Swing chairs are super fun and seem to be having a design moment right now. More importantly, they can be a life saver in a small living room or family room. You can add seating without taking up a ton of floor space, like you would with a traditional armchair.

One Can Never Go Wrong With Greens

Talk about the easiest, simplest, yet the most affordable home decor in Singapore for small homes, plants will be at the center. With plants, you provide the space with additional life while upping the style factor. But, beware of overcrowding the greens and flowering plants. Be mindful of the fact that dull and dead plants will cast an opposite impression. So, if you aren’t sure about putting effort into taking care of the plant, go for faux plants.

Make Ottomans Your Classic Decor Piece

In a small home, the living room surely does a double duty. To ease its work, add ottomans in your living room in place of a coffee table. You can spice it up by adding a statement piece or some flowers. For times when you have guests, use them as extra seating and when it’s family time, utilize them as your footrests.

Display Your Treasured Collection

Make use of the wall space and add a vertical display unit to it. You will notice how the unit will instantly jazz up the vibe of your home and give it a spacious look. Also, this will give you an  aesthetically pleasing storage space. Flaunt the collection of your books or pieces treasured overtime on the display unit and you can associate it with a connection by putting your memorabilia on it.

Don’t Skip The Mirror

Does your home lack a constant  source of abundant sunlight?  Are you tired of creating spaces for light to penetrate your house? Fret no more! Mirrors are your ideal piece of décor as they help in reflecting the light entering your room, making the space appear brighter. You can create a gallery of distinctive mirrors or simply put it against the walls of a room.

Elpis Interior in Singapore

Looking for an Interior Designer in Singapore? Elpis is the answer. Elpis was Established in 2015. Elpis Interior has proven to be one of the design consultation service providers for residential projects. Elpis offers a complete range of services for the design and build such as reduce snags, lower costs, shorten schedules and accelerate close-out time. 

Elpis also offers for the planning, design and delivery of interior environments. Elpis’ services include strategy, optional design plans and budgets along with 3D visualization and animation. ElpisInterior focuses on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance and accelerating project delivery. So what are you waiting for? Contact Elpis now to discuss your home and decor in Singapore!

When we talk about renovating, the first thing that comes to our mind is the cost. Doing a commercial renovation in Singapore is not cheap. It usually takes a big amount to renovate your home or your office. On the other hand, creating a comfortable office is a must because it can make employees feel more productive at home. Making a comfortable home is a must because it is the place where we gather with our family. Home renovation could be expensive if you do not make it right. There are some guides that we have compiled based our experience as one of the best Interior designers in Singapore 

Commercial Renovation in Singapore

For those of you who want to have an office renovation in Singapore and are still confused about finding the Interior designer to help you to design and create a budget for your renovation, you can discuss it with Elpis. Elpis was established in 2015. Elpis interior design can help you do a renovation based on your budget. Here is a commercial renovation price guide in Singapore 2021.

Consultation Service For Commercial Renovation

The first thing you need to find when you want to renovate Singapore is to find an Interior design. Renovation should be planned by the experts. Using a consultation service when doing a renovation will save your money and time. They can give you advice to choose the materials, design that suits you. For contractors consultation fees vary significantly. A carpenter may charge $ 60 per hour, while electricians may charge $ 50 per hour.

Practically most people usually hire a designer that will secure all commercial renovation contractors in Singapore. Doing a consultation with a designer will take around $80 to $100 per hour of consultation.

Renovation Deposit

Singapore buildings require a renovation deposit before you are legally allowed to renovate your office space. Renovation Deposit for building in Singapore usually costs a third of the rental rate. So, make sure that your landlord knows about the renovation or you would have to pay the damages.

Material Costs

Material Cost is the most meticulous part in budgeting a commercial in Singapore. Make sure you renovate your office within budget. Renovating your office floors will give you a different environment. You can choose tiles, marble, granite, vinyl and parquet for your office floors. The price range for marble and granite are $10 to $20 per square foot. While vinyl and parquet will cost around $6 to $15 per square foot. For the tile installers, you should prepare around $50 for every installers’ days’ work.

Painting Service

Painting will make a change to your office. It is the most noticeable change in every renovation. You can choose the light color to your office to make your office feel more open. Before painting your office, you must do several things to your wall such as scraping and coating the primer which will cost around $400 to $2000 depending on the minor, regular or thorough job. For paint prices in Singapore usually start at $20 which depends on the quality of your paint.

Electric Services

Having an Electric Services is a must when you are doing an office renovation to make new electrical sockets and wirings. Electrician services are paid for the work you need. Installing a new electrical socket will cost $50, to set up a light installation will take around $45 and  rewiring cables and telephone will take $50 to $150 depending on how difficult the job was.

Buying Furniture

The last part when doing an office renovation is to buy and set new furniture. Make sure to choose minimalist furniture to make your office look more comfortable. In Singapore, a sofa will cost around $300 to $1500 depending on the number of seats, shelves will cost around $55 to $ 1200, Lighting will take around $40 to $500.

Elpis Interior in Singapore

Looking for an interior designer in Singapore? Elpis is the answer. Elpis can help you to renovate your home and office based on your budget. ElpisInterior offers a complete range of services for the design and build such as reduce snags, lower costs, shorten schedules and accelerate close-out time. 

Elpis also offers the planning, design and delivery of interior environments. Elpis’ services include strategy, optional design plans and budgets along with 3D visualization and animation. Elpis focuses on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance and accelerating project delivery. So what are you waiting for? Contact Elpis now to discuss your renovation!