How Much Does it Cost for a House Renovation in Singapore?

Home is one of the most valuable investments to many people. Given that fact, it’s very understandable if everyone wants to make their home as presentable as possible. 

However, the renovation cost Singapore people have to pay can be very pricey and might cost you a lot if you don’t do the best planning beforehand. 

But worry less because you just happen to stumble upon the right articles. Here, we’re gonna give you some guidance for house renovation Singapore

What to Look Out For

Talking about home renovation, there’s 5 points you need to pay attention to as it determines the costing. That point is:

Type of House 

First you have to consider the type of house you want to renovate. Is it an HDB flat, landed house, or a condominium? Are there any existing fittings that come in sets with your unit? 

Conditions and Age of The Unit

Next, you have to consider whether your unit is a brand new BTO or an old resale flat that has aged over decades? Because the extent and renovation work of both units mentioned could be very far from one and another. 

Amount of Works You Want to Get Done 

The cost to renovate the whole building as if you’re building a new home from a blank sheet won’t be the same as the cost of a minor fix, obviously. 

Type of Materials

The more luxurious look you wish to achieve the more budget you need to add for your home renovation costs. If your taste is all about marble and parquet, then you have to be prepared to pay more. 

Your Selected Contractor / Interior Design Firm

Each company will charge a different amount of fees and it varies, so choose your Interior Design Firm wisely. 

Based on data from a certain renovation portal, in 2020, the average 4-room HDB BTO flat renovation is estimated to cost around $43.000 up to $45.000 while a resale flat cost around $45.000 to $52.000.

But of course, this number is just an illustration. They project nothing except you have a better idea of what you want to do to renovate your house. 

Planning To Get Started 

Fairly speaking, a home renovation Singapore might be different from renovating a house in another country. As a matter of fact, HDB has a lot of rules and regulations for public housing.

Make sure you do some more research on what you can and can’t do before starting your home renovation to avoid causing more trouble in the future. 

Financing Your Renovation 

Another problem here is how you support the bloody amount of thousands of dollars for renovation cost Singapore. If you don’t have that much spare money, then you might have to seek a renovation loan

Different from personal loan, in house renovation loan Singapore provides is a loan where the money will go straight to your contractor, bypassing you entirely. This kind of loan usually charges lower interest compared to personal loan. 

The only drawback from this type of loan is you can’t cash out the money to shop for additional furniture in stores like IKEA. But if you plainly just need a loan to renovate your home as it is, then this type will suffice. 

After Renovation Work

If you think budgeting is the only thing to worry about renovating your home, then that’s not it. After getting the dream house you’ve been waiting for, you still have to do the finishing job ——cleaning the mess. 

Thus, ‘how to clean house after renovation Singapore‘ has become a hot topic to discuss. Here is some tips you might need for getting your after-work job done easier:

  • Talk to your contractor about the cleanliness you expect over the duration of the renovation
  • Sweep and vacuum all surfaces
  • Sweep, mop, and disinfect floors 
  • Vacuum all upholstery 
  • Wipe down doors, knobs, baseboards, moldings, and hardware 
  • Thoroughly wipe down and sanitize bathrooms and kitchens including all the appliances, counters, and cabinets 

Elpis Interior Design 

Renovating a home has never been an easy task, especially if you’re doing it on your own. Without good planning, you might end up spending a lot more money than you originally planned to spend. 

To avoid such an event happening, you might now start thinking of finding reliable house renovation contractors in Singapore as well as an interior designer

If you really feel like needing a consultant to help you plan out your home renovation, then you can consider reaching out to Elpis. 

Elpis is an interior design Singapore firm established in 2015. Our services promise lower costs but still focusing on the quality within planned budgets. Beside that, our company will also try our best to reduce snags, accelerate close-out time, and shorten schedules so it will not overdue HDB’s permit on renovating. 

We can also help you to plan and design your ideal home along with strategy and reasonable budgeting. You could also get optional design plans along with 3D visualization and animation if the main idea doesn’t meet your expectations. 

So if you’re ready to have your dream home any sooner, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be glad to help you get your dream home done. 

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Unsure of Your Home Reno Cost?

Unsure of Your Home Reno Cost?

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