The Ultimate Guides in Choosing HDB Wallpaper

28 Jan 2022

The newest trend in housing is all about adding a personal touch to the interior of your HDB home. Picking out the perfect wallpaper for your living space is a great way to do this. That is why you need the ultimate guides in choosing HDB wallpaper for your home.

There are countless kinds of wallpaper, and you need to know what makes them different. The consumer will be able to achieve the look and functionality desired in the home.

There are many factors that go into the choosing of wallpaper, from opinion to design. However, there is one that is most important – its practicality in your home. This guide will help the newbie decide which type of wall covering might suit their needs the best.

Why you should use wallpaper for your HDB

Wallpaper can be applied quickly. You can apply wallpaper to a wall or ceiling. You can make it shine if you’d like, because it is made up of a reflective material. This helps to transform your home in a second flat. It is also cost-effective!

Wallpaper does not have chemical smell like painting does. It does not require huge effort or special skills to apply, either. An amateur can easily apply your new design, without the use of any tools.

Wallpaper gives your home an instant new look. You only need a day or two to apply it. Then, you’ll have a new atmosphere in your home.

Types of HDB wallpaper materials

There are several types of wallpaper material available for your HDB options. You can go for anything from synthetic or natural stone, to textured glass or a novelty pattern. However, you should choose wallpaper material that perfectly fits your HDB condition.


Wallpapers are sheets of paper that have a design printed on them. They may or may not have a top coating to seal the design. They are cheaper than other types of wallpapers.

Paper-back Vinyl

This paper has a special vinyl coating which makes it both water and ink resistant. It can also be wiped clean.


This type of wallpaper is an affordable option that is moisture-resistant because it is sprayed on or coated over a paper base. However, the designs won’t have a refined finish.

Solid Vinyl

This type of wallpaper is more durable and washable than a standard wall paper. It is applied over a sheet of vinyl and then the design is printed over the vinyl sheet.

Non Woven

These are the most expensive type of wallpaper, as they are composed of natural or synthetic fibers. They are easy to apply and remove, but are expensive compared to the others.


The best wallpaper for your home is one that is made of fabric and has a vinyl layer on it. The vinyl layer allows the wallpaper to last longer than other types of wallpaper.

Here is the ultimate guides on choosing HDB wallpaper for your home

Wallpaper for your limited-space room

Do you sometimes wonder how to choose wallpaper for a small living room? Then, here is the answer you’re looking for. You should use wallpapers with lighter colors and subtle patterns to make rooms look larger than they are. Abstract or diffused patterns make compact spaces feel more spacious.

Brighten-up the mood

Wallpaper can help make a dark passageway or cramped corner look well lit, and it can also reflect light instead of absorbing it. Choose a color that reflects light.

When you want to hide flaws

Texture can also hide imperfections in a wall. Wallpapers with 3D effects are an example of this. Paints typically don’t work in this regard unless you sand the wall and cover imperfections with putty.

Create a taller effect for your room

If you’re looking for a way to make a room feel taller, you can’t go wrong with a repeating vertical design. These designs can be monochrome or in contrasting shades.

How long will the wallpaper last?

The life expectancy of wallpapers can vary anywhere from three to 25 years, depending on what type of wallpaper material you choose. Although some materials might have a shorter life than others, there are ways that you can lessen and prolong the time your wallpaper lasts for.

Some of the factors that extend the life of wallpaper are selecting a material that is proper for its application, proper installation and maintenance of the wallpaper. A wallpaper that is pasted properly tends to last three times longer than one that is done by amateur. So get an expert to do up your walls with beautiful wallpapers.

Things you should not do when using a wallpaper

Avoid wallpaper from direct sunlight.

When wallpaper faces the sun directly, it will fade away more quickly. To prolong the life of the wallpaper, do not place anything too hot on the walls below it. Heat of direct sunlight will wipe away walls in a short period of time.

Don’t use wallpaper in a humid area

Do not use wallpaper for the kitchen, bathroom, or balcony. The humidity will ruin your wallpaper.

In the kitchen, do not use wallpaper with high iron content. Be careful with wallpaper in areas that are exposed to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies.

Beware when you want to remove your wallpaper

If you are having difficulty removing the wallpaper, or have found that the wallpapers are not coming off properly, then you need to have the paper removed by an expert.

Do not remove your HDB wallpaper yourself, hire a professional. Hire a professional to do it for you as this will ensure that the job is done correctly and professionally. Hiring a professional will also ensure that the wallpaper looks good on all walls of your house.  

Give your room a unique look, by selecting the right wallpaper. Choosing the wrong wallpaper might end up disturbing the view of your room, the atmosphere, and also your pocket. It will be a waste of time and money.

Be Careful!

Besides these guides, the ultimate guide in choosing HDB wallpaper for your room is using an interior design service. Elpis provides interior design services that can help you use colour, texture and lighting to create a more cohesive feel throughout your entire home.

Elpis hires interior designers with years of experience in the industry – these experts can work with you to redesign your furnishings, walls and floors to reflect a new vision for your home. We are experts in wallpaper rules. You will know how to choose wallpaper accent wall, how to choose wallpaper for bedroom, which wallpaper is best for living room, and many more.

What are you waiting for? give us a call or visit our office right away!

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