7 Astonishing 3-Bedroom Condo Renovation Ideas

22 Apr 2022

Redecorating a 3-bedroom condo Singapore can be challenging, but it can be done with creativity and a bit of courage. When you think outside the box, you can make a more welcoming space. 

3 bedroom condos are among the most popular types of homes today. Homeowners are choosing them for their lifestyle choices. It is possible to do condo remodeling. A great way to spice up your current residence, or find a new one altogether, is to do 3-bedroom condo renovations.

If you are looking for top condo renovation project ideas whether it’s a 3-bedroom condo for rent or a 3-bedroom condo for sale, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with the top 3-bedroom condo renovation ideas for every room of your home.

Multifunction spare bedroom

If you want the spare bedroom to become a quiet retreat away from the family home or kids’ activities during the day to promote better sleep at night, transform the spare bedroom available in a three-bedroom apartment into a dual-purpose work office and walk-in wardrobe.

As a space-saving measure, you can cleverly incorporate a working desk together with the built-in wardrobe. The new home office includes compartments that help homeowners keep their work documents organized.

Build a balcony in your 3-bedroom condo

If we have a little bit of nature in our home, it will be great. A balcony is a favorite part of  3 bedroom condo.

With oak flooring, comfy sofas, and a great view from the pool, you can create a luxury resort feel. The wood-paneled, bare-walled office has an air of elegance about it. You can also put plants in your home. They’re great because they give the room a fresh feeling and have been used in many 3-bedroom condos.

The houses have balconies that give them a more comprehensive look.

Make the kitchen area more spacious

In the space-limited kitchen, it is essential to eliminate as much clutter as possible, and a great way to do this is to knock down the kitchen walls and make it an open plan.

Adding a kitchen extension to the dining area will make cooking more enjoyable and create a spacious living space. The unique and stylish solution will not only make use of the dead space, but the custom cabinets can also be used as a suitable location to place small kitchen appliances such as a coffee machine

Try open space 3-bedroom condos

It’s hard to make any room look more extensive when the walls are the reason for the small appearance. Open-plan designs make it easy to move around a room or office. They are simple yet effective ways to incorporate them. The modification will allow you to accommodate a larger number of people. The front door leads into a foyer, a dining area, and a living room.

Use different light features

When you’re trying to set the right mood for your home, it’s very important to have a feature light to help illuminate it. This covers up existing areas of unsightly caulking or caulk, but it also helps visually separate these areas from other areas of the room.

One example of how to use furniture is to place a pendant light above the dining table in this apartment to separate the dining room from the other. You need both visual dynamism and aesthetic elegance for a successful painting.

Using mirror panels

Placing strategically placed mirrors in your home will make it appear more space than what’s there. A mirror close to the light source or in an open window creates a bright environment. If you believe in Feng Shui, mirrors in the dining room can bring good fortune and prosperity.

The mirror gives the bedroom a significant feeling, and the buyer is sure to enjoy the convenience it offers. There’s also a small ottoman and a storage unit adorning the bedroom—a case of severe acute respiratory syndrome with acute renal failure.

Try Japanese design for your 3-bedroom condos

The Japanese approach to home decor is calm and straightforward, and we think they are the most sophisticated homeowners around. Modern home design is an example of Singapore’s 3-bedroom condo. 

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