A Few Toilet Design Mistakes

When renovating their toilet, many people make toilet design mistakes, such as not using a toilet renovation package singapore or not reading toilet reviews before purchasing one. These toilet renovation packages allow you to save money by purchasing toilet parts in bulk. Check out these toilet renovation packages before making any purchases if you want to redesign your toilet. You should also read toilet reviews before purchasing any toilet part or accessory. Reading toilet reviews will provide you with honest feedback on the products, allowing you to avoid purchasing something that will not work for you.

Another common toilet design blunder is not knowing what type of toilet to purchase. One toilet may work perfectly in one bathroom but be a disaster in the other. Toilet reviews allow you to see the positive and negative aspects of various toilets, allowing you to determine if it is a toilet that will work in your home. Make sure to read toilet reviews and use a toilet renovation package singapore before making your purchase to avoid these types of mistakes!

1. No View Out

Nobody likes a dark, damp bathroom with poor circulation — it’s unpleasant to spend time in such a place. When building or relocating a bathroom, try to locate it on an exterior wall with windows. If installing windows is not an option, installing an operable skylight can provide the fresh air and natural light required to make the space feel comfortable.

2. Too Many Cubbies

It may appear that storing toiletries in the bathroom is a good idea, but having too many cubbies and not enough counter space can make it feel cluttered. Install toilet paper, cleaning supplies, towels, and toilet seat covers on shelves near your toilet. This way, you can easily access the items you require while keeping your toilet neat and stylish.

3. No Counter Space

A large enough counter or vanity is essential for keeping the bathroom organized, especially if there are multiple toilet users in the house. If there isn’t enough space near your toilet for toiletries, try putting them next to your sink. This way, everyone, including you, can enjoy the toilet design!

4. Over-the-Toilet Storage

When there is limited counter space near the toilet, many people have a toilet with toilet paper and other toiletries stored above it. If your toilet has a tank that is attached to the wall or floor behind it, consider relocating the over-the-toilet storage somewhere else. This toilet design error is simple to avoid, but many homeowners have it in their bathrooms.

5. A Clear View in From Public Rooms

I once worked on a large remodel where the existing design included a bathroom in the dining room — sounds like a conflict of interest, doesn’t it? Avoid placing the bathroom directly off one of the home’s public rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, or dining room, whenever possible. This does not necessarily necessitate the installation of a long hallway, but it does necessitate the installation of some sort of formal separation to break up the line of sight. The last thing you want is to be sitting in your living room with a glass of wine, staring into the bathroom at the toilet.

6. Thinking Bigger Is Better

That’s right, bigger isn’t always better; better is. Whether you’re designing a large master bathroom in your dream home or attempting to fit in an extra bathroom for your growing family, the most important aspect of your new bathroom is that it has a great design that functions efficiently for your specific lifestyle.


If you’re redesigning your toilet, don’t make any purchases until you follow these rules:  -read toilet reviews before making a purchase;  -don’t buy the wrong type of toilet for your bathroom; and >make sure there is enough counter space near the toilet. Remember to keep an eye on what’s happening outside so that natural light can enter the room through windows or skylights. This will ensure it doesn’t feel too dark inside!

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