What is The New Style for Kitchen Cabinets?

02 Aug 2022

A kitchen is the heart of a home. Its primary purpose is to provide food, shelter, and comfort. You may use your kitchen to prepare and eat meals, or you may use it simply to unwind after a long day of work. Either way, you will appreciate your kitchen for years to come. But in order to keep your kitchen looking great and feeling great, you have to do more than just keep up with its current design. A new style for kitchen cabinets is a significant investment. You can either spend a lot of money on a custom remodel that looks great but is expensive and time consuming, or you can take advantage of the many modern kitchen designs that offer similar features and a more affordable price tag. To save you money, you need to choose the right kitchen cabinet style and colour.

Black and white color design

Black cabinets are really fashionable and contemporary, as was briefly discussed before. The remainder of your kitchen’s design options are many and will perfectly complement your black appliances. To balance out this kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen, however, softer accent colors like white are needed. However, you should keep in mind that black furniture only looks well in a well-lit kitchen where it won’t seem gloomy or chilly.

Simple kitchen cabinets

One of the most unexpected aspects of the design is the usage of old metal handles. Making the most of the available space while maintaining adequate lighting for cooking is the additional lighting placed slightly above the surface. This kitchen isn’t particularly big, but the color scheme, extra lighting, and intricate flooring all work together to make it seem bigger.

Handleless kitchen cabinet design

One of the newest trends stresses functionality while providing a seamless appearance with handle-less kitchen cabinet designs. The kitchen appliances’ colder black and the dazzling white decor make a stunning contrast. If you don’t like the way push-open designs work, you can pick a model with recessed handles. A contrasting color will produce the same effect or even more curiosity.

Wood kitchen cabinet design

This gorgeous kitchen has a lot of depth and flair thanks to the wooden construction. The focal point of the space, these cabinets mix the cozy feel of wood with the sleek, futuristic appearance of black cabinets. If your kitchen includes doors or even walls made of wood, this is a great alternative for you.

Modern kitchen cabinet design

This modern kitchen cabinet has a streamlined, modern appearance. The black hue is one of the key components that makes it a modern classic. Although this style has simple, straight lines, you should add warmer colors to counteract them. Consider using white walls or some brighter decorations to offer some texture and tenderness. Large, well-lit spaces are ideal for this kitchen cabinet style.

Wood revival

Wood cabinets, formerly regarded as antiquated and ugly, are currently fashionable. These, however, are not the oak cabinets from earlier decades that were tinted orange. Modern uses of wood cabinetry frequently include natural finishes that give a room a subtle sense of dimension and texture. The appearance can lean either warm and rustic or sleek and contemporary depending on the cabinet’s door type and finish color.

Glass kitchen cabinets

Show off your china or glassware with beautiful glass cabinets. Glass kitchen cabinets are a popular option for modern kitchens. They can be used as open shelving to display dishes and glassware, or as closed cabinets to store other kitchen items. There are a few things to consider when choosing glass kitchen cabinets. First, think about the color and style of your kitchen. Glass cabinets come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the ones that best match your kitchen. Second, consider the amount of storage you need. Glass cabinets can be used for both storage and display, but they may not have as much storage space as traditional cabinets. Finally, think about the cost. Glass kitchen cabinets are typically more expensive than traditional cabinets.

Minimalist kitchen cabinets

This is a simple and elegant style that will never go out of fashion. The minimalist kitchen cabinet trend has been gaining popularity in recent years. People are drawn to the modern look and sleek lines of these cabinets. Plus, the minimalist style is perfect for small kitchens. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to create a minimalist kitchen: Stick to a light or neutral color palette, use simple and geometric shapes, use clean lines and minimal hardware, and avoid clutter.

Open concept

A trendy alternative to upper cabinets, open shelving may make your kitchen feel lighter and airier. Install floating shelves along your walls and use them to showcase kitchenware, herb pots, or even decorative items. Simple cabinets can be transformed into open shelves by simply removing the doors if you’d rather not tear out your current cabinetry.

Mixed materials kitchen cabinets

When it comes to mixing up your cabinets, you are not restricted to a single color or style. In this kitchen, flat-paneled rustic wood cabinets are combined with higher cabinets that are dark blue glass-paneled. The stone island is warmed by the wood tone that permeates the seating.

Designing your kitchen cabinets are in style 2022 is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home, so it makes sense that you need to spend some time on it before you start building your dream house. With Elpis Interior, you can choose from hundreds of gorgeous kitchen designs, from simple designs to durable kitchen cabinets, or choose kitchen cabinet size of your own with an easy call.

We make use of 3D rendering and animation

Elpis Interior offers full service, providing complete interior design from concept to completion. We work with clients in any stages, and have provided services to private and commercial sectors. At Elpis Interior we’re all about helping you visualize your space before it’s built, saving you money and time. We make use of 3D rendering and animation to show you exactly how your space will look, before it’s even built. Get your real renovation plan with our animation and 3D visualization by contacting us here.


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