What Color Kitchen Cabinets Are In Style 2022?

19 Aug 2022

You’ve probably heard that you should always choose a color that matches your living room or bedroom furniture. But what about your kitchen cabinets? Do you have to match the colors in the rest of your home, or is it ok to go a little crazy with your kitchen decor? While some of us love bold patterns, others prefer something a bit more subdued. So, what’s hot in the world of kitchen cabinets in 2022? We’ve pulled together the color trends for a look at what’s going on in the world of kitchens today.

White Kitchen Cabinet Color

 White cabinets are timeless and traditional, and they are always in trend. They may add brightness and space to a small kitchen, and they go well with a variety of other hues and materials. Even if just 38% of experts believe white cabinets will continue to be popular in the upcoming year, this trend is still important because it has been around for a while. White cabinets go with everything and make it simple to modify kitchen cabinet design elements like accent walls and furniture colors. 

Several other trendy themes, such as natural wood, also go well with white. Including some additional colors in your kitchen in addition to white seems to be the secret to keeping white in style.

Ocean Blue Kitchen Cabinet Color

Popular and versatile, blue complements a wide range of styles. It’s ideal for providing contrast to a subdued kitchen. This year’s kitchen cabinet trends include shades of baby and ocean blue, which 20% of experts predict will be the most popular. While green has replaced blue as the dominant color this year, blue cabinets were highly popular a few years ago. The hue is calming and is very prevalent in many kitchen designs, including several farmhouse and French Country kitchen cabinet designs.

Earthy Greens Kitchen Cabinet Color

When it comes to cabinet color, green, earthy tones are making a huge comeback. Green is the color of choice for people who want to give their area a little mood. Earthy green tones are expected to be the most popular cabinet color trend in 2022, according to 67% of experts. It makes sense that green will be the popular color of the future given that six different corporations have chosen a shade of green for their Color of the Year 2022 this year. Green is another color that can border both yellow and blue in addition to having a wide range of bright and dark tones. This makes it simple to use the color in a variety of kitchens. 

Dark Colors Kitchen Cabinet Color

According to 50% of the experts surveyed, black and other dark colors will continue to be fashionable in kitchens through 2022. In the kitchen, black and other dark colors may produce some extremely dramatic appearances. This is especially true if you decide to use contrast by pairing light countertops or backsplashes with dark cabinetry.  Black complements every color. To give a space a new look without breaking the bank, you can simply switch out the cabinet hardware or wall color over time.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinet Color

According to 72% of industry experts, natural wood cabinets will by far be the most popular kitchen cabinet color trends in 2022. With so many other hot trends in the upcoming year, its popularity makes sense. Since a few years ago, natural materials and trends have increased, and they don’t seem to be slowing down in 2022. A staggering variety of species, hues, grain patterns, and tones are available in wood. The best part is that wood tones complement a wide range of other hues and materials, enabling you to combine your cabinets with other current fashions.

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinet Color

The two-toned appearance is another well-liked color choice for kitchen cabinets. Cabinetry with two colors can give a kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen a lot of depth. You can utilize it in a variety of ways as well. Combine a green or blue island with surrounding cabinets made of natural wood. Alternately, choose kitchen cabinet size and several tones for your upper and bottom cabinets. By utilizing a variety of colours, you can keep your style looking current for a longer period of time by avoiding having one color or tone date the entire kitchen at once. 

The appearance of two-toned cabinetry can be achieved with a wide variety of hues and color combinations. With this new design trend, kitchens can be stylishly upgraded with everything from dramatic lighting to color and material choices.

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