What are The Most Durable Kitchen Cabinets?

18 Aug 2022

The kitchen is the heart of your home. If you have a beautiful, well-designed kitchen, it can increase the value of your home by 10%. You may also consider selling your house sooner than you anticipated. The first step in picking a new style for kitchen cabinets and design is selecting the material for the cabinets. Consider how the kitchen will be utilized, including whether you’ll be doing a lot of cooking, hosting visitors, or feeding small children there. These elements would all influence how a decision is made. The remainder of the kitchen will soon begin to take shape once you have thought about the advantages and aesthetics of each material. This guide will explain what the best kitchen cabinets look like, what materials are best suited for kitchen cabinets and how to find quality kitchen cabinets.


Plywood is another variety of solid wood that has been bonded and laminated and is covered in a hardwood veneer. It’s crucial to remember that there are many grades of plywood. Grade A plywood costs slightly less than Grade AA, while Grades B, C, D, and E will cost less. Each of the four lowest classes will look to be of inferior quality. 

Shop grade or economy plywood is another alternative; it is the least costly and lowest-quality one. However, a skilled cabinet maker can frequently fix these flaws. The most expensive form of plywood available is Grade AA, which is regarded as the highest quality available.

Plywood is an excellent material for making your own cabinet boxes because it’s inexpensive, accessible in huge sheets, and comes in several wood species to give your cabinet box’s interior a wood-look. Plywood is a DIY-friendly material for making cabinet boxes and is typically used in conjunction with painted doors. 

When making slab or flat panel doors, plywood is not frequently used but may be the material of choice for some cabinet manufacturers. Solid slab doors can be made from furniture-grade plywood with a softwood plywood core and a hardwood veneer face. To provide a good match to the fronts, veneer tape should be put to the edges. Plywood’s layered composition prevents the face from being machined, hence slab style doors are basically their sole appropriate application.


Hardwood is solid wood, and is presumably the most resilient choice for kitchen cabinets. Hardwood species like hickory or maple will resist dents and scratches more than softwood species like mahogany and walnut. The former, however, will cost more because of its overall quality and durability. 

A domestic hardwood with a complex grain pattern and a warm, rich hue is cherry wood. It’s a popular material right now for people who want a modern, luxurious, cozy kitchen. Birch, beech, oak, mahogany, and teak are further varieties of hardwood that are readily available. Although hardwood is typically the most expensive cabinet construction material, it is also the most durable kitchen cabinets.

Wood doors are robust and long-lasting, and dents or scratches may be fixed with some light sanding and a coat of complementary stain. Stained wood doors are a fantastic option for homeowners hoping to create a kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen that showcases the beauty and durability of hardwood doors.


Consumers increasingly perceive fiberboard as a more affordable cabinet material. It is mostly used in IKEA and big-box shop furniture and cabinets. Recycled fibers, resin, and wax are pressed together under intense pressure to create it. It is perfect for painting because it has a smooth surface and strong strength. However, fiberboard is also less durable than plywood and oak, and it is vulnerable to moisture damage. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is quite popular because it is simple to cut into various shapes and can be laminated, which opens up a world of design possibilities.


Although it belongs to the same family as fiberboard, particleboard has a lower density than medium-density fiberboard. It is created by sheeting reclaimed wood items and pressing them together. After that, a veneer of wood or laminate is applied to complete it. Another typical cabinet material that may be bought in retailers like IKEA is particleboard. Although it is cheap, it is not particularly robust. It is one of the least durable materials for cabinet construction and does not withstand moisture well.


Peeled from a log, wood veneer is a thin coating of solid hardwood. Flat panels are made by pressing and adhering very thin veneers on particleboard or fiberboard. It is regarded for being lightweight and affordable and is more of a finish material than a true cabinet building material. Choose kitchen cabinet size with veneer material, however, it can have lovely finishes.

Stainless Steel 

Metal kitchen cabinets are more common in commercial kitchens than in homes, but they are still an option and might give your kitchen a futuristic appearance if that’s the kitchen cabinet design you’re going for. Stainless steel is typically thought of as a material for commercial kitchens or cafeterias in public buildings, although modern kitchens are now using it more frequently. Stainless steel cabinets can be coated for a more fascinating and colorful appearance in addition to being gleaming plain steel.

What is the most durable kitchen cabinet material?

If durability is your top concern when selecting kitchen cabinets, you should pick a material that can support a high gloss finish to make the cabinets more scratch- and dent-resistant. Less treatment possibilities and a different feel from natural materials like wood and stone are drawbacks of choosing some of the more resilient materials. If damaged, some types of wood are challenging to fix. For instance, walnut ages differently than other woods, so replacing one door or panel won’t make the others match.

Due to its strength above MDF and affordability, plywood cabinets might be a suitable option for kitchen cabinets. Which wood is best for kitchen cabinets in the end? The ideal materials for constructing high-quality cabinets are plywood and hardwood. The durability and aesthetic appeal of kitchen cabinet materials frequently outweigh all others. They are also more expensive than other modern kitchen cabinet materials for the same reasons.

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