The needs of interior design are not only for residentials, but also the commercial ones which are seen by public eyes. You might see restaurants, offices, theaters, hotels, or even malls have a variety of differences and eye-catching interiors. But, what are the best commercial interior design firms Singapore so far?

Public areas with a large capacity usually necessitate a taste that must be suited to the demands of many people in terms of designing. Because commercial design is also designed for commercial purposes to draw people’s attention, in addition to being a component of interior demands.

And of course, you must consider hiring an expert commercial interior designer. Hence, if you are looking for the best commercial interior design firms in Singapore, this one is right for you. 

Which Interior Design Company Is Best?

There are many big names of interior designers in Singapore. But have you ever thought of getting a good interior designer for your workspace that will give you satisfaction with good budget planning. Established in 2015 with a young, fresh and impressive portfolio in the field of creative interior design, Elpis became one of interior design businesses based in Singapore.

Elpis will transform the clients’ imagination of their workspaces and focus on quality with a budget planning. Elpis always arranges their schedule with the clients effectively in order to make it short and efficient. Not only that, Elpis keeps improving their cost performance and is fully aware of the significance to increase the timing in their project delivery.

When it comes to interior design, you definitely need a whole package. Not only be the best in designing every detail of the property but also to make plans from the beginning. Elpis, for example, provides all of them, from building a strategy, creating a plan that would be optional for the clients to achieve the best outcomes, and delivering it in a reasonable time. This is a whole package service that will come to you with a minimum budget and can save a lot of money. 

Is Singapore Good For Interior Design?

Singapore, as one of the world’s developed countries, has become a modern country built on modern technology, and it is not surprising that many public spaces here have become highly iconic. Singapore is evolving into a diverse society that values modernisation and the unity of its diversity.

From here, we can see how carefully Singapore considers the interior design of each public space. As a result, there are several interior design firms, ranging from large and well-known firms to young pioneers with remarkable portfolios.

Elpis, a Singapore-based interior design business, incorporates modernism into their design plans. Elpis offers the interior design service, which includes 3D visualization and animation, and it will make your public space more colorful and appealing to the public.

How Much Does an Interior Design Cost in Singapore?

According to Yahoo Finance Singapore, an interior design job can cost anything from S$34,000 for a new 3-room HDB flat to S$234,000 for a landed property. These prices represent the average total cost of projects varying in extent and specificity.

For instance, not all revisions require a whole reconstruction or changes to every area in the house. But that is only for residential areas, and how much will it cost when you want to build your first ever public space?

Commercial interior design firms commonly charge their clients per square footage for the commercial projects. The usual fee per square footage ranges from $10 to $17/sq. ft. As a result, if your client’s kitchen is 250 square feet, your cost will be $3,375 on average.

And if you utilize the interior design rates by square footage approach, you might wish to offer it just for design services and add a percentage for furniture, contractor management, and many more. 

If you are still wondering how much it will cost, well, Elpis offers a full-service package with the best price available.

Tips for you, a price for commercial interior designers is mostly determined by their expertise, skills, and reputation as designers. Therefore, the more inventive and efficient they are, the more justified their interior design expenses will be.

Build Your Outstanding Commercial Interior Design With Elpis!

If you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer to help you create your ideal public place, Elpis is the best option! Elpis can offer and design what you need for your workspace while fulfilling your needs within your budget in an efficient time. Contact Elpis if you want to modify your workstation or improve your working environment.