If you just bought an HDB flat, the bathroom may not be the biggest room. Though you can make it the most favorite after the bedroom, especially with a good toilet renovation. Having a well-arranged bathroom is everyone’s dream. What are you waiting for? Go get a cheap toilet renovation Singapore now!

What Should You Do Before Getting Your Bathroom Renovated?

Bathroom is one of the most important places in the home. You can relax, find some inspiration, and clean yourself. Sometimes, you might think that to have a beautiful kitchen and 2 toilet renovation packages costs a lot of money.

In fact, with only a small budget, you can arrange bathroom renovation in Singapore your whole bathroom or even other areas in the home beautifully. There are fish in the sea! Thus, there are many options of furniture that are multi-functional and fit to your wallet.

If you are looking for someone who can give you recommendations regarding bathroom interior design, Elpis Interior is the one you should call! Elpis Interior will provide you not only design planning, but lower each cost needed while still giving the best quality.

Think about the size of your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you must organize the properties well enough so that you will not see a grubby area. Hence, having a bathroom renovation is the best thing to do. You can place multi-functional furniture that should save more space.

But, if you have a bigger area in the bathroom, do not waste anything! Try to fill the empty space with useful things such as putting an extra cabinet for your washing machine. Explore with textures, elements, and even colors. Or maybe try Elpis Interior’s 2 bathroom renovation packages?

Lastly, do not forget to consider your budget. Especially, if you hire Elpis Interior, we will match your own budget with the optional design plans. All are based on your interest as well.

How to Get Reasonable Toilet Renovations in Singapore?

In order to get HDB toilet renovation, consider these ideas that will inspire you!

First, Fixtures

Know exactly where your plumbing is, so you can gain the right measurements for the fixtures. This will help whether you want to conceal the plumbing lines or re-route them. Besides, the interior designer or the contractor can measure everything correctly if you understand how to put this and that.

Relaxing in the Tub or Showering?

Had a long day of work and needed a long bath with a bath bomb and aromatic candles? Consider having a bathtub, then! Although you cannot extend the area in an HDB bathroom, you can always have a bathtub to utilize the current space.

You can go with shower if you are the type of person who does not like relaxing in the tub and just spends a long time doing it. Or, the last option is to combine between the two, so it will result in a shower tub. 

Choose Between Curtains or Shower Glass

Using curtains for your shower is actually cheaper and easier to clean. However, shower glass has a splash guard that looks modern and contemporary. It is all up to you. Though if you are into shower glass, make sure that you use a laminated tempered glass due to its more durability.

Give Some Lights!

For those of you who have a small HDB bathroom, considering having a single and general light source is a good option. You can go with lights that irradiate your vanity and shower areas. Add some accent lights for the wall or have a back-lighted mirror installed. Do not forget to make sure that you have windows or even a touch of bright-colored paintings in order to reflect more of natural light from the outside.

Think about Ventilation

Thanks to the wet surroundings, the bathroom is the perfect place for bacteria and germs to appear. Thus, think of whether you want to add for another ventilation or not. Because, keeping your bathroom dry is the best way to overcome it. You may want to install an exhaust fan to maintain the dryness and reduce the growth of mould.

Toilet flooring, wall, and other aspects of making a bathroom renovation are what you should consider the most. But, if you are looking forward to hiring an interior designer, try to contact Elpis Interior here!

Elpis Interior Will Give You the Best Solution!

Located in 4a Pahang St., you are always welcomed to see our showroom in Singapore! Since it was established in 2015, Elpis Interior has been providing a renovation package Singapore and gaining several awards. Thus, hiring us is not a mistake! Along with our 3D visualization and animation, we assure you get the best budget, design, and strategy plannings.