10 Renovation Ideas for Your Home in Singapore

You’re looking for renovation ideas in singapore, but you don’t know where to start. There are so many different ways that you can renovate your home and it’s hard to choose which one is right for you.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 singapore renovation ideas that will help get the ball rolling on your project. These renovations range from small changes like painting or replacing flooring to larger projects such as adding an extension or building a new porch. The best part? All these singapore renovation ideas affordable cost.

Benefits of renovation

Renovations are aesthetically appealing. They are also often times more valuable than the original value of the house. Singapore Renovation can also create an opportunity for someone to live in a historically significant home, while preserving its legacy. Finally, renovations can make your current house feel like a new home.

The benefits of renovating are many. Renovation is an activity which can be carried out according to the one’s desires. For example, it may be possible to renovate a home in order to have it function more efficiently or look more aesthetically pleasing. A renovation will also improve the value of the property, meaning that if one decides to sell their property, it is likely to fetch a higher price than could have been achieved otherwise.

Renovations can also have positive effects on individual’s physical, social and mental health. For example, if one is renovating their home, they are likely to feel happier as a result of this activity. This is because it means that there is motivation for them to go to work in the morning so they have something to come back to after a day’s work. It also means that they have the chance to express their creativity and technical abilities by being able to implement professional renovation ideas which are of benefit to themselves personally or even on a larger scale, for example if it is an organization which carries out renovations on behalf of private clients.

Considering the layout of your home and what you want it to look like in the end

Before you begin planning your singapore renovation ideas, you should first ask yourself how much money you have to spend. Your singapore renovation ideas can have a bigger impact on the final cost of the project if you choose higher quality materials or expensive fixtures. You may also consider using salvaged materials for singapore renovation ideas.

When planning singapore renovation ideas, it is important to think about how you want your home to feel when finished. You should take into consideration what activities will occur within the singapore renovation ideas and where these activities will mainly take place. For example, if you plan on hosting large singapore renovation ideas, you may want to include singapore renovation ideas in your singapore renovation ideas.

Singapore renovation ideas should be functional and will often determine the overall design of singapore renovation ideas. You can consider using any design singapore renovation ideas, however you should take into consideration how they will affect the way people walk through singapore renovation ideas. For example, if you include singapore renovation ideas in singapore renovation ideas, they may force people to walk singapore renovation ideas and singapore renovation ideas.

Here are 10 renovation ideas for singapore homes

1.Split level living

Whether your renovation project already has a split-level layout or you will be incorporating one as a way of incorporating a new extension, this is a layout that can add interest and character while also overcoming changes in floor level. 

The split-level living space in this 1960s home renovation distinguishes between the original house and the extension while also breaking up the open plan space.

2.Internal glass doors

Internal glass doors are an excellent way to allow light to flow between rooms. This is frequently a critical design element in renovation projects, particularly in terraced houses and semi-detached homes, where the central rooms are frequently dark and lack windows. 

Industrial-style metal internal doors are extremely popular right now, adding a stylish edge while also serving a functional purpose. The Crittall style doors in house renovation provide an unobtrusive separation between the kitchen and living space.

3.Paint colours for walls

The best advice when selecting a paint color is to consider the facing of the windows and then create a color scheme based on the areas that receive sunlight and those that do not receive sunlight. Cooler tones would be a better choice for a room with a window that faces east. Also, if the window faces west, warmer paint colors can be used in those rooms. The colors you choose will make your home suitable for both summer and winter.

4.Crown moulding

Crown moulding adds a sense of completion to a room. It connects the ceiling and the walls in a way that makes perfect sense, i.e. creating a perfect house out of an old worn-out house. Crown moulding has the additional benefit of not being expensive.

5.Hardwood is preferred over carpets

When deciding on hardwood flooring for your home’s floors, keep your tight budget in mind. Birch and oak are the best options because they are less expensive than cherry. Also, when purchasing hardwood, choose a dark color. It will enhance the opulence of your home. This way, the budget can be kept while maintaining quality.

6.Install new energy-efficient appliances

Switching to newer, energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen is an excellent way to reduce the amount of energy your home consumes. Refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, stoves, and smaller appliances such as toasters are all available in newer models that use less water and energy. These appliances can be identified by the Energy Star label that comes with them, which certifies that they meet or exceed federal energy usage standards.

New appliances are also a long-term investment that can increase the value of a home. It may seem obvious, but a home with newer kitchen appliances will outperform a comparable home with older appliances in terms of value.

7.Updating your kitchen floor

In the kitchen, flooring is frequently overlooked. It’s easy to overlook the surface beneath your feet when there are so many renovation options at eye level. Kitchen floors, on the other hand, take just as much abuse as any other part of the room over time. When something spills, when new appliances are brought in, when you cook with hot oil and it bubbles and spits, your floor becomes dirty and damaged. This can add up over time. Replacing your floor with new flooring that is more durable and easier to clean can be a worthwhile investment in the long run. Hardwood, artificial wood substitutes, and ceramic tile are all good options for a floor that is easy to clean and lasts a long time.

8.Update lighting

Updating your fixtures with energy-efficient LED bulbs can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the room. You can also add track lighting and dimmers to the space to help you control how it feels in different situations. A well-lit kitchen is also important for cooking because it allows you to see what you’re doing.

9.Use the area under the stairs

If you’re remodeling a home with a staircase, don’t make the mistake of leaving the large space beneath the staircase unused. Add some shelves to display your bookcases or music collection, or fine wine enthusiasts can make a fancy wine rack to complete your cozy nook. You can even create a lovely secret reading nook in a small room.

10.Open shelves

One of our favorite ideas for adding an extra visual layer to your home as you work through your home renovation is to include open shelves. You only need a couple of shelves to display your antiques, trinkets, and other collectibles, and you can keep them completely open or cover them with glass doors. You can also use baskets, books, or any other home accessory to decorate shelves.

People always ask us how they can save money during home renovation. And no matter who you are, it’s a great question to have! But with our experience and your budget in mind, we’ve created singapore renovation ideas that will save you time and money. That’s why we created Elpis Interior Design to help our clients with their renovations and make them as affordable as possible!

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