What You Should Know Before Hiring an Renovation contractor in Singapore

A renovation contractor is a professional who specializes in the construction or modification of buildings and their associated structures. A contractor may work on residential, commercial, industrial or other types of projects.

Renovation contractors are responsible for many aspects of a project such as designing the new space to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing; installing electrical wiring and plumbing; upgrading mechanical systems like heating and cooling; painting walls; selecting flooring materials; finishing carpentry work like ceilings, doors and trim; performing demolition tasks like removing old fixtures and cabinetry.

A successful renovation project requires careful planning including consideration for the needs of all occupants (current residents), any future occupants (new tenants) as well as timelines for completion so that everyone can move-in at once without unnecessary inconvenience.

The planning stage usually begins with an interview to determine the client’s goals and to create a scope of work; then, depending on the scope, a renovation contractor will typically create some kind of design.

Throughout the process, the client is kept informed about progress and feeding back to make any changes to the design as needed. During construction, a contractor will update the client about progress and after all work is completed, schedule a walk-through survey with the client to ensure that everything meets their satisfaction.

You’ve decided to get your home renovated, and you want it done right. But before you hire a renovation contractor in Singapore, ask yourself: Do I know what I need to know to pick the best contractor for me?

The answer is yes, if you follow this easy-to-read checklist of questions and corresponding tips. Your home renovation project is likely to be the biggest investment of time and money you’ll ever make, so don’t skimp on your due diligence.

1. The process of hiring a contractor.

Before you hire a contractor take the time to do some research. The first step is to look at their business cards for any licenses (or licences) that they might hold. 

You should always make sure that your renovation contractor has proper insurance coverage, including worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

Many contractors provide potential clients with an itemized list of services and prices but this does not necessarily mean they will be able to continue providing those services for the guaranteed price.

The itemized price could include items such as travel time, dump fees or even just extras like tea or coffee. It’s important to remember that the contractor’s itemized quote is not legally binding, so you will often need to include this in your negotiations.

Even if the company has years of experience, it is still a good idea to call at least three other people who have had renovations done by the company and ask them about their experiences with the contractor.

2. How to find out if the Contractor is licensed?

The Singapore Contractors Registration Board provides basic information about all companies licensed to carry out building and construction work in the country.

It may be hard to tell if a renovation contractor is insured because it isn’t necessary for them to carry insurance, but you can check their official website or contact them directly to ask if they have any insurance coverage for their customers.

When working on residential properties, renovation contractors in Singapore are required to be licensed by the Association of Master Builders (AMC). Some might also work on commercial projects, which may require licensing with other organizations like MPM or JTC Corporation.

Most renovation contractors will definitely have experience because that’s how they were able to be licensed in the first place. Most of them also have construction-related certifications, endorsements or awards they received for excellence.

3. Interviewing your potential contractors.

When you are interviewing the renovator, ask what they will do to minimize disruption during the renovation. Ask them how long it will take and if there is any equipment that might create excessive noise or be an eyesore for neighbours, like jackhammers.

An important thing to consider when choosing a contractor is which type of renovation they specialize in. Some contractors are better with roofing, some are better at tiling, and some do the best work at kitchen or bathroom renovation.

You want to hire someone who is best suited for the type of renovation that you need done. If you know any friends or family members who had their home renovated recently, ask them if they would recommend their contractor.

4. Design and the scope of work.

Before you hire a renovation contractor in Singapore, be sure to ask for a design and scope of work. A good contractor should be able to provide these things for you before quoting on the cost of the renovations that they will do for you.

Scope of work is the description that details what the contractor will do for you and how much it will cost. If your contractor does not give you one, get another one who can. 

This way if one quote is too expensive or seems like their proposed scope of work is too vague, then all you need to do is ask them for a more detailed proposal from someone else and go with whoever gives you the best deal.

The design shows exactly what materials will be used, so you can get a better idea of what the final result will look like. If someone does not have an official design for their renovations, then always ask them to 

get one from a professional who is qualified and understands your vision, or else it may come out looking completely different than you expected.

The best contractors in Singapore are those who are the best at their jobs. They are experienced, knowledgeable, insured and hold all the necessary qualifications for any work they propose to do.

Always ask for a detailed design before signing on with any renovation contractor in Singapore. This will greatly increase your chances of getting exactly what you want out of your renovations.

Elpis Interior Design

You can find a contractor that is qualified and experienced by conducting your research, interviewing the potential contractors, and looking at their design. 

If you want to hire someone who will do top- quality work with minimal disruption in your home or business space, contact us today! 

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