7 Elements Of Scandinavian Style For Your HDB Living Room In Singapore

In Singapore, many of us are living in HDB apartments. It’s a reality for more than 8 million people in the city-state and we’re not going to get out of it anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own home feel like a little slice of heaven! Here’s how to spruce up your HDB apartment with some Scandinavian living room style design elements so that you’ll never want to leave again.

1) Create an inviting atmosphere by adding lush plants and greenery indoors or outside on balconies and patios – put down a rug or throw pillows;

2) Frame your TV with artful prints like black-and-white photographs, contrasty abstracts, colorful posters from exhibitions;

3) Hang your favorite photos on the walls in an attempt to create a gallery wall on your Scandinavian living rooms;

4) Get cozy with fur and velvet on your Scandinavian living rooms- use them to add texture, style and comfort;

5) Pick a color palette that consists of bright colors and whites as they reflect light better compared to darker hues. These colors will help make the room feel bigger and brighter.

6) Add character with accessories like candlesticks, vases, bowls, handcrafted items;

7) Hang up interesting wall art that adds a touch of quirkiness to your space – some Scandinavian goodies from IKEA will do just the trick!

In Scandinavia, building across the rugged north to the landscaped south, architects have perfected a design that is at once modern and timeless.

1. What is Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian design is a form of Swedish design that is minimalist which has a simple and elegant aesthetic. It is also minimalistic in the sense that it only focuses on basic features and would not be cluttered with too many decorative details. This type of design style can also be attributed to a simplified version of Jugendstil or Neues Stils.

2. How to incorporate Scandi design in your HDB living room design

Scandinavian living room Style is all about simplicity, femininity and modernity. It’s a delicate mixture of clean lines, white walls and natural light. These are some items you may want to incorporate if you’re looking for some Scandinavian living room style in your own living rooms.

1. A comfortable armchair upholstered in a warm fabric like velvet would make a great addition to your lounge or scandi living room. The chair should be lower than the sofa so when you sit down it feels like hugging a big pillow!

2. White painted walls for your feature wall with high ceilings means there’s plenty of space for beautiful, simple artwork and shelves to show off your favourite wares.

3. Sliding doors and windows let the sunshine in and keep the apartment feeling spacious. They also open up a space to the outside, bringing nature into your home.

4. A throw rug in natural colours over wooden flooring makes a room feel cosy, own focal point and homely

5. White walls create an airy and bright atmosphere for your living room – it’s Scandinavian style at its best! And if you have a corner, why not hang some pretty curtains to add more softness to the space?

6. New lighting like pendant lights and chandeliers will bring in the sparkle that’s missing from your walls, clean style-wise that is! A floor lamp can freshen up a desk or bureau.

7. Finally, keep a couple of plants around to keep the space feeling alive and bring in some colour.

Although Scandi style is not new, it’s timeless because after all, how can you go wrong with such classic design elements? The room will always look chic and trendy no matter what decade you live in!

Elpis: ensuring the Scandinavian design has a place in your HDB living room!

Elpis specializes in transforming spaces into Nordic havens that are affordable. From furniture to interiors, Elpis can turn any empty space into a dream home with modern Scandi elements like light wood furniture and rustic textures.

3. 7 Elements of Scandinavian style for your HDB living room space in Singapore

Scandi design is a low-maintenance, easy to achieve look that will have your friends green with envy. This Scandinavian style may have originated in Northern Europe but its clean lines and minimalist decor are absolutely perfect for life in Singapore. In fact, Scandi design has been influencing home design across the globe – it’s a great option for those who like their space minimalistic but not boring. We’ve got 7 essential styling elements you need to get that Scandi vibe right away:

1. Lighten up your Scandinavian living room with crisp clean white walls and light natural wood furnishings (think curtains, bed, chairs, shelve). White surfaces always make rooms feel more spacious and bright whereas dark surfaces do the opposite.

2. Add a touch of quirky personality with white-and-black striped canvases adorning the walls. This classic graphic style will add some edge to your space while keeping things subtle and clean at the same time.

3. Clear out your furniture – Scandinavian decor has an almost ‘instant gratification’ when it comes to furniture arrangement. Keep only what you need in terms of sitting for everyday activities, such as reading or watching TV, and move everything else out into the lobby or storage room if possible (or maybe just put them in another room). It’s all about simplicity here!

4. Round off your Scandinavian living room look with low profile scatter cushions for added texture on top of an armchair or sofa. Scandi style is feminine and a little quirky, so don’t worry about mixing different textures like furry and suede fabrics in one space. This is the perfect place to experiment with patterns and colours that are outside your usual comfort zone!

5. Hang plants from ceiling for vertical greenery without the need for gardeners or green thumbs; just string them on strings or buy living wall baskets made specifically for this purpose. Add to this a cosy corner nook filled with blankets, pillows and throws around floor lamps, small tables or coffee table books if you’re looking for more ways to brighten up the room (easy reading here!). Don’t forget to throw in some natural materials like wood and stone – concrete floors are surprisingly easy to maintain in a tropical climate (just sweep often).

6. Instead of the usual coffee table, use a skinny bookshelf or small cabinets to create more tabletop space for arranging decor like flowers and plants. This creates a natural focal point that won’t seem so imposing on your seating area. Place it against one corner of the wall as an accent piece (not where you normally put your TV set) to draw attention away from the centre of the room.

7. Stick with open shelving rather than closed ones and keep all items simple and easy-to-access for quick tidying up after parties – chaos is never welcome here! Keeping things tidy is crucial; if your home was totally clean, would you really want to sit and do nothing in it?

Scandinavian style is a favourite of many Singaporean fashion bloggers. Why not use these styling tips to bring some Scandinavian magic into your own living room today? Some great sources for Scandi home decor include Designskool, Ikea and Naiise Singapore (these folks also sell wonderful products at good prices).

Styling Your Home With Scandi Chic: A Primer for Singapore Living

Feminine and modern, these 7 elements of Scandinavian design will give your living room a feminine vibe.

1. Funk up your coffee table with pots of fresh flowers

2. Create depth in your space making use of glass or mirrors

3. Let the natural light in – an abundance of windows is something to always aim for, even a skylight would do wonders for this space!

4. Bring in Scandi-inspired decor like a wrap around mirror frame or a piece of furniture with mismatched legs (maybe that old chest that you found at the flea market!) to add interest and personality.

5. Keep furniture minimal, think more long poufs than couches or armchairs.

6. And finally, leave the feeling open and light by keeping it airy with a clean palette of natural tones that lean towards the Scandinavian colour spectrum – whites, greys and wood finishes!

7. Remember to embrace your personal style as well – if you like vibrant colours scheme for example in pops of orange or yellow instead! This is why one space will feel totally different from another but still retain the spirit of ‘Scandi’.

4. Modern, feminine and a bit quirky, Scandi design is gorgeous

Scandi design is always a great way to cultivate a feminine aesthetic in your living space. The key is to keep it minimalistic and comfortable. Here are seven easy styling elements you can use to bring the Scandi style into your HDB living room:

– Use light candles with shades for a touch of ambiance

– Choose one or two pieces of furniture from one of the Scandinavian countries that you love, which will be a nice addition to your living room

– Bring out the natural beauty of wood by using dark, rich colors or natural shades for walls and upholstery

– Keep your plants alive and healthy with plenty of sunlight

– To make sure everything feels cozy, add a nest on the coffee table

– Add a rug wherever you may need one, and make sure it is not too big or too small for the room

– Hang art over your sofa to create an artistic focal point in the room

5. Here’s how to get that look in your own living space with 7 easy styling elements you’ll love!

If you’ve been looking for a new and exciting way to decorate your HDB living room, Scandinavian style is the perfect solution. This design trend has been around since the 1950s, but it’s not old-fashioned – in fact, it’s one of the most popular styles right now! With its clean lines and feminine touch, Scandi design can really make any space look better.

1) White walls – brighten up the space and make it feel more airy

Scandi design is a type of minimalistic design that focuses on simplicity, functionality and versatility. Another distinctive element of this style is that it brings in a lot of light into the room. This aspect of Scandinavian-style design can make your home look bigger, brighter and more spacious than usual.

2) Wood floors – add warmth and cosiness to the room without being too dark or heavy-looking

Wood floors are a cheaper alternative to carpeting as they don’t need as much maintenance. Wooden flooring is also a great material for those who suffer from allergies or are sensitive to dust mites. Wood also keeps the temperature of the room stable in all seasons, unlike carpet which can heat up during summer months. With wood flooring, your Scandinavian living room will be warm, cozy and not too dark or heavy looking!

3) Light colours on furniture – light wood tones are perfect for an apartment with limited natural lighting or if you have darker floors

You might think that Scandinavian design is too minimalistic and downplayed for your taste. You’re probably more into the bright colors and cozy feel of traditional American country style.

Maybe your taste is eclectic, though, and you want to bring some Scandinavian pieces into your home because it’s practical and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. Or maybe you simply want a change in scenery to inspire your creativity or get out of a rut.

Whatever the reason, don’t rule out the Scandinavian style just yet! Try bringing in elements like light wood tones on furniture or lighter shades of browns and grays. You can add pops of color with clean geometric patterns that are natural-looking instead of overly busy.

4) Use of dark colours sparingly

Use black only on your curtains and decorative pieces, like a vase or lamp, to give a sense of formality and luxury that is associated with the color. You can also use black in your home decor if you have dark timbers or woods as accents. Black accessories, like this accent chair, draw the eye to them but are not too overpowering

5) Double up furniture when space is limited

Fitting two or more functions into one piece will make it easier to plan your room layout. A desk can double as a dining table, stools in the kitchen can be used as side tables  

6) Soft cushions in comfortable fabrics

Don’t underestimate the power of pillows! It will really add comfort and color to your sectional sofa without making a big investment Pillows are charming and inexpensive. Don’t underestimate the power of this little accessory! A bunch of them scattered around can quickly make your sectional sofa feel like your own personal haven – without the big investment of another piece of furniture.

7) An interesting rug

after years of being covered by carpets, throw rugs are becoming popular again amongst those who appreciate the extra warmth and texture they add to a room. A hand-knotted wool rug will make your space look more luxurious without breaking the bank.

If you have children or pets, place rugs in high-traffic areas. Throw mats are another great idea for stairs, hallways and entrances; they add a touch of color and pattern to spaces with less wear and tear but just as much stylishness!

Make your area look Scandinavian:   A simple way to bring the Scandinavian aesthetic into any home is through choosing light flooring with colors that give off undertones of yellow, blue or green. This will make the room feel bright and airy. Be sure to use clean lines, straight edges and open space in order to let that light shine on through!


Scandi design is a popular style that originated in Scandinavia. This modern, feminine and slightly quirky aesthetic can be used to give your Scandinavian living room an updated look without being too dark or heavy-looking. One way of incorporating Scandi Design into your HDB living room would be by choosing light flooring with colors that have undertones of yellow, blue or green which will make the space feel bright and airy. Be sure to use clean lines, straight edges and open spaces so you let the natural light from outside shine through!

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