Scandinavian Design Trends For Your Home

10 Jun 2022

Scandinavian design is a term that covers a number of different types of styles, and the most common term used in this book refers to the design movement that originated in Scandinavia in the early 1900s and took root in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Scandinavian interior design is about having balance in every aspect of a room. It’s about light, warmth and calmness. It’s about using natural materials and colors.

Scandinavian Interior Design Characteristics


A Scandinavian home’s color scheme also has an impact. With a concentration on whites and softer colors, it often has no more than four neutral tones. Scandinavian houses are additionally illuminated to combat the darkness by a subdued color scheme combined with the presence of natural light. They furthermore have the advantage of making spaces appear more elegant and large.

Nature inspired

Scandinavians are known for their love of the outdoors. Therefore, by adding real plants, they bring outside characteristics inside. To change the atmosphere of your house, place some recently cut flowers on the table or some plants in the corner. 

Add some life to any area in your house by placing a plant or two on the table or in the corner. All you need to do is water them, and the sunshine will provide them with all the sunlight they require.

Natural light

The interior architecture of Scandinavian nations usually makes the most of natural light because they frequently face protracted periods of darkness. Singapore’s interpretation of this well-known topic frequently employs sheer drapes in order to let light through without being too startling. Additionally, having natural light makes the entire space brighter, reducing the need for selfie filters.

Simple accent

To finish the theme, some straightforward décor (such paintings, drawings, or jars) may be on show. To maintain the minimalist and uncluttered qualities of Scandinavian design, however, décor should be maintained to a minimum.


Traditional Scandinavian dwellings are frequently modest in size and lack room for clutter and large pieces of furniture. This minimalist element has, of course, been carried over to newer, larger homes and has emerged as a significant element in Scandinavian architecture. Themed HDBs place a strong focus on striking a balance between practicality and straightforward beauty. A few elegant pieces will do to complete the outfit.

Genres of Scandinavian Interior Design

Rustic scandinavian

Rustic decor in Scandinavian Style mimics the typical Nordic environment. This style is based on natural wood with combinations of blue and white colors, antique and worn trunks, as well as many other accessories. It is not difficult to succumb to the charm of rustic decoration while enjoying the Scandinavian’ minimalistic approach. Want a style that is both durable and classy? rustic Scandinavian is your best bet.

Never underestimate the popularity of the Scandinavian style – it has been in trend for several years, and is expected to continue doing so. Its main advantages are minimalism and functionalism. The rustic Scandinavian  style proves that sometimes, less is better than more. The basic raw material is wood, which is often painted in subdued colors and without any unnecessary decorations. Subtle colors like black, white, and shades of gray have a calming effect, making a space look cleaner and more cared for.

Minimalist scandinavian

The goal of minimalist scandinavian interior design is to create lightness, openness and a feeling of freedom.

Encourage natural light, the unique cadence of sunlight and moonlight encourages homeowners to use light inventively. Wide open windows, positioned for either morning or evening sunlight, are prized. Window trim, window treatments or dressing, and even the colour of windows or arrangement of glass can all be optimised to control and capture light.

Reducing clutter is a great place to start. In Scandi minimalism, this is often applied by using fewer items in a given room or on a given surface. The items that are there are chosen with great care, and positioned to bring enjoyment and ease.

Thoughtful space allocation is key. There are more space optimisation techniques available to the average business person or individual than ever, due in part to a trend of tiny home living. True fans of minimalist scandinavian purchase items that are durable and long-lasting. Most homes in Denmark or Norway have designer chairs, often bought from Eames or other high-end producers. It is a point of pride to own one or more of these luxury items, which are both iconic and treasured.

Use subtle colours and tones, in a land of intense sunlight and bitter cold, colour provides a visual respite. Often, Scandinavian minimalist designs will have single-tone, neutral walls with accent colours in furniture or textiles. These are often accompanied by geometric or linear blankets, pillows, and sumptuous items that support a lifestyle of hygge. Traditionally, hygge is a daily indoor ritual which features warm beverages or good food, gentle candlelight, and feelings of wellness and contentment

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