The Scandinavian Color Palette That Enhance Your Home

23 Aug 2022

When you paint a room, it’s important to choose the colors carefully. You need to ensure that the colors will look good together. This is where choosing a Scandinavian color palette comes in handy. Scandinavia is a beautiful, vibrant region full of rich cultural traditions and stunning landscapes. The colors in Scandinavian design are bright and bold. It’s no surprise why they have become so popular. If you want to incorporate Scandinavian colors into your home, keep reading to discover the best Scandinavian color palette for every room in your home.

Colours Used for a Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian interior color scheme is more than just aesthetically beautiful. To achieve the Scandinavian design, you must take into account the following room color ideas:

  • Dark grey
  • Slate grey
  • Walnut wood
  • Dust pink
  • Pistachio green

Colour Recommendations for Scandinavian Bedroom Design

A monochrome, exquisitely simple bedroom is decorated entirely in various shades of grey. In addition, the streamlined style is complemented by grey furnishings and dark timber accents. Similar to this, cozy wooden furniture rules the small bedroom. The clean, white background of the walls is a traditional Scandinavian color scheme. The vivid blue color on the wall above the bed, though, stands out and breathes life into the scandinavian bedroom design.

Colour Ideas for Scandinavian Living Room Design

Check out this living room if you want to look into color schemes for the living room in a newly renovated home. The Scandinavian color palette in this living room is based on cool-toned greys, light wooden elements, and a fresh coat of white paint. 

Here’s a suggestion if you’re seeking more living room color schemes! Bring some modern flair into your living room. Keep the color palette consistent while including a splash of color with pillows and upholstery.

Colour Ideas for Scandinavian Dining Room Design

The wall color schemes in this dining area go nicely with the Scandinavian design. The white table and grey dining chairs go well with the soft blue walls. The eye-catching wall-mounted artwork significantly contributes to the beauty of this area. Additionally, the flowers give each place you decorate a personal touch. 

When it comes to room color choices, keeping things straightforward is the best choice for some people. The ultimate purpose of a dining room in this style is to provide an uncluttered dining experience. For a visual break in the design, you may always vary it up with artwork and paintings.

Room Colour Ideas for Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Your greatest bet for achieving effective, secure, and convenient kitchen use is a Scandinavian design! Warm wood tones for the cabinets and a white countertop rule over these color schemes for the rooms. To avoid discoloration, choose a medium hue of wooden laminate. 

If you feel that your kitchen lacks personality, you can give it some color by painting a wall the color of your choice or by putting in some plants. To adhere to the Scandinavian kitchen design aesthetic, make sure the wooden accents and cabinets dominate other features.

Follow these Dos and Don’ts for a Scandinavian Color Scheme


  • Keep the furniture and accessories, as well as the room color schemes, in perspective. 
  • Keep everything simple and minimalist, and use these principles throughout. 
  • Add handcrafted, vintage, or regional furniture and accessories to enhance Wabi-Sabi. 
  • Pick wood with a comparable grain or pattern that is lighter in color, such as oak or ash.


  • Make a contrast to get ideas for colors in rooms. However, refrain from oversimplifying the color scheme by using too many hues, particularly dark hues. 
  • A large part of the warmth of a Scandinavian interior color scheme comes from wood. However, never use different wood color combinations in the same design. 
  • Do not mix and match patterns, just as with wood. Limit yourself to no more than two or three patterns.

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