A Guide to Finding the Right Renovation Company In Singapore

Is it time for you to renovate your home? If so, then you will want to find the right renovation company in Singapore. Finding a renovation company can be difficult if you don’t know where to start looking. You have two options: finding renovation company that offer quotes online or finding renovation companies that offer quotes offline. This blog post will discuss both of these options and help you choose whichever is best for your needs!

Any renovation job will almost always come with a hefty price tag. Follow these helpful ideas to get started on a smooth remodeling endeavor and avoid becoming another chapter in the metaphorical book of renovation horror stories.

1. Set a renovation budget for the renovation company Singapore

It’s time to get your calculator out! It’s critical to determine the correct renovation budget for your home. What is the most amount you are willing to spend while staying inside your budget? It works if you have a ballpark figure to begin with.

A home makeover might cost anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000, according to Qanvast. The size of your floor plan (the larger your home, the more expensive your renovation might be), the complexity of your restoration (are you hacking a wall for that kitchen island or simply installing elegant new doors?) and the sort of property you own are all things to consider (resale, BTO, condo and landed homes fetch different renovation costs).

2. Make a list of your wants and needs

Renovations aren’t inexpensive, and even the smallest decision can add up. Making a list of what kind of remodeling work goes under a ‘need’ and what falls under a ‘desire’ is one approach to keep on track. A ‘need’ is an item that you must have in order to be comfortable in your house – particularly if it is a resale home – such as new bathroom flooring and wiring. Installing marble kitchen tops and exotic tilework are examples of extravagant renovation undertakings that look nice but that you may easily live without.

3. Do a background check

Google is your best friend when it comes to investigating the reputation of a renovation firm you’re interested in. When searching them up, a smart thing to ask is, “Can they perform quality work?” Although a picture is worth a thousand words, post-renovation images aren’t the only method to see if they have what it takes to build the home of your dreams. In this regard, HDB residents have it a lot easier because under the Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme, you can only choose a HDB-approved contractor (RRCS).

You can also use CaseTrust-accredited IDs to protect yourself. Starting with social media is also a fantastic idea. Checking the rating on their official Facebook page and/or the comment section might immediately reveal whether or not that firm is bad news.

4. Meet them in person

First impressions, especially those made face to face, can be quite potent. You’ll usually be invited down to the office to speak with the Interior Designer (ID) or contractor after you’ve indicated interest in checking out their services. The meeting is also an opportunity to bounce ideas off of them and ask any burning remodeling questions you may have. This will tell you whether they can carry out the concept you want, such as the ever-popular Scandinavian style.

5. Get a second – or third – opinion

Because home renovation is a costly investment, you’ll want to entrust the beautifying of your home to extremely experienced hands at a reasonable price. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, we recommend getting quotes from at least three different firms. From there, you can easily compare and contrast based on your initial budget and make an informed decision about which renovation business to hire.

6. Ask About the Firm’s Specialty or Expertise

interior design firms in Singapore frequently specialize in one sort of design. Some people prefer a farmhouse or rustic look with a hint of the industrial. Others prefer to engage with residential clients, while others only operate in the retail sector.

Home Guide is equally talented in residential and retail interior design thanks to a diverse spectrum of experience, competence, and creativity among our team members. You may view our beautiful flats in our online photo gallery, or look at the retail spaces we’ve constructed. We prefer a contemporary, clean style with high-end finishes, but we’ll collaborate with you to create a space that realizes your vision.

7. Inquire About Payment

What is the company’s payment policy? Is it necessary to pay the complete amount up front? It’s possible that you’ll need to put down a deposit and then pay the balance in installments. Some companies employ a flat price approach, while others include a line item for everything in the bill. Don’t believe a company that demands a 50% payment or pledges to waive all additional expenses. Those could be indicators of desperation from a dubious business or one that is out of cash and clients.

8. Establish the Timeline For The Renovation Contractor

Find out what your project’s timeline will be right from the start. Of course, there can be setbacks and delays; but, a competent interior design firm will strive to stay to a fair schedule as much as feasible. If there are any problems or delays, the company should inform you with a complete update so you are aware of the new schedule.


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