Tanjong Pagar Plaza

02 May 2017

Tanjong Pagar Plaza

居住成員 | Family Member
2 Members

裝潢費用 | Renovation Cost
SGD 70,000.00

設計風格 | Design Concept

房屋類型 | Property Type
Apartment 2 rooms

房屋狀況 | House Situation

装修时间 | Renovation Time-frame
10 Weeks

空間格局 | Renovation Area
客廳、厨房、主臥房、衛浴、鞋柜  | Living Hall, Kitchen, Dining, Master Bedroom, Bathroom, Shoes Cabinet‧

主要建材 | Main Building Material
Hacking work, Tiling works, Electrical works, Painting, Carpentry works, Doors & Windows work
Plain & Simple, this home is far from Dull: Largely white & delightful with Light Brown woods & White Brick features, it’s a home where its design lies in its details.It uses Mid-high Feature walls to subtly break/demarcate the living room space, to make way for a cosy corner where one can put-on/take-off their shoes before entering the home – to cleverly maintain the spaciousness of the foyer.

Decorative with the use of Ornamental Centrepieces & Tiles, it keeps to the principles of Scandinavian Design for light-hearted & soothing home.

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Unsure of Your Home Reno Cost?

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