La fiesta

19 Oct 2016

La fiesta

居住成員 | Family member
6 Members

裝潢費用 | Renovation cost
↳SGD 32K

設計風格 | Design concept
Nordic Scandinavian

房屋類型 | Property Type
Condo – Duo key 5 Rooms

房屋狀況 | House Situation
New Condo

装修时间 | Renovation Timeframe
6 Weeks

空間格局 | Renovation area
客廳、饭厅、主臥房、房间  | Living Hall, Dining, Master Bedroom, Bedroom

主要建材 | Main Building Material
Tiling works, Electrical works, Glass works, Painting, Carpentry works & Aluminium works

Nordic Scandinavian:
Our home owner like to have spacious feel at home and expect to have a distinctive Scandinavian theme. Every design details are important. Our designer work closely with home owner from space planning to choosing & selection of element like colour matching, furniture and lighting.

Thank You Melvin & Ivy for choosing Team ELPIS and give us the opportunity to serve you and create your dream home!

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