Adana @ Thomson

07 Jun 2019

Adana @ Thomson 

設計師 | Designer
Lee ZhiQi & Frederick Chow

居住成員 | Family Member

裝潢費用 | Renovation Cost

設計風格 | Design
Loft & Scandinavia style with Craftholic Theme

房屋類型 | Property Type
2 Bedrooms

房屋狀況 | House Situation
New Condo

装修时间 | Renovation Time-frame
8 weeks

空間格局 | Renovation Area
Whole house

主要建材 | Main Building Material:
Hacking, Masonry & Tiling, Awning & Loft work, Glass, Carpentry, False ceiling, Painting, Electrical wiring & Installation, Parquet flooring.



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