154A Bedok South Road

08 Jun 2022

Case Data
154A Bedok South Road

Jeffery Tan

Family Member

Property Type
3Rooms BTO

Renovation Cost

House Situation

Contemporary, mixture of style

Renovation Area
↳ Overlay tiles for 2 bathrooms
Built in carpentry for whole house
False ceiling & partition for whole house
Caesarstone quartz table top for kitchen & bathroom vanity
Electrical wiring & fittings installation
Plumbing configuration & fittings installation
whole house Painting
Kitchen feature backsplash Admira cerarl panels
Forte fluted panels & stainless steel strip feature wall
Partial hacking

Main Building Material
Carpentry, Tiles, Gypsum board, Fluted panels, Laminates, Smart switches, Chrome Stainless steel strips

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