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Sky Peak @ Bukit Batok
CASE DATA ↳Sky Peak @ Bukit Batok   Designer ↳Stepher Phang Family Member ↳2 Adults Renovation Cost ↳$36k Design ↳Modern Contemporary Property Type ↳ BTO 4 Rooms House Situation ↳ BTO Renovation Time-frame ↳ 7 Weeks Renovation Area ↳Entire House Main Building Material ↳Solid Plywood W/ Laminate Finishing, Quartz Table Top, Tinted Mirror & Back Painted Glass, Homogeneous Gloss Tiles, Resilience Vinyl Flooring, Plaster Ceiling & Nippon Paint.
Seasons Park, Yio Chu Kang Road
CASE DATA ↳Seasons Park, Yio Chu Kang Road Designer ↳ZhiQi Lee & Frederick Chow Design ↳Mixture of Styles Family Member ↳2 Adults & 1 Kid Property Type ↳Resale Condo - 2 bedrooms Renovation Period ↳8 Weeks Renovation Area ↳Whole House Main Building Material ↳Masonry & Tiling, Carpentry, False ceiling, Painting, Electrical Wiring & Installation, Vinyl flooring, Kompacplus Highlight ↳Play area for the kid which can convert into sleeping area if have guest staying over. Below the play area, there are storage for daily household items as the house does not have come with a Store room.
MacPherson Spring
CASE DATA ↳MacPherson Spring Designer ↳ZhiQi Lee & Frederick Chow Family Member ↳ Young couple Design ↳Scandinavian Eclectic Property Type ↳HDB BTO 4-rooms Renovation Time-frame ↳8 weeks Renovation Area ↳Living, Kitchen, 2Baths and 2 Bedrooms Renovation Material ↳Hacking, Masonry & Overlay tiles at Bath, Glass, Carpentry, Vinyl flooring, Quartz Top, Electrical wiring and installation.