A ways to improve office productivity with office renovation services

office renovations in Singapore and office space is a vital part of the business ecosystem. It plays a big role in attracting talent, retaining staff, and creating a culture of innovation that will drive your company forwards. Renovating office space can help to create an office that people want to work in-one that feels productive, well-designed, and up-to-date with modern technologies.

Office renovation is the act of improving office space to make it more productive, up-to-date with modern technologies, and attractive to work in. It plays a big role in attracting talent, retaining staff, and creating a culture of innovation that will drive your company forwards. Here are some things to consider.

Office Renovations Singapore Layout

Employees are more productive in open spaces, according to studies. However, there is a delicate balance between being close to the resources used and having enough space to feel private. If you choose an open floorplan, strategically placed glass dividers provide privacy while remaining inclusive. Inward-facing desks foster feelings of connection, which promote collaboration. Consider how employees perform their tasks and how a floorplan can help them be more efficient.

Health & Safety

Ergonomics can be thought of as the “feng shui” of office furniture design. If ergonomics is not a deliberate part of office space planning, a company will miss out on the benefits of carefully researched functionality of office furniture that maximizes productivity through healthy design.

Future Growth

A renovation is an improvement to the company’s appearance. If the decor is done correctly, a company’s productivity should increase. This usually leads to growth. That means you should plan for future office space expansion as part of your office renovation. Growth necessitates additional staff, corresponding office furniture, the need for more storage, and so on.


When considering an office renovation, it can be difficult to get past the cost. However, if you implement the right elements, you may end up saving money. Consider redesigning energy-saving features such as lighting, air conditioning, and air flow. Determine whether electrical equipment, such as copiers, computers, and audio systems, should be replaced with more energy-efficient models. Check the safety of your electrical system with a qualified electrician.

Trust A Professional

If the goal of office renovation is to increase productivity, don’t take time away from your own work by attempting to manage the project yourself. Make a plan and then delegate the heavy lifting to a professional contractor.

How many aspects of office renovation can improve productivity

1. Improve Efficiency 

Your current layout and configuration may not be allowing and most likely is not allowing your team to complete their work as efficiently as possible. According to a Harvard Business Review study, employees at one company were wasting more than 10 minutes per day just looking for adequate meeting spaces! The same study discovered that businesses that eliminated cubicles in favor of a more open, collaborative workspace reduced email volume by 50% while their employees were more productive and communicated better.

2. Improve Morale

According to a Gallup Poll, the average full-time employee works 47 hours per week and for some employees, that number can be much higher, easily exceeding 50 and even 60 hours. Because you are investing to improve and enhance what is literally their “home away from home,” renovating your office gives your team a fresh boost of energy. While the connection between morale and productivity is well understood, the American Psychological Association has confirmed that “psychological, sociological, and economic research has shown that having happy, healthy, and engaged workers is good for a company’s bottom line.”

3. Enhance Environmental Systems with Singapore Office Renovation

An optimized workspace begins with selecting the best layout to support your people and workflows, but it does not stop there. It also includes improving your environmental systems, such as lighting and heating and cooling. Indeed, UndercoverRecruiter.com, widely regarded as the world’s #1 recruitment and career blog, has advised that office renovations boost employee productivity by incorporating more natural light and allowing the entire environment to maintain a consistent temperature of 72-74 degrees.

Contractor for office renovation Singapore

The design of offices is the most suitable combination between architectural and decorative elements in one design that creates an overall impression of highest value as the client as well as. Chuan Fong a duly registered company that has an experience of almost 20 years with customers’ interests at heart that has enabled them to build long term relationships with their clientèle. Office renovation is complex in nature requiring many professional skills. If you’re looking for an office renovation contractor Singapore don’t let things go by chance but hire Elpis Interior. Other renovation service we offer: Office Interior Renovation Retail Renovation Commercial Renovation. We offer a range of office renovation services.

The best experts on office renovation Contractor in Singapore

Office space is designed to last forever. All workers will live within the best conditions possible. The physical structure of any workplace is also inevitable through wear and tear. This means that some portions of a building can be destroyed and office furniture and equipment might start failing. If this occurs to you consider hiring an office renovation provider to save both time and money. Please see the office reconstruction costs in Singapore below to find the best Singapore office reconstruction contractors.


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