The Office Design Element That Boosts Employee Productivity

The office building itself has to be comfortable, with an open floor plan to promote communication between employees, places for people to collaborate easily, plenty of natural light from windows or skylights which also promotes a positive mood among the staff members. Finally, office designers must take into account the workforce needs when designing spaces so that workers can feel energized and able to get their work done in a comfortable environment.

A poorly designed office space could have adverse effects on worker productivity levels because it’s more likely they’ll have less job satisfaction if there are no facilities like meeting rooms or break areas

These are the six most important elements in an office that boost worker productivity by aiding with everything from concentration to wellness

Facilities that make work fun and easier by office interior design Singapore

A rooftop pool is unquestionably a fun luxury, but even amenities as simple as vending machines stocked with healthy, energy-boosting snacks can improve the experience of employees navigating day-to-day workstreams.

Companies with older workers, for example, may find that onsite medical services reduce the amount of time employees spend out of the office navigating appointments, whereas younger demographics may prefer onsite childcare.

Employees who have access to free food throughout the day are more likely to be flexible, adjusting mealtimes based on workflow rather than the other way around. While not every employer can afford a cafeteria with a personal chef, many can achieve comparable results by bringing in food trucks.

The ideal mix of work environments on Commercial Interior

Activity-based work areas in open office floorplans can help employees feel more at ease, empowered, and inspired to show up. Casual lounges, for example, where unlikely collaborators can meet, lead to more innovation. Concentration areas are important not only for heads-down work, but also for finding a relaxing space to unwind.

Natural lighting and fresh air

The design of an office building has a direct impact on cognitive functioning. Multiple studies show that large windows that let in natural light improve employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Building infrastructure, such as the HVAC system, also plays an important role. Flu and colds can be spread by poor air quality, and a sick workforce is never productive.

Quiet zones

Noisy office employees are more than annoying: World Green Building Council research indicates that background noise can lead to a drop in productivity of as many as 66 percent. “One of the top drivers of employee experience is the ability to concentrate,” says Jordan. There are many options to improve acoustics from the installation of sound absorbing ceiling tiles to the replenishment of a room with soft white noise. Telephone booths can contain telephone conference chat, which provides additional space for private discussions.

The Open Space Design

Color influences the productivity level of an individual in the office. There are a variety of emotions in colour, thus affecting your employees’ mood and output. You choose smart colors, such as white, brown, grey, and black when you decide to paint again. By painting the ceilings with colors such as white or beige, the illusion of a big space is created.

In addition, many companies are diverging their workplaces from the conventional cubicle design. By failing to establish walls and other physical barriers, managers enable employees to interact more often. The constant interaction gives employees a sense of camaraderie and also makes information and cowork smoothly flow.

Customization for Workspaces

The concept of personalizing working areas has also been adopted by many business owners in Singapore. For example, a well-stocked pantry with fruits, snacks and drinks can be set up. That is why your staff work overtime. Alternatively, the lounge area could be set aside and equipped with sufficient coffee maker and chairs. This will enjoy a cup of coffee for your customers and other visitors waiting to be served. The lounge can also be used to meet teams and train employees.

Interior Design for a Green Office

Another common trend with office interior design Singapore involves the integration of nature elements. Productivity is imperative for any business, and green office layouts encourage workers to be much more productive. For instance, designing private booths that are equipped with water fountains or skylights can provide employees with an area to brainstorm new ideas or rest after a tedious day. Besides adding nature elements, business owners can also transform to green offices through their practices. You can use energy-efficient equipment, reusable cups, and bottles and ensure that you turn off the lights at the end of the day.

Green materials, such as recycled paper and envelopes, are also advocated by office interior design experts. Typically, these materials are processed and colored using environmentally friendly methods. Furthermore, when purchasing stationery, soaps, and other necessities, buy in bulk to reduce waste during packaging and shipping.

Service Diversification

Aside from going green, the majority of business owners are diversifying their services. This diversification can be seen in the availability of high-speed internet access, inviting reception areas, and well-stocked stationery cabinets. Furthermore, many office spaces have meeting rooms and lounge areas to attract potential clients.

You can motivate your employees to work harder if your office space is well designed. Choose open office layouts because they encourage employees to interact and collaborate on joint projects. A well-structured office interior design not only encourages employee creativity and teamwork, but it also attracts clients. It is sufficient to say that your office elicits impressions and opinions from various visitors.


Office design is a very important aspect for office productivity. A good office design should be functional and practical while incorporating features that will boost office atmosphere and morale. If you’re looking to renovate your office space, talk to one of our experts today! We’ll help you create the perfect office layout for maximum employee efficiency in Singapore with an affordable price tag.


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