Modern Oriental Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

04 Oct 2022

There are many ways to get started with home design, and one of them is through the use of modern oriental interior design. With the variety of colors, shapes, and patterns found in oriental designs, you have the opportunity to create a unique space that reflects your personal style and decor. Modern oriental interior design ideas can be used by homeowners who have a taste for the East but are limited on budget. With such an eclectic look, modern oriental interior design ideas can help bring a touch of Eastern charm to the home.

What is modern oriental design?

The cultures of Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and other significant Eastern societies are highlighted in Asian style interior design, also referred to as Oriental design. While some Asian-themed rooms are loyal to one style, many others combine two or more different ethnic influences.

Modern Oriental design goes beyond simply slapping an elaborately carved lacquer piece into a contemporary house. An elegant attention to detail and a thoughtful balancing of color and texture are hallmarks of modern oriental design.

What makes oriental interior appealing?

Asian-inspired decor immediately conjures images of tranquility and peace. Most of us lead a fast-paced urban existence, so having a tranquil home where we can escape the never-ending craziness is really helpful. By bringing harmony and balance, Asian-inspired interiors masterfully achieve this purpose. But adding a few distinctive ornaments is merely the beginning of creating an Asian-inspired environment. It takes caution, accuracy, and a clear head to be able to remove the unnecessary additions.

Textural Balance

You will frequently hear the word “balance” when attempting to design Asian-inspired rooms. And the significance of this particular feature of oriental design cannot be overstated. An Asian theme’s main defining characteristic is frequent balance. You need your surroundings to have the proper balance of colors, textures, and other aspects. Consider adding glass barriers, natural stone accents, wooden floors, bamboo blinds, and a few organic textures to a home that is primarily made of concrete.

Vivacious Color

One common assumption is that Asian aesthetics lack any vibrant and rich colors, yet the fact is completely the contrary! Only bold accent colors that stand out when used in a serene, neutral backdrop may completely complete an Asian-themed house. The cherry blossom’s exquisite pink hues, enticing reds, and opulent purples are all essential components of the Oriental aesthetic. These hues become a definite necessity if you decide to decorate in a Chinese-inspired manner.


Asian design that has been influenced by Japanese aesthetics is naturally characterized by clear, well-defined straight lines, little ornamentation, and sleek symmetry. With a few easy furniture and color adjustments, you can easily adapt the concept to a modern setting using these pieces. Clutter is a big no-no according to Feng Shui principles that have been tried and true for centuries, and Asian-inspired decor encourages you to surround yourself with just the things you genuinely adore.

Cool Water Feature

Water is another great technique to easily and simply introduce Asian style while also fostering a sense of equilibrium. According to Feng Shui, the sound of flowing water is both calming and beneficial, so a modest water feature in the foyer, living room, or even the backyard is a welcome addition. Reflecting ponds are fantastic features and unquestionably have a relaxing effect.

Fragrance of Nature

To create a more genuine Asian-themed interior, consider factors other than just the design. Beautiful wind chimes, aromatic candles, and sandalwood incense take the Oriental vibe to a whole new level. You will immediately note how the modern home is transformed into a cozy and peaceful hub by adding a few potted plants and shrubs that bring in the goodness of nature. Both sound and odor play a crucial role in influencing how we perceive varied environments and in enhancing the overall comfort of the room. They also redefine the aesthetics in a way that is both affordable and does not require you to renovate your home or repaint any walls.

Fusion of Styles

We did mention before how popular Asian motifs are actually a blend of various forms. Before deciding which design best suits your house, it’s critical to understand each one and its unique components. The Japanese design aesthetic is inherently straightforward, minimalist, and closest to the colors and shades of nature. This theme is ideal for you if you want to bring a touch of Zen into your home. With regal reds, luxurious gold, alluring jade, and plush purple tones, traditional Chinese décor is much more extravagant, vast, and grand.

Modern oriental interior ideas

The next 3 examples of classic contemporary oriental home design ideas combine luxurious modern interior design features with classic antique vintage artifacts!

Traditionally Asian Antique Home

It’s not always necessary to hide your expensive trinkets and valued possessions in closets and corners where they can gather dust. That statement is further supported by the odd traditional Asian interior found in Tiong Bahru’s historic district. 

The interior of this traditional Asian home is beautifully decorated with traditional Chinese artifacts and other priceless cultural objects that date all the way back to ancient times against a plain contemporary background. The homeowner, a fervent Chinese antique collector, has a sizable collection of oriental furnishings that were carefully placed at various locations throughout the interior design of the property. The juxtaposition of contemporary components with oriental decor can be found in the interior of the house’s moist areas.

Modern Chinoiserie Interior Design

Do you have any rustic antique furnishings or sentimental antiques that could be used in your upcoming house renovation? Are you also struggling to come up with the ideal home design concepts on where to place these substantial furniture pieces in your recently refurbished house? You can learn a thing or two from this duplex condo penthouse interior design, which is the perfect combination of modern and oriental style.

This beautiful chinoiserie-styled duplex condo condominium belongs to a family who experienced similar hardships. The interior decorator discovered a solution to produce a chic modern interior style with a lavish chinoiserie appeal! The beautiful mélange of auspicious colors and understated baroque elements that softly outlines the interior’s boundaries while allowing the antique furniture to integrate smoothly into the space is the secret to this modern chinoiserie interior design.

Oriental Twist Modern Luxury Interior Design

This is the perfect source of interior design inspiration for individuals who want a more opulent home interior! The body of this modern oriental interior design is adorned with the opulent fusion of sleek modern materials, rich decadent textures, and traditional Chinese furnishings. 

The interior decor of most family houses frequently features a beautiful exhibition of each family member’s own artifacts and achievements. The living room’s unique wall display cabinets, which feature priceless trinkets and family heirlooms, are the pièce de résistance of this condo’s interior design. The extended TV feature wall’s rich shade of extravagant purple against the sensually dark oriental décor, which envelops a background of serene serenity, heightens the opulent modern oriental effect.

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