Modern Industrial Design Styles That Will Look Amazing

03 Mar 2022

Industrial interior design is a prominent design concept that gives your home’s interior a ‘unfinished’ aspect. This style may be something you wish to explore for your next home renovation project because of its interesting and gorgeous appearance modern industrial interior design hdb.

What is Industrial Design interior?

Industrial interior design takes inspiration from factories built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Buildings comprised of brick, concrete, iron, and steel, designed to last for years. These large, uncluttered spaces were focused on fitting more personnel to accomplish more work.

However, as time went by and workplaces shifted, these sturdy factories needed a new purpose. For decades now, these abandoned buildings have transformed into beautiful living spaces. It was a move that produced an entirely new interior design style, continuing to inspire designers today.

What is modern industrial interior design?

Modern industrial interior design hdb It’s a trend that was inspired by old factories and industrial spaces, perhaps out of necessity to convert old or abandoned buildings into urban living. The style includes stripped-back architecture, weathered looking surfaces, raw elements, exposed bricks, etc. Not only is this popular for renovations, but we are also seeing new custom homes with similar features. An added bonus to those who are interested in this kind of renovation: you can leave some surfaces unfinished and they can become décor elements.

The modern industrial look was born as a result of old barns, warehouses, industrial buildings and churches recently being converted into living spaces. It emphasizes use of distressed wood elements and exposed bricks from a turn-of-the-century industrial era. The modern twist is the addition of things such as copper to accent the weathered looking pieces.

What are the elements of industrial design?

The industrial-style design has become a buzz in recent years. Inspired by the raw feel of workshops, factories, and warehouses, this style features breezy high ceilings and open plan floors. It embraces rough and raw building materials like concrete, timber, brick, steel and wrought iron. Overall, homeowners adore the organic, rustic and homely look, which carries over to authenticity, convenience, and fearless design. 

At first glance, you know this style suits someone who appreciates complex architecture with brutal shapes and forms. Couple it with sleek and smart interior design.

Not sure on how to piece it all together? Here are the key elements to get the look.

1. Exposed pipes and ducts

Leave air-conditioning ducts, galvanised steel electrical conduits and copper water pipes visible, unfinished or accentuated using bright coloured paint. Unveiling these turns them into a stunning focal point in your home.

Another thing you can do is to tarnish metal beams, braces and columns with standard red oxide primer to avoid corrosion, then paint them with a dark-coloured paint for a cleaner look.

To level up the design, consider using old pipes as decor. Some people incorporate this into the furniture as well.

2. Wood x Metal Combo

As you can see in the photos, metal, and timber elements are critical elements of industrial-style homes. These blend well together and give the space a warm, harmonious and earthy interiors.

3. Daring brick walls

Another bold design element to try is exposing a brick wall. If your house already has it, flaunt it. Raw and rough brick walls are beautiful accents of an industrial-style home.

4. Concrete floors 

Concrete floors are the versatile and perfect background for industrial-style decor. Plus, they’re durable and resistant to scratches. 

Floors like this are beautiful as-is, so minimise the use of area rugs. When you need to use one, ensure that it has a rubber backing to avoid slips and falls.

If you think concrete floors look cold for your home, consider building power floated hardwood or parquet floors. Timber floors can also add warmth to a room.

5. Vintage furniture & accessories 

Vintage furniture and decorations are known for their simplicity. These are perfect inside homes with lots of rustic wood, metal and brick design elements. Simple forms, shapes, and lines balance the look, so the overall design isn’t too hard on the eyes.

There’s plenty of furniture and home improvement stores selling vintage style furniture pieces and accessories. When you’re trying to cut costs, try looking for more affordable treasures in yard sales, sales and thrift stores.

6. Radiating light fixtures

Pendant lights with long hanging wires look great in industrial-style homes, particularly in an open plan space. Opt for pieces with a strong industrial touch like those crafted from steel, copper or iron.

7. Earth-Tone Colors 

Your colour and material palette choices can make or break the mood in your home. The fusion of metal, concrete, brickwork, and timber already creates perfect harmony. Then, it’s up to you to balance the neutral colours and the earthy colours. Try black on features you want to stand out, or white when you want a cleaner look.

It’s essential to choose the colour and material palette wisely. Stick to a few colours taken from existing elements in the space, and carry them through to accessories. Industrial-style design is indeed has been trending as of today. Applying all these 7 key elements of industrial-style design, even with a limited budget, can help you create an industrial style home of your own that’s right on-trend.

We hope this post helped you learn more about industrial interior design and how to get that factory chic industrial look in your home! There is so much more to industrial decor and we can’t wait to share with you our top recommendations for industrial furniture and industrial decorations on Elpis. Looking for an modern industrial interior design hdb designer to help you create your dream home? Elpis is here to help !

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