Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas In Singapore

Many people dream of living in a large, luxurious house. However, not everyone has the space or budget to live in one. If you are one of these people, don’t worry! You can still enjoy modern design and comfort with small master bedroom design ideas in Singapore that are both beautiful and functional at the same time.

Here are 14 ways to make more space in your small master bedroom so you and your partner can live in peace.

1. Master Bedroom Design Singapore: Merge Rooms Together

Although most HDBs are small, you are not have to follow suit. Who’s to say there’s not enough room? By tearing down a wall to connect two rooms, you can defy the restrictions. This will give couples who seek more comfort and flexibility in their room layout additional space.

2. Play With Colours & Stripes

The default tone to cause your space to feel extensive is white, yet that doesn’t generally need to be the situation. White can at times make a room look cold. Pick delicate neutrals, somewhat away from white, to cause your space to feel seriously welcoming. 

You can likewise pick warm pastel tones like millennial pink to outwardly develop a little space. Despite the fact that the shades are marginally more obscure, they actually mirror normal light in the room well.

The following is a list of colors that can help you enlarge your little space:

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Making patterns both functional and decorative is one way to incorporate them into a design. Horizontal stripes, for example, make a room appear larger, whereas vertical stripes optically heighten the space, making it appear taller.

3. L-shaped Walk In Wardrobe

This design is ideal for those who prefer a more minimalist appearance. You can store your clothes and accessories on two adjacent walls by taking advantage of the corner space. This layout not only provides adequate foot space, but it also keeps the area from appearing congested.

4. Galley Style Wardrobe

The layout of your bedroom requires a lot more space than most people may think. For example, if you are looking to maximize the height for storage and feel like having an open floor plan with no obstruction in between spaces can be difficult when it comes time to walk around; this is because there needs to be enough room for two metres width!

The first thing that I noticed was how much space our new home actually needed. One major concern we had while moving into our house was what style would work best with such limited size and weight restrictions? After some thought, my husband came up with idea about maximizing vertical spacing by making use of ceilings – which meant going from ceiling-to-floor – but also had limitations on walking distances or obstructions.

I was in a bind, the room didn’t seem like it would work for what I needed. It seemed cramped and too close together to be of any use. I had no idea what to do!

Then it clicked, if you have a galley style wardrobe with drawers and cabinets on both sides, you technically have two wardrobes that can be used for storage!

5. See-through Enclosed Wardrobe

A substitute arrangement is to cut out a little corner segment of the room for your closet. Try not to totally take care of the storeroom with strong dark material as it will cause the space to feel exceptionally confined. 

All things being equal, utilize straightforward glass framing. It permits all the more light to go through, which assists the room with having a smoother appearance and simpler for you to see your apparel. 

Simply make sure to keep your little corner cleaned up!

6. Add Light Curtains & Blinds

It may sound contradictory, but you can’t have too much light in your bedroom. If it’s a small space with few windows, the problem of not enough light is even more prevalent. Don’t worry about covering up all that natural beauty because dark and heavy curtains will only make things worse! Opt for sheer fabrics to let most of the sunshine (and moonlight!) through while trying to prevent direct glare from getting into bedtime reading territory; or go with blinds if privacy is an issue- they’re easy on/off slats that won’t spoil any mood lighting going on at night when needed.

7. Slim Drawers In Headboard

In most cases, bedside tables are used for extra storage. If you’re not gifted in that area, add pull-out narrow drawers to the headboard of your bed to boost your inventiveness! They can help you hide knickknacks, which is especially useful if you’re trying to achieve a minimalist sleeping space.

8. Creating Recessed Shelves In The Walls

Having a sunken shelf or several recessed shelves, on the other hand, enables for seamless storage and display, brightening up your home. Various night-time objects, such as an aroma diffuser or a row of books you want to read, can be kept here.

9. Surrounding Bookshelves

For book lovers who need more space for an entire shelf, your little library can be made right over the bed! Change the region on top of your bed into an open-racked small library, or have the headboard carry out twofold responsibility – forget about a couple for show while the other shut racks can work as capacity.

10. Overbed Wardrobe Storage

With this innovative technique of having your walk-in closet right next you, you can maximize vertical space to the utmost. To make the space appear larger, replace the regular doors with a mirror panel!

11. Functional Platform Beds

The addition of a platform to your bedroom adds visual interest. Its hidden slide-out or top-opening storage not only helps to divide the area, but it also gives a utilitarian benefit. Use storage bags to arrange comparable goods together in deep under-bed drawers for simple organizing and retrieval.

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