Living Room Design Ideas For Small Singapore Homes

There are plenty of living room design ideas that suit various living needs. From living room design Singapore for small living room, we have it all!

The living room space depends on the furniture selection of each individual family for their living. You should select the furniture that’s most appropriate for your living needs depending on the living place environment.

If you have selected luxury living room design then it would be a great idea to select perfect fabrics, colors, designs, patterns, etc according to your taste for your living room.

In this article, we are sharing some ideas from different designers which design and decorate different types of living room designs with various furnishing styles and designs at home. Small living room interior Design Ideas For Luxury Living Room:

Have A Feature Wall For A Statement.

This living room interior design idea focuses on living room with a beautiful feature wall. This living room space is designed with white living room tables to give a luxurious living environment at home.

For living room ideas, the color of the walls is painted in dark grey which gives a refreshing look to the living room designs. In order to create a relaxing environment, this living room has been furnished with sofas alongside having light-colored fabric upholstery. 

The natural lighting fixtures are also set properly keeping in mind all aspects of the layout of the living space and that is what makes it more realizable.

The creative designers have used a wood decorative kitchen island bench for seating as well and added a thick wooden dining table to provide the experience of dining in luxury living room.

Hidden Storage Behind Walls.

A living room area design solution using a wall-mounted cabinet where the doors to the cabinets are hidden.

The living room is transformed into a modern living space with an open kitchen area adjoined in one clean, sleek line. The living area is easily extended in comfort even when cooking or socializing.

This living and working space concept can either be placed against an outer wall or along any given inner wall of the living room, forming part of a more interesting and complex built-in sectional sofa design than facing the TV set, allowing for some versatility on furniture placement while still enjoying all that entertainment has to offer.

Likewise, this living room design uses a off white room colour as the main setting for its overall decor – it’s fresh and crisp!

Divider Panels For Opening Space Up.

A living room open to the kitchen is often a great idea carried out in many living room. This keeps living spaces light and airy, but also does something more–it creates a flow between the living room and kitchen that’s pleasing to look at. In short, an open living room with a kitchen alongside it makes sense.

It increases the utilization of living space while maintaining visual appeal, a must for any modern home!

Floating Shelves For Knick Knacks.

These living room are decorated with shelves and wall decor that have the same tone of color.

The kitchen is designed with the modern and minimalist concept to create an outstanding impression of living room design.

The living room is a must in every home. It is usually the place where you would want to stay most of the time and it’s also the place where many activities happen especially if you have kids at home and even when you just want to relax with your family or with your friends for some nice gossip.

A living room is also a form of relaxation and stress release because you can watch TV or listen to music while just lying down on your couch comfortably relaxing which makes this living room essential in every house.

The design of this kitchen is not only simple but also has a unique layout that can stimulate your senses. The kitchen island bench is the perfect place to relax during dinner time or just to talk with family members and friends. 

The wood dining table also creates the aura of luxury living rooms because it looks like something that you would see in some celebrity’s house.

Experiment with Textures & Patterns.

If you are looking for a living room design that is truly unique, then we suggest this one!

When it comes to entertainment furniture, the focal point of the entire room (where everyone gathers) should be especially attractive. This own focal point can often mean paying extra attention to detail and making sure specific styles are properly represented.

The most comfortable sofa set has been used in this modern living room design with wooden floors. The walls have been painted a lighter shade of brown which makes the living space look more spacious than its actual size.

A multi-functional kitchen island bench also acts as a dining table when needed; it extends seamlessly from the rest of the interior and offers additional storage capacity through cabinets integrated into its structure.

A stylish range made To make the living rooms more interesting, you can experiment with textures and patterns. The example above utilizes different textures of the wall like natural wooden furniture wallpaper combined with a black vinyl floor-to-ceiling curtain to give this living space a warm ambiance.

The combination of several kinds of patterns in one single living rooms is also an effective way to make it more interesting. This design below usually uses a solid brick pattern on the walls while a herringbone wood pattern for its flooring concept which makes it more appealing and relaxing.

Choose a colour palette

If you prefer a particular style like Mediterranean design then you will want to stick to this specific colour palette. Once you’ve chosen the neutral colour palette, you can then begin to paint and add grey furniture that complements that palette. This will prevent your living rooms from looking drab and chaotic and is an excellent way to focus your eye. As we designed a Lakeland Apartment we used fresh pastel color palette to create a smaller unit that would have appeared bigger. The warm grey hues of the sofa and the full-length curtains created the place feel warm and inviting. By choosing the appropriate hues we can optimise space in a smaller apartment.

Create a mood with scents

On compare with objects, smells add an element to how humans feel about a place. Outside candle lights scent diffusers electric diffusers and aroma burners exist. All kinds of odors will appear to you, like sharp citrus for a refreshing snack or milder nautical sea side flavor as a hint of fresh air. The smells range from marine fragrances to fragrant house reed fragrances.


The design featured here can be used in any type of living room especially for people who are looking for more space and storage without taking away from the aesthetics of their home. 

People who are looking for modern living spaces should consider this design because it will create a fresh and luxurious environment.

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