10 Cool Kitchen Island Lights Ideas For Your Kitchen in Singapore

26 Aug 2022

There’s no doubt about it, kitchen design is the most important element to the home. It is also among the most challenging, as it is so integral to the home. From the lighting, to the storage, to the flooring, to the countertops, to the cabinets, to the appliances, and everything else in between, your kitchen is often the largest investment you will make in your home. This is why kitchen design is such an important part of the home. How much does a kitchen island cost in Singapore?

You might just be wasting your money, as well as your time, energy, and effort. But with some smart decisions, you can make your kitchen design a big step above the rest. Here is 10 cool light ideas for kitchen island:

Hang pendants light

The best approach to illuminate this central kitchen feature is with a row of pendant lights positioned over the island. In addition to providing efficient task lighting, kitchen ceiling lighting ideas can also give a unique decorative touch (by using glass or metal shades or by staying with naked bulbs). However, it is essential that pendants are hung at the proper height.

An eight-foot (2.4-meter) ceiling should have pendants suspended 12 to 20 inches (30 to 51 cm) below it. Add three inches for each additional foot (0.3 m) of ceiling height (8cm). For instance, the pendant should dangle 15 to 23 inches (38 to 58 cm) below a nine-foot (2.7 m) ceiling. To encourage symmetry, space the pendants equally apart from one another. Also, keep the end pendants about six inches (15 cm) inside the island’s perimeter. Dim the lights for kitchen island when you’re eating and mingling, and turn them up when you’re preparing food on dimmer switches.

Layer with wall lights

One of the finest ways to improve functionality and create ambience in a kitchen is by layering a lighting scheme. If you decide to use a series of pendants over the island, consider incorporating kitchen wall lights as well as ceiling lighting. 

In a kitchen, always advise installing wall lights. They are a fantastic way to change the mood of a space; they seem to produce softer light and truly give it personality. The ideal approach to make pretty little spots in a space is to have a small pool of light in a dark area.

Natural light materials

The type of material you choose for kitchen lighting, including kitchen island lights, is one of the aspects to consider. There are two separate areas on this two-tiered island unit: a main, elevated area for cooking and food preparation, and a lower, stepped area for dining. At the eating end of the island, a large wooden shade becomes the center of attention to create a causal sense of closeness. The curved, slatted chandelier is a creative yet straightforward design element that emphasizes the dual nature of the island unit while letting light pass through and softening the practical lines of the kitchen.

Traditional materials

It’s simple to overlook the significance of utilizing a traditional material while using lighting because metals are so common. Classic enamel pendant lights for kitchen island can give off a retro, rustic, or industrial vibe depending on the interior design of your home. In addition to being a terrific option for lighting ideas for small kitchens, it works particularly well in barn conversions, country homes, and rooms with exposed brick walls.

Build-in lights

Recessed lighting above an island is a genius option for small kitchens or kitchens with low ceilings. Perhaps the view from your kitchen windows is breathtaking, and you want to preserve it. With the ability to install a dimmer switch, built-in spots are sleek, inconspicuous, and can offer bright, task lighting for a kitchen island.

To establish a focal point, recessed lights can be pointed toward the middle of the island. This will also assist to make the room more evenly illuminated and will lessen glare from the surfaces. The countertops and backsplashes on each side of the island can also be illuminated by under-cabinet lighting, which is a fantastic way to make the kitchen island more attractive and useful.

Linear style

An excellent option for a contemporary design is a linear kitchen island lighting arrangement. Because it maintains the illusion of even proportions and gives any breakfast bar designs you are contemplating a sleek appearance, the linear style is particularly effective atop a rather narrow island. 

Diffused LED lighting is included, so the light will be distributed evenly in addition to being long-lasting. Although this choice comes in black and aluminum, choosing a brass finish will bring warmth to a modern setting.

L-shaped line

It was essential to illuminate every side of the L-shaped kitchen island with seating because it serves as the focal point of the space. A crisp row of pendant lights made from solid alabaster illuminates the run of black granite worktops from above. When lit, the alabaster shades offer a beautiful diffused light and mimic the veined pattern of the surfaces below. A roof light that illuminates the eating booth from above doesn’t overshadow the delicate pendant lights for kitchen island that surround it.

Clear glass

Utilizing a serene, neutral color scheme and classic materials like glass and stainless steel, open-plan kitchens function incredibly well. The stainless steel island was left in place and gave the room an ideal, slightly industrial appearance for this space. The island is lighted from above by straightforward, vintage-style glass pendant lights that blend in well with the unusual surroundings and are paired with a combination of open-plan storage and painted Shaker cabinets. As a result, this significant building is given a cool, modern, and sympathetic design.

Modern statement

Make a statement with your kitchen island lighting ideas in a modern kitchen with clean lines and lots of white. 

To ensure that your island has the maximum impact, use contemporary lighting, such as a dramatic pendant in black steel, to maintain the space’s clean lines. Within a design scheme, hanging a solitary pendant over an island can make a strong statement. You can make sure that the entire width of the island will be lit by selecting a pendant that extends out widely and features numerous lights. This is ideal for making sure that both the cooking areas and your selected kitchen island seating ideas are well-illuminated.

Big bulb

In recent years, filament or Edison bulbs have gained popularity as a response to the harsh and unattractive nature of the majority of low energy lighting. Warm light is produced by filament bulbs, which also complement braided cables and retro or industrial-style fixtures beautifully. To make your own kitchen island lighting design that is simple to alter depending on the mood you want to create, loop wires around ceiling hooks.

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