Inspiration For Your L Shaped 4 Bedroom House Plans

29 Jul 2022

Few people think of L-shaped home plans as a crucial element in their home design, making them frequently disregarded. However, depending on the lot form and desired landscaping/backyard, this home design may offer a number of advantages. Beyond aesthetics, architects are aware that the L-shaped home has a practical purpose, and more homeowners ought to be aware of it.

How Big is a Typical 4 Bedroom House?

Just over half of new homes ranged in size from 1,400 to 2,399 square feet, with the majority having 3 or 4 bedrooms and 2 or 2.5 bathrooms. 2,422 square feet was the median size of a new home built in 2016. is a 2,000 square foot home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

What is The Perfect Size House?

You can choose the appropriate home size by picturing how many square feet a room or house has that corresponds to the size of your family. The recommended space footage per person is often between 600 and 700 square feet. A house of at least 1,800 square feet will be needed for a family of three, according to that rule.

Because there is less area to heat and cool in smaller homes, they are frequently more energy-efficient and have a less environmental impact. Less Upkeep and Cleaning Needed. Less space equals less time for cleaning and house upkeep.

Purpose of a L-Shaped House

L-shaped floor designs weren’t merely made by architects because they look attractive. These houses were built to meet ingrained requirements and issues. It can be difficult for designers and architects to fit a four-bedroom house with a large garage into a sloped or narrow lot, to deal with the region’s strong winds, or to give solitude in a busy area. 

To many of those issues, the L shape was the answer. This is how:

  • The unique shape can be utilized to enclose a garden or courtyard so that a family is hidden from view from the street. 
  • The form offers wind protection in a backyard. Due to the likelihood that the wind won’t be striking the house directly but rather at an angle, it can also provide protection for the house in high-wind areas. 
  • The design separates the rooms of the house into spaces for sleeping, studying, entertaining, and parking (sometimes in the shape of a porte cochere). This frequently helps with privacy concerns and noise reduction. 
  • A view or views may be fully utilized by the shape. 
  • The layout can make it possible to establish a secluded area in the backyard for a pool or an outdoor gathering place.

Advantages of an L-Shaped House Plan

Wide Open Spaces

An appealing, bright, and friendly room with a light, airy sense is produced by an open floor plan.

Harmony Indoor and Outdoor

The L-shaped design’s layout allows for a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors.

Breathtaking Views

An L-shape plan enables you to take use of the views along one side of your land, regardless of whether your house is on a large acreage or in a subdivision with close neighbors.

Unlimited Possibilities

An infinity pool, a meditation or rock garden, or an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area are just a few of the amenities that may be added to a dynamic L-shape design to give the homeowner more options for development and customization.

Architectural Styles and the L-Shape Look

The advantage of L-shaped floor plans is that they give designers, builders, and homeowners the freedom to use a variety of architectural styles. Although ranch style l shaped 4 bedroom house plans are the most popular design to employ the shape, you can design your home to be as classic or as modern as you like. A split-level or L-shaped structure with two or more stories is another option. Nobody is ever forced into a certain size or style. Even completely original creations that have never been seen before can be built by people. 

So you can’t go wrong with these low cost simple 4 bedroom if you want to take use of the L-Shape’ possibilities:

Courtyard Style

The L-shaped design is ideal for homeowners who want to create a courtyard space where they may grow lush gardens, add a water feature, or include an outdoor kitchen. For the family and their friends, this manicured courtyard area that stretches from the “L” to the front or back of the house serves as a tranquil and unwinding sight.

European Style

The L-shaped design complements both colorful European styles with brick and stucco exteriors and arched doors and windows as well as boxy Modern homes with austere wood exteriors and flat roofs. In reality, the hip roofs and dormers on these houses give the L-shape plan a little bit of Old World elegance.

Rustic Style

You can still employ the L-shape layout if you choose a farmhouse with a wraparound porch or a rustic home with exposed wood beams, substantial wood, and stone-based columns. Keep in mind that this plan is unconstrained and unrestricted. You are free to use all of your imagination when creating a cozy home.

Ranch Style

The most popular and typical style option for the L-shape design is a ranch-style home, which features a large footprint, an open floor plan, a roomy kitchen perfect for social gatherings and entertaining, doors that open to huge backyards, and lots of space for outdoor living. Ranch house plans’ allure and appeal stem from their versatility and flexibility. Ranch-style homes can be custom-designed to add on to and extend based on a family’s needs, and they can be built on large plots or tiny lots.

It would be easier for you to organize your 4 bedroom house design if you had a 4 bedroom house plan 3D. You can find the best l shaped 4 bedroom plans on the modern 4 bedroom house plans market, but you have to pay a high price to buy one. If you don’t want to spend that much money, then you should consider purchasing an affordable 4 bedroom condo floor plan. Whatever your preferences are, Elpis Interior is here to help.

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