Best Kitchen Tap Classic, Filter and Instant Hot Water Taps for Every Kitchen

29 Jun 2022

Whether you’re installing a new kitchen or just looking for a quick way to refresh the heart of your home, it’s important to find a kitchen tap that works for you. From simple mixer taps to high-end, filtered boiling-water taps, choosing the right one from a seemingly infinite number of different designs, functions and finishes can be a daunting task. 

Even if you’ve never given your taps a second thought, swapping an old, leaky tap for a new model will cheer up your kitchen and your daily routine. And for those looking for a serious upgrade, splashing out on a filter or instant hot water tap can add something to your kitchen that you didn’t even know was missing. 

To help you find the perfect tap for you, we’ve put together a guide of the best kitchen taps, with options to suit different budgets, requirements and kitchen designs.

What to look out for when buying kitchen taps

Before setting out to choose your perfect kitchen tap, there are a handful of key differences in tap design to look out for. 

Monobloc taps: These are the most common kitchen taps, installed into just one hole in the sink or countertop. If you’re fitting a new kitchen and want to make sure you can choose from the widest range of taps, make sure to choose a sink designed for monobloc taps. 

Ikea kitchen tap : Fitted into kitchens with two tap holes and separate hot and cold pipes running up to the sink, bridge taps allow you to install a mixer tap in place of two separate taps. This gives you precise control over the temperature of the water. 

Most other differences in the shape and design of kitchen tap are aesthetic, but before settling on a specific tap, make sure to check the following:

Water pressure: Most taps will suit both high and low water pressure systems, but some will specify a minimum or maximum pressure.

Height and reach: Make sure to check the height of the spout, especially if you have low cabinets above the sink. If your taps are set back from the sink, it’s worth checking that the tap will reach far enough.

Swivel: While it’s rare for kitchen taps to be set in only one position, if you have a double sink, make sure you choose a tap with a wide enough range of movement to be used in both.

The best kitchen taps to buy

1. Heable Traditional Kitchen Mixer Tap: The best affordable monobloc kitchen tap

Price: £33

Key specs – Type: Monobloc mixer tap; Handle Style: Twin lever; Colours: Chrome; Height: 325mm; Guarantee: 10yr

2. b&q kitchen taps Gordale Bridge Mixer Tap: The best bridge-style kitchen tap

Price: £75. Key specs – Type: Bridge/deck mixer tap; Handle Style: Twin lever; Colours: Chrome with white handles, chrome with black handles, black with white handles; Height: 333mm; Guarantee: 10yr

3. Ikea kitchen tap Wenken Single Handle Solid Brass Monobloc Mixer Kitchen Tap with Pull Out Swivel Spout: The best pull-out spray kitchen tap

Price: £75. Key specs – Type: Monobloc mixer pull-out spray tap; Handle Style: Single lever; Colours: Brushed nickel; Height: 454mm; Guarantee: 5yr

4. b&q kitchen taps Abode Atlas Monobloc Aquifier Water Filter 2 Lever Kitchen Tap: The best filtered drinking water tap

Price: From £451. Key specs – Type: Monobloc mixer tap; Handle style: Twin lever Colours: Chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, brushed brass; Height: 391mm; Guarantee: 5yr

5. b&q kitchen taps 3N1 Filtered Steaming, Hot & Cold Water Tap: The best instant hot water tap

Price: £644 . Key specs – Type: Monobloc mixer boiling water tap; Handle Style: Twin lever; Colours: Chrome, brushed stainless steel; Height: 300mm; Guarantee: Tap, 5yr Tank, 2yr 

Deciding to have the best kitchen tap and Ikea kitchen cabinet in your home is not just an aesthetic choice. It means using all the typical functions and features of the kitchens of great chefs and Michelin star restaurants. Not all domestic kitchens tap can incorporate this type of equipment, these solutions, that range of accessories that make it truly “professional”.

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