5 Interior Design Tips To Maximize HDB 2 Room In Singapore

Most Singaporean live in HDB flats which are small and compact. To make your HDB flat look tidy and spacious, you need to organize your things properly. Beside that, an interior design can help you to maximize your HDB 2 room.  You can find an interior design firm in Singapore to help you with your HDB interior design. Interior designers will help you to plan and renovate your space based on your interest and your budget. 

Renovating your homes is pretty – time consuming and stressful if you do it yourself. Your design might be out of concept that ruins your HDB flat.Therefore you have to choose the right one to get it done. You must be selective and choose the interior design of Singapore that suits your taste. Interior designers will give you a lot of recommendations and solutions to your house interior.

Interior Design In Singapore

For those of you who keep thinking how to design home interiors and want to find a professional interior designer, do not hesitate to contact Elpis. You can obtain project management renovation based on your budget and interest. Here are some tips to maximize your HDB 2 in Singapore.

Switch your door to Sliding Door

We usually install a swinging entry door in our homes which takes up a lot of space in our HDB flat. To save some space, we recommend switching your regular swinging entry door into a sliding door.  After Installing a sliding door, you can have more space that can make your home look bigger. 

Paint your wall with a neutral color

Minimalist interior design is timeless and never out of style. Minimalist interior design is very suitable for a small home. The key to having a minimalist interior design is color. You need to use neutral color tones to get this style.  A neutral color can make your room look wider and simple. These colors can make you feel calm. Do you think minimalist interior design is too plain? It’s a big no!  You can try to experiment with other neutral colors like grey, beige, taupe, ivory and white. 

Let the light in

Lighting in a small HDB flat is a must. The lighting can make a huge difference in your homes which can make your homes feel more open and modern. You can also add sheer curtains if you don’t want your bedroom to look too bright. Besides that, you can also add a mirror wall in your room. It will make your room look wider. Mirrors can be used to reflect the light, so you can get more lighting in your room.

Install a build in cabinet

Are you confused about keeping your things in your HDB flat? You don’t need to worry about that anymore because you can install a built- in cabinet in your HDB flat which can make your home’s look spotless, tidy and of course you can keep all of your things there without making your HDB flat look cramped.

You can try to install a full – height cabinet that can keep all your household and television too.   You can try to use the same pattern for the cabinet to give a polished look to your HDB flat. 

Raised your platform

The other tips to make your HDB flat look more spacious is to raise your platform. These raised platforms can be used in multiple ways. A raised platform can be used as storage at your home.

Elpis Interior in Singapore

Looking for an interior designer in Singapore? And keep thinking how much to charge for interior design? Call Elpis right away! Elpis can help you to renovate your spaces based on your interest at an affordable price. Elpis established in 2015 and offers a complete range of services for design and build : reduce snags, lower costs, shorten schedules, and accelerate close – out time, Our focus is on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance and accelerating project delivery. 

Interior design by Elpis starts from planning, design and delivery of interior environments. Services include strategy, optional design plans and budgets along with 3D visualization and animation which reflects each clients’ goals. So what are you waiting for? Contact Elpis now to discuss your renovation!

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