Idea for 4 room HDB with modern contemporary interior design in Singapore

Every home is always the best place for its owner no matter the size. If you have a 4-room HDB and a four-room apartment and have no idea what to do with it. You should probably look for the best interior design Singapore.  You can start it with designing your dreamy space for your own. This article might be the best for you to give you some information about interior design singapore

The Best Way to Design Your 4-Room HDB 

To design our condo interior design Singapore, you should know several points to keep in mind when you are about to design your HDB and do your renovation.

Efficient Furniture and Stylish Walls

Using stylish walls in your home, let’s say in your bedroom, will give you a fresh look with artsy touch to your space. Not only that, it also gives you a cozy atmosphere in your room. This 4 room BTO will be a simple and practical space when you add efficient furniture into it. 

Color Scheme 

Color is very essential to your home look. When you are trying to do interior design renovation, you should know about picking the right color. The color of a house can reflect the personality of its homeowner. It can be related to one and another or you can create some experiment with your house to make it look unique and different. 

A Bedroom was Transformed Into a Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet in your bedroom can be the best option to make it more functional. Wall-to-wall wardrobes in wood and laminate have plenty of storage space, including drawers and lofts. This will make it more efficient to save your space and also save your renovation cost.

Perfect Bathrooms to be Designed

Bathrooms are one of the most favourite spots in your home. Most people will love talking about bathrooms. So bathroom renovation needs to be done perfectly. The right design will give you peace of mind to your environment.  

Modern Contemporary Design Ideas for Your 4-Room HDB

If you are about to recreate your space into modern contemporary style, these design ideas will be right for you, not only for your private space but also for commercial interior design Singapore. 

Bring the Light to Your Home 

Light is one of the essential items in your home. Every space needs the best lighting that not only gives the bright look but also for the aesthetic reason. But you also need to give more space for natural lights. This can make your room look spacious and you will enjoy the natural light easily. 

Elegant Dark Finishings

If you have a bold personality and you want to make your space look bold as well, you can decide on a dark look for your room. Dark finishings will give you a practical yet bold and modern aesthetic look. 

Some people who love this style might be questioning where to find the best firm to fulfill their needs. With Elpis, we never question “how to get interior design clients Singapore” when it comes to elegant dark finishings.

Scandinavian Design 

Scandinavian design will never go wrong, this will give you a simple look yet still elegant. Scandinavian designs exist because they are eye-catching while still fulfilling functional needs. And the style is also quite simple to create. You can keep your main colors basic, but include one or two pieces of furniture in a vibrant wash of color. How simple was it to make your living area look more lively?

Plants to Make Your Room More Natural

By putting and integrating big, leafy potted plants around your house will give you a fresh and aesthetic look. You can add your favourite plants inside your home. Living in a HDB doesn’t mean you do not have any space for your plants. 

Open Concept Layout

Open concept for your home is the best option for your renovation Singapore if you have a small space in your room. The aim of an open concept design is to make your room more spacious. For example, The glass sliding doors in the living area serve as an efficient space divider while maintaining the space’s perceived spaciousness.

Having a 4-room HDB can still make you be creative to perform Singapore interior design for your home. If you are planning to do it immediately and you still don’t know the best option to hire a professional, Elpis might be the right one for you.    

With Elpis, Design Your Best Modern Comperary Design to Your HDB!

Elpis as one of the best Singapore interior design firms will give you the best service for your interior design course Singapore. The service includes planning, design, and delivery of interior environments with strategy, optional design plans based on your budgets. No need to wait anymore! Go check our website to see our portfolio and you can visit our showroom at 4A Pahang St Singapore.

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