11 HDB Living Room Design Ideas for Small Home in Singapore

The living room can be described as the heart of the home. Owning a small home in Singapore does not mean you can not have an aesthetically nice-looking interior design living room Singapore. You can still have your living room as the heart of your home even if you have a small home in Singapore. Besides being the heart of the home, the living room is also a room that gives the first impression when a guest comes into your home. 

That is why it is important to design your living room to the best of what it can be. A small house cannot prevent you from having the best living room space for you to relax and unwind with your family or close friends. With the help of an interior designer, your minimal space living room would never go wrong.  As a professional interior designer agency, Elpis will give you small living room ideas Singapore for your small space home.

Minimalistic with Maximum Functionality

In minimalist design, less is more. You can create this design as your living room design if you have a small square space in your home by using less furniture and being as minimalist as you can. With a suggestion that you should use furniture that could hold several functions such as vertical wall shelves.

Exude the Electricity

You can create more space for your small HDB living room design by oozing out the electricity cables so that you can have more space and create a distinctively unique look for your room space. This can also be applied to your bedroom or HDB 2 room. 

Open Space Concept

If you want to maximize the space of your home to its full potential, you could consider using an open concept space for your home design ideas Singapore. With the open space concept, your home would feel chicer, modern by using fewer walls. Therefore, you can prevent using hallways that would take up so much unnecessary space in your home or in your HDB 2 room. 

Using Hidden Storage

Another creative way to optimize the space of your Singapore condo living room design is to use hidden storages. You could integrate the walls with your storage. This way, you can have much more space as well as a tidy living space for your home. With Elpis, you can plan a design that would benefit your situation in every available space!

Use Floating Panels

You can use this idea in Singapore to create more space in your HDB 2 room Flexi flat interior.  This can also give a minimalist interior effect to your living room. In using a floating panel you can also enhance the ambiance of your living room by displaying or putting your beloved items and creating more personality in your room.  

Use Softer Layout

You should use light colors to create a feeling of more spaciousness such as white ivory, white, dusty blue, light grey, or pastel colors. 

Mirrors are Important

Using mirrors is the new best way to create a bigger illustration for your home especially for 2 room BTO design 2020. The key is to place your mirror at a right angle in your living room and mix it with the right lighting then the result is that you have created a more depth illusion to your home or HDB 2 room.

Do the Trick with the Right Lighting

If you have natural lighting in your home, you can use it to your advantage. You should maximize the use of natural light because it creates a bigger illusion to your room, be it your living room or even your bedroom. This trick can also be your small bedroom ideas Singapore in order to make it look way bigger. 

Texture and Pattern Matters

Certain types of texture and pattern could actually add depth to your living room space. With Elpis, you can have several optional design plans provided by Elpis to make it easier for you! 

Make the Most of Your Vertical Space

Placing your things in your vertical space is highly suggested to create a sense of spacious room or space and it could also save some space for you to put other furniture. Elpis can help you along with 3D visualization and animation in order to give the best comprehension to the clients. 

Be Careful with Your Room Arrangements

Be mindful when you choose furniture for your living room ideas Singapore. Your chosen furniture would strongly divine the space and the looks of your living room. Do not put furniture in places that can block pathways or make the room seem smaller. 

Elpis Interior Design

A small home does not always mean that you will have a small living room. You can change such perception by using several ideas written above. You could also use interior designer service to maximize your small living space such as Elips at 4A Pahang St. Elips helps create the best of your living space. Contact us now!


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