Stylish Interior Design Ideas for 5 Room HDB in Singapore

There are various types of HDB in Singapore. A young couple or big family will go for a 5-room HDB because it has more space for your family members at an affordable price. This also can make a multigenerational family a comfortable home to live under one roof. Whether it is BTO or resale renovation 

If you are an owner of a 5-room HDB and you are looking for 5-room HDB interior design ideas Singapore for your home, this article might be the best for you.   

How Big is 5-Room HDB Flat?

Having a 5-room HDB Flat is enough for 4-5 family members, so it will typically look large. a 5-room HDB flat is about 110 square metres. It provides multiple bedrooms, and one has an attached bathroom, and also a living or dining space, a common washroom, a kitchen, a service area, and a storeroom.

Now you already know how big the 5-room HDB flat is, and how much the renovation cost will you spend for your HDB? 

Considering the size, a 5-room HDB flat is definitely the most costly model of HDB flat to buy and remodel. A brand new 5-room HDB home may cost about $52,000 in renovation expenses. But do not hesitate to transform your old hdb 5-room renovation design into the new one by hiring a professional designer like Elpis with its best renovation package for you.

When it comes to 5-room HDB resale renovation expenses for a resale HDB flat might be significantly higher. Renovating a resale HDB flat can cost over $65,000 for the renovation cost, which is more than renovating a brand new 5-room HDB home. A professional designer like Elpis will be helping you with a budget planning as well.

5-Room HDB Stylish Interior Design Ideas

To have a magnificent and stylish interior design, it is not only coming to your 5-room HDB  kitchen design but all the space of your HDB. There are several interior design ideas that you can keep in mind. 

Color is utilized to light up the home’s interiors and make them look pleasant and attractive. This can be a good idea for your interior design. For example, the color of your kitchen cabinet will give an impact to your kitchen if you choose the right color. 

Other than that, a garden-inspired color palette makes your space  a cheerful and pleasant environment for both the homeowners and their guests.The patterned carpet also gives a great textural contrast to the space without departing too far from the color scheme

Multifunctional furniture will also help you to brighten up your space yet also make your space look effective. This can improve your productivity as well. For instance, using a platform bed in your bedroom is a good idea to make it very organized. 

Sliding doors are a wonderful optional thing, as well as a functional one, because they take up less space than standard doors that swing in and out. 

The use of glass surfaces in your HDB can improve the area by enabling light to go through and making the room look spacious.

The wooden flooring for your 5-room HDB master bedroom design adds texture to the space whilst also keeping it warm. It can use softer colors, such as various shades of white, to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere which is ideal for rest.

If you wanna hire an interior designer, make sure that the expert has a great 5-room HDB layout, for instance, Elpis, as one of the interior designers can provide you service including strategy, optional design plans, and budgets, and also  with 3D visualization and animation.

Bring Your Imagination to Reality With Elpis! 

Elpis as one of reputable interior design firms in Singapore presents you the best design and build with lower cost yet quality. No need to worry about designing your old 5-room HDB and making it brighter than ever because with Elpis, you can get any of your dream interior designs. Reach our website to see our previous portfolio or you can visit our studio at 4A Pahang St. Singapore.

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