What is Interior Design Consultancy Singapore Really Do?

An interior design consultant advises clients on topics related to the design of interior space. They design plans personalized to their client’s tastes that also serve a functional purpose. Interior design consultants often work for design consulting firms, but some are self-employed and work as independent consultants. People with an eye for color, lighting, texture, and space make excellent interior design consultants. They usually work full time during business hours but often accommodate their client’s schedules, meeting with them during evenings and weekends.

Interior Design Consultancy Singapore

Interior design consultants primarily lend their expertise to assist in developing products, creating interior spaces and building prototypes. In this role, design consultants evaluate customer or client needs and work with architects. Interior design consultants might create product displays, assist in marketing processes, or use relevant software to produce interior space. They will also give a list of interior design firms in Singapore so that you can choose which firm you want to choose. Some of the firms have achieved award winning interior design in Singapore.

Design consultants work in a variety of industries. Such as retail stores, interior design companies, or graphic design firms. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the projected employment growth rate for interior designers, graphic designers, and industrial designers is the same, 5 percent for all of these professionals between 2016-2026. Reasons for this growth rate vary, it is expected that the growing trend of designing websites for companies and commercial building expansion and new projects will play major roles in the growth of this field. So here is what an interior design consultancy in Singapore really does.

Interior Design Consultancy Do: Meet With Clients

Whether an interior design consultant works for a firm or as an independent consultant, their first task is to meet with their clients to assess their design needs. They follow up with clients throughout a project and at the completion to address concerns and ensure satisfaction.

Sit down with an interior designer over a cup of coffee and share your thoughts and ideas. Have a better understanding of your lifestyle to stay aligned and work towards the same goal of constructing your beautiful home. Give them some time to get back to you as we not only plan the layout and structural design but also the entire flow of your home.

Interior Design Consultancy Do: Draft Design Schematics

Interior design consultants work to create interior design plans for existing or new spaces. They analyze the function of the space with the client’s goal in mind and turn to the drawing board to draft schematics, designs, sketches, and blueprints, often aided by computer design software. This includes a detailed quotation of the works and costing involved in your renovation. They will also share some ideas and thoughts on the theme and layout of the different spaces in your home.

Interior Design Consultancy Do: Plan Interior Decor

Interior design consultants are often hired to suggest interior design elements. This usually involves formulating a design plan that includes specifying necessary materials, product sourcing, and budgeting. A professional may help decide on color schemes, materials, and furniture that fit their personalities and add aesthetic beauty to your homes.

Interior Design Consultancy Do: Consult with real estate firms

A real estate firm provides expert advice and recommendations to clients. Real estate firms may hire interior design consultants to help increase the appeal of a location for potential buyers. They also work with realtors to help locate a commercial space or home that suits a client’s specific style. Real estate firms typically work for a large consulting firm or as an independent consultant. Their compensation depends on the type of work they do, but most real estate firms are paid a flat or hourly fee.

Elpis Interior Design in Singapore

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Elpis also offers the planning, design and delivery of interior environments. Elpis’ services include strategy, optional design plans and budgets along with 3D visualization and animation. Elpis focuses on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance and accelerating project delivery. So what are you waiting for? Contact Elpis Interior Design in Singapore now to discuss your new interior design ideas!

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